How Rosgosstrakh and Otkrytie Holding have become entangled in debt

Of the company that owns part of the offices of Rosgosstrakh, 26 billion rubles have been withdrawn, the bankruptcy trustee said.
Nine defaults of one company

"RGS real estate", engaged in real estate transactions and owning 227 objects, the main tenant of which was Rosgosstrakh, has been bankrupt since January 2018. It owes 27.9 billion rubles to creditors, the Moscow Arbitration Court's ruling declaring it bankrupt . In October 2017, the company began to declare defaults on bonds, and the shareholder decided to liquidate it. In the default were all nine issues for 24.5 billion rubles.

These securities were placed in 2014-2016. The largest holder - 21.4 billion rubles. - was the bank "FC Otkrytie", follows from the messages of the bankruptcy commissioner. This debt was to become intra-group: in December 2016, the former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, agreed to exchange the insurer and related assets for a stake in the "Opening of the holding" that controlled FC Otkritie, but it turned out otherwise. Khachaturov gave the assets to the holding company, as he assured, but in August 2017 FC Opening, Rosgosstrakh and several other structures of the holding moved to the Central Bank's consolidation of the banking sector (CBR did not take away the CBR real estate). "Rosgosstrakh" and "RGS Bank" also owned bonds "RGS real estate", but for smaller amounts, it follows from the report of the manager.

Cyprus - Moscow - Cyprus

The money from the placement of these bonds was withdrawn from the company - such an assessment of the bankruptcy trustee is provided in the explanation to the revised accounting statements for the previous year. It describes the withdrawal scheme. "CSG Real Estate" invested the raised funds in promissory notes of two Cyprus companies - Campware Trading and Troysands Holdings. Promissory notes of 25.5 billion rubles. were repaid from April 20 to June 30, 2017, follows from the reporting of the "RGS real estate." The company immediately returned the repayable money for long-term loans to two other Cypriot companies - Bainyl Commercial and Nodiol Holdings.

According to the bankruptcy trustee, at the end of 2017, these two structures were due to the "Real Estate Regulatory Agency" of 26.5 billion rubles. Because of this, she did not have enough funds to fulfill obligations on bonds, he points out: "It is obvious that the company's management has carried out unfair actions to withdraw money abroad under long-term loans contracts on the threshold of recognizing the company as insolvent."

The manager challenged the Bainyl Commercial and Nodiol Holdings loans, and the court found them invalid.

Six apartments for one Abramovich

These are not the only transactions that he disputes. "RGS real estate" in 2016-2017. has sold a number of properties at a lower price or with a loss, he writes. So, the company sold to the Nizhniy Novgorod Hotel-Service (in July 2018 it was declared bankrupt) 15 facilities for 45 million rubles. And the apartment hotel LCD Holland in St. Petersburg between the street. Gallery and Embankment. Admiralteysky channel for 1.3 billion rubles.

"Vedomosti" studied extracts from Rosreestra for the apart-hotel. In May 2017, "RGS Real Estate" sold 101 rooms to Hotel-Service, and that one later resold them to the insurance company "RGS Life" a month later. In December 2017, six rooms with a total area of ​​694 square meters. m she bought Roman Abramovich. The representative of the businessman refused to comment.


a large microfinance company Migcredit through Migcredit Holdings Ltd controls Nodiol Holdings. Cyprus Nodiol Holdings lent not only to "RGS real estate." A similar story happened with the company Investpro, which is being liquidated. In October 2017 - January 2018, it declared defaults on bonds for 10 billion rubles., Of which paper for 4.5 billion rubles. - on the balance sheet of FC Opening. The financial investments of Investpro in Nodiol Holdings - 3.65 billion rubles. Beneficiaries of the Cyprus company are not known.

Transactions on the sale of 15 properties "Hotel-Service" court found invalid on June 28, the sale of part of the premises in the St. Petersburg apartment hotel is now disputed. In early July, the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region banned the "CSG life" to sell 87 objects with a total area of ​​5600 square meters. m and the cost of 752.8 million rubles.

In addition to selling real estate in St. Petersburg, the bankruptcy trustee disputes the sale of the "CSG life" of the Kaliningrad business center "Clover". The book value of the building was 1.99 billion rubles, and the price of alienation - 1.8 billion, according to the report of the "CSG real estate."

To whom the money went

"CSG life" is a bona fide purchaser of these objects, insists its representative: the transactions were made on market terms and for investment purposes. The claims of the bankruptcy trustee are considered formal and have no prospects: "We will defend our interests in the courts".

"RGS Life" was created in 2004 by Khachaturov and his partners. In the reporting for 2016 and 2017. Alkhas Sangulia, a friend and partner of Khachaturov, was named the beneficiary of the insurer, but in April 2018, PFC CSKA President Evgeny Giner, at a meeting with employees of the CSW of Life, said that since November 2015 he was the owner of the company. In the transaction with the "Discovery" the company did not enter.

But it included "RGS real estate." "Real estate" I passed in April, "Khachaturov said, assuring that he had fulfilled all his obligations. - As part of the deal to sell Rosgosstrakh FC Opening, I handed over 2,000 real estate and other assets. "

In April 2017, the owner of the Real Estate Registry Agency Saxonite Trading was actually replaced by a controlling shareholder, it follows from the Cyprus registry: instead of Nauomen Holding on April 21, it was another Cypriot company, Adolfina. Its nominal owner is Cyprus lawyer Pakhalis Magnitis. He has been managing Adolfina since November 2016 in the interests of the Riga resident Igor Zlotnikov, according to the documents that Vedomosti reviewed. Who he is - it is not known: economist Igor Zlotnikov responded to the question of Vedomosti on Facebook that he had nothing to do with Adolfina. A person close to the former management of the "Opening of the Holding" knows that Zlotnikov is "not Khachaturov's man".

Magnitis also since the beginning of 2016 manages the Cyprus Lakover Trading, which entered the perimeter of the "Opening of the Holding" in November 2016. The coincidence can not be an unambiguous proof that the companies have the same beneficiaries, says Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners Dmitry Stepanov.

Khachaturov declined to comment, and former general director of RGS of Real Estate, Alexander Popov, said that the employees of the Holding's Opening Company had been constantly present in the company since January 2017: "All transactions and procedures were coordinated and approved by the top management of the" Discovery ". On April 20, 2017, the legal control of Saxonite and "RGS Real Estate" was transferred to the "Holding Company".

The legal control of the holding over the "RGS real estate" was established on October 3, 2017, and "actual control over the group companies - in early 2018", the representative of the "Opening of the Holding" objected. Therefore, he does not comment on the loans of the "RGS real estate" to Cypriot companies and the sale of real estate: at that time the holding did not own the company. Its structure was acquired by Adolfina in October, follows from the Cyprus registry. Employees of the Holding's opening could audit, analyze the activity, but not structure the transactions of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, the representative of the holding assures: "If the statement of the former Director of RGS Real Estate corresponded to reality, then the economic meaning of the transactions committed before October 2017. , would reflect the interests of the "Opening of the holding", and this is not so. "

True, anyone who bought Adolfina, the representative of the holding could not answer.

The tip of the iceberg

The scheme described by the bankruptcy trustee is obviously only part of the overall picture, says managing partner of the law office of the EMPP Sergei Egorov: "We do not know why the RGS Real Estate" issued bonds, how the money moved within the group and who is the beneficiary [of Cypriot] companies . However, the bankruptcy administrator does not need to see the whole picture: he only disputes suspicious transactions and, if it is not proved otherwise, the transactions can be considered null and void. " As for real estate transactions, he continues, if the court invalidates the first real estate sale transaction, the remaining transactions on the chain will be declared invalid: "There is a risk that end customers may lose real estate that will be returned to the estate of the" Real Estate Regulatory Agency " .

It is unlikely that FC Otkryt held these securities simply because there is too much risk per borrower, the auditor agrees: "It is possible that the" CSG real estate "or related companies could in turn invest in a bank or close to it structures - such mirror transactions could occur both in the perimeter, and behind the perimeter of financial groups. It is possible that the bank could lend to its customers through the "Real Estate Regulatory Agency" - it could have exhausted the limit for one client or for structures connected with the bank itself. "

The Central Bank and the management of the rehabilitated banks are taking all the measures envisaged by law to return assets and minimize the costs of sanitation, the regulator representative said on June 28 (he could not comment on Monday), including disputing transactions concluded by the former management prior to the start of the renovation and causing damage sanitized banks.

The competitive administrator of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and the representative of Nodiol Holdings did not respond to requests, Bainyl Commercial was not contacted, FC Opening refused any comments.