How "Roskosmos" did not give 80% of the planned payments to the budget

Roskosmos fulfilled the budget in 2017 worst of all among revenue administrators: the treasury missed from the state corporation 42.8 billion rubles. - 82% of the plan. Earlier, the Kremlin was criticized by Roskosmos for its inability to earn money.
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State Corporation Roskosmos gave the federal budget last year 9.5 billion rubles. instead of 52.27 billion rubles., which were laid in the forecast of budget revenues, follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance, analyzed by RBC. The percentage of revenues from Roskosmos turned out to be the lowest among all administrators of federal budget revenues - 18.2%.

Next, Rosaviatsia (24.4%) and Rosimushchestvo (55.6%) follow this indicator. The Federal Treasury formally showed a negative amount of revenues (-443.8 billion rubles.), But this "technical" result, which reflects the redistribution of import customs duties, was explained by RBC in the Ministry of Finance (after deduction of this "technical amount" of the Treasury proceeds on the plus side).

The absolute majority of the chief administrators of income - 68 out of 85 - exceeded the revenue forecast in 2017, the data of the Ministry of Finance show. Leaders in terms of the percentage of implementation are Rosturizm (286,000 percent), the Ministry of Economic Development (10,800 percent), the Ministry of Construction (more than 7,000 percent), although the total revenues from them are small (Rosturizm - 0.6 billion rubles., Ministry of Economic Development - 1.1 billion rubles., Minstroy - 1.4 billion rubles.)

Debts on international launches

A low percentage of revenues from Roskosmos is due to the fact that the budget received less than 46.88 billion rubles from it. "Other non-tax revenues," follows from the data of the Ministry of Finance. As RBC wrote, in June 2017 the Ministry of Finance pledged such a sum as part of "other non-tax revenues", expecting Roskosmos to pay off debts of previous years under international treaties of the Federal Space Agency. However, in August, the receipt of this amount in the budget was in question. It is unclear whether this money will come to the budget or not, the Accounts Chamber noted in October.

The press service of the Ministry of Finance did not answer the question whether it is possible to return this amount to the budget in 2018. In "Roskosmos" they did not comment on their calculations with the federal budget.

Funds in the amount of 46.88 billion rubles. were established and reflected in the budgetary accounting and financial statements of the Federal Space Agency as a receivable to the budget based on the results of the audit of the Accounting Chamber "Verification of liquidation activities for the abolition of the Federal Space Agency," RBC reported. The agency was abolished on January 1, 2016, its successor was the state corporation Roskosmos, but the liquidation commission of the Federal Space Agency is still working. How the funds received by Roscosmos from international launches of space vehicles and cosmonauts are distributed is not publicly known, RBC experts said.

Of the 9.5 billion rubles that Roskosmos gave to the budget in 2017, 8.4 billion rubles. was accounted for by "income from the compensation of state expenses" - this article can also include the return of accounts receivable of previous years.

How much does the corporation receive from international activities?

Roscosmos receives all its revenue from international space activities: in 2016 it amounted to 25.2 billion rubles, net profit - 2.75 billion rubles., Follows from his last annual report. In 2017, the net profit of Roskosmos increased multiply and amounted to about 13 billion rubles, the state corporation said on Dec. 29.

Roskosmos is one of the world leaders in the market of commercial launches: for example, it supplies rocket carriers for the French operator Arianespace. Another major source of his income is the contract with the American NASA (in recent years, NASA has paid Roskosmos for shipping American astronauts to the ISS).

Since 2008, Roskosmos has received from the Americans contracts for $ 3.55 billion, including $ 568 million over the past two and a half years, it follows from the data of the government website of US public procurement.

Criticism of the presidential aide

In December, presidential aide Andrei Belousov subjected Roskosmos to criticism, saying that the organization has been living at the expense of the budget since Soviet times and works practically without profit. "A huge mass of people can not earn money. Is this normal? "The official asked. According to him, Roskosmos "in a good way assimilates money", solving certain technological problems. "But this is all iron, this whole form of activity is not money, I'm sorry," Belousov said.

Under Russian law, state corporations are non-profit organizations, that is, the extraction of profits is not the main goal of their activities.

In recent years, the state has reduced Roskosmos funding: in 2016 Roskosmos, as the main administrator of budgetary funds, spent 201 billion rubles from the budget, in 2017 - 138.1 billion rubles. In 2018, an amount of 128.7 billion rubles is planned, which will drop to 120 billion rubles. in 2020, follows from the consolidated budgetary list of the Ministry of Finance.