How Sechin's former wife is tied to the Olympics

She became a co-owner of Exect Group that trains personnel for the Olympic Games in Sochi, and partner of Spanish OHL company, which has a contract to build the railway in Siberia for 1.95 billion euros.
The former wife of the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, Marina became the owner of 51% "Ekzekt Partners Group" and 49% "On-HSBC PRIVATE El Rus Limited", found "Vedomosti": the corresponding entries in SPARK dated December 2013

Exect engaged in HR consulting, assessment, training and development of staff, said on its website. Exect - supplier of the Olympics 2014, it signed an agreement with the organizing committee of the Games, on which trains 35,000 staff person on the basis of 26 volunteer centers in 17 cities of Russia. Among Exect customers on the company's website and contains the "Rosneft", which is headed by Sechin.

Close to Exect source confirmed that Sechin became the co-owner of the group with a share of 51%, noting that the group is among the three largest players in the Russian market of business training and consulting in the field of HR. The group Exect 300-400 training days per month, the revenue - about 500 million rubles. per year, said founder and president Exect Vladimir Solovyov.

"On-HSBC PRIVATE El Rus Limited" - "granddaughter" the Spanish construction group Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL). OHL - this design, construction and Infrastructure Mr.Rupp, the fourth largest infrastructure contractor in Latin America, which operates in 30 countries, said on its website. OHL (as of 2012), owns 100% of the Spanish Posmar Inversiones 2008 and that, in turn, owns 50% of the "On-HLB El Rus", 49% - at Sechin. Director of the "On-HLB El Rus" in 2012 was Manuel Pedrosa Visiana, CEO of OHL for Russia. Sales OHL for the 2012 - 4.029 billion euros, EBITDA - 1.05 billion euros.

At OHL has interests in Russia. Czech "daughter" the OHL in December 2011, signed an agreement on the "Northern latitudinal way" to work together on a project with the Corporation "Ural Industrial - Ural Polar" and the Yamal Railway Company. The contract amounted to 1.95 billion euros, according to Bloomberg. In March 2013 OHL signed a preliminary agreement on cooperation with "Stroytransgaz" Gennady Timchenko - in projects for the creation and reconstruction of Russian transport infrastructure.

As reported by "Kommersant", in 2013. Sechin became the owner of 16.25% of the system integrator "RK-telecom" service security forces and building a network for the "Rostelecomma", as well as working with "VimpelCom" and MTS and "MegaFon". The company's revenue in 2012 - 397.1 million rubles. Sechin also created energy holding "Sustainable development".

As told to "Vedomosti" familiar with Sechin businessman Marina Sechin's very active and is actively engaged in the business back in the 1990s, she said: "Let Igor sits on his salary of 200 rubles, and its $ 5,000 I always get paid." . "I understand that the miner-it [was] in the family, but he is not," - recalls classmate Nicholas Konyushkov Sechin.

As told to "Vedomosti" people from the environment Sechin, he divorced his wife around 2011 From the declarations of civil servants Sechin of income for 2008-2010. He indicated that his wife has no income.

Sechin and OHL representative did not respond to "Vedomosti" questions, the representative of "Rosneft" declined to comment.

HOUSE Sechin

In the Silver Forest has a mansion, which until 2011 owned the former deputy prime minister and the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. In January 2011, 0.5 hectares and house 1415 sq. m became the property of Marina Sechin. She gotand their after divorce with Sechin, then told "Vedomosti" his friends.