How Shakro Young entrusted his wealth to a frozen food queen

The investigation failed to arrest the multi-million property of Zakhariy Kalashov because the criminal lord made it over to his wife and seller of frozen foods.
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- We wanted to have the court go with the idea for the arrest of the property Zacharias Kalashova, and then take it and find out the "minor" such circumstances that Shakro all outwitted by taking out all his property and bank accounts in the 57-year-old saleswoman dumplings from Apsheronsk Krasnodar Krai Julia Bratchenko - says a source in the Life Insurance of the Russian Federation, in a voice that is felt not so much hurt and frustration.

After the 2014 Shakro left a 9-year term in Spain, he returned to Moscow and lived, as it should be the people of his status: a huge mansion on several plots of land in the famous for its rich and famous residents of the suburban village of Nikolina Gora in the Odintsovo district Moscow. Here in the forest silence, comfort and gold interiors he arranged an audience with colleagues on criminal shop. In one of these houses Shakro Young and detained by the Federal Security Service July 8, 2016 on charges of extortion and organizing a criminal community.

As it turned out, the documents Shakro had nothing to do with the estate. Crime has issued two General luxurious mansion and fleet of luxury cars on the former private entrepreneurs Julia Bratchenko, which formally does not have any relation to it.

- It turns out that the king of the Russian criminal world he lived in the house of the friend of Julia Bratchenko Apsheronsk. About her know that she was engaged in the supply of frozen dumplings and semi-finished products, - nervously giggling Lajfa says the source of the law enforcement agencies.

Neighbors saleswoman dumplings at Nikolina Gora - filmmakers brothers Nikita Mikhalkov and Andron Konchalovsky, actor Vasily Livanov, the ex-governor of the Tver region Dmitry Zelenin.

In addition to estates in Nikolina Gora Julia Bratchenko owns three luxury foreign cars - Mercedes E200, Mercedes ML350 and Lexus.

- But in addition to the house and car, a woman owned and three plots of land on which is built chic "home methods" criminal authority, - said a source in law enforcement bodies Lafa.

The fact that the palace Shakro Young stands on the six plots. Three belong Bratchenko, and three others - Civil wife "kingpin" Marina Goldberg.

Apparently, the woman know each other, because both were born in Apsheronsk, which has a population of only 40 thousand people, and in recent years go through life together. According to operative data, Goldberg is a distant relative Bratchenko.

From Absheron, they moved to the city of Kogalym of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. In 1995, Goldberg Bratchenko and officially received a residence permit in Kogalym.

- And 8 years later, in 2003, Marina Goldberg moved from oil in the Russian capital and settles in a three-room apartment on the street Starovolynskaya, which she presented Shakro Young - say the interlocutors Lajfa of law enforcement. - And in the same back in 2003 a friend Julia Goldberg Bratchenko enters into a contract to purchase property and land in the suburban village of Nikolina Gora, which later will be the residence of Zacharias Kalashova.

Investigators found that the formal hostess Shakro wealth - Julia Bratchenko - after registration of all securities on real estate transactions in 2003, returned from Moscow to his native Apsheronsk where the registered IP to sell frozen food. She has been in this business until 2011, and then officially closed its IP.

- Apparently, the crime boss trusts his civilian wife Marina Goldberg and her cousin Julia Bratchenko more than the guys from his inner circle - said the source of LIFE in the Russian Interior Ministry.

According to LIFE Shakro after his arrest in July 2016 Julia Bratchenko returned from Ashperonska in Moscow and moved to his mansion. Apparently, the servants in the house should someone look in his absence.

Interlocutor LIFE in MRS expects that investigators and operatives of the FSB will be able to prove that the entire real estate and cars purchased in the interests Shakro. And, apparently, on the criminal proceeds.

- Only about the estimated value of the residence Shakro in Nikolina Gora - 700 million rubles, and two-bedroom apartment on the street Starovolynskaya Marina Goldberg is estimated at 50 million rubles, - said the source of Life.

Where is Marina Goldberg, investigators do not know.

- Maybe not only he left Moscow, but Russia - suggests the source of LIFE in law enforcement.

Civil spouse Shakro Marina Goldberg, who has two children by him, is well known in the United States. More January 23, 2013 the US Treasury Department has included it in its black list on suspicion of involvement in the Russian mafia clans The Brothers 'Circle ( "Brothers' Circle"). US officials believe that the Brothers' Circle - a multinational group, consisting of the leaders of several criminal networks CIS and acting on the territory of Europe, Middle East, Africa and South America. Brothers' Circle coordinates the activities of criminal groups and settles conflicts between groups.

The data of the Department of wife Shakro listed Russian citizen, born in 1979, using different names: Marina Samuilovna Goldberg, Marina and Marina Kalashova Kalash. Shortly before that, in the list of Brothers' Circle landed himself Shakro.

In 2006, he was detained in the United Arab Emirates and extradited to Spain, where he was sentenced to 9 years in prison and a fine of EUR 22.5 million. It is noteworthy that after the arrest in the United Arab Emirates Young Shakro his wife gave an interview to the local media under the name Marina Radchenko. In the US, Kalash considered one of the most influential leaders of the "Brothers' Circle".

Police officers say that an experienced criminal general could hide their wealth not only that it does not fall into the hands of justice. The very high status of the thief in the law, and especially the leader of all Russian mobsters, imposes certain restrictions and obligations on Shakro Young.

- According to the concepts of the thieves in the tramp must be nothing - no family, no children, no property, nor the more business - said one of the operatives Life MUR. - It is believed that only a thief lives properly and can judge others. Among the modern criminal generals such people almost never left.

Shakro Young was born in Tbilisi 63 years ago. As recently killed another leader of the Russian mafia Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan), he is an ethnic Kurd. Moscow earned several convictions Kalash quickly began to gain weight in the criminal world. The areas of interest include a wide variety of commercial enterprises and firms, markets, casinos, banks and oil and gas sector. He led the "business" as the Slavic and Caucasian organized crime groups. In just a few years of intense activity, he earned a lot of enemies. On it was repeatedly attempted - both in Moscow and in his native Georgia. Several times Shakro was wounded. Among his most bitter enemies among the leaders once one of the most powerful groups of the capital - Izmailovo.

In 1999, after another attempt, Shakro Young chose to move to sunny Spain, where they settled on the Costa del Sol. Almost immediately, the Spanish police suspect that he - one of the leaders of the Russian mafia, which is engaged in the Pyrenees washing dirty money.

In 2005, a famous anti-mafia operation "Wasp" was held in Spain. Many of the companions Shakro were in prison, but he managed to escape to the United Arab Emirates. There he was arrested and extradited back to Spain, where he received a life.

By this time Kalashov rendered in absentia sentence in his native Georgia - 11 years for the kidnapping of a businessman - one of the former owners of the Moscow casino "Crystal". The Georgian authorities have requested the extradition Kalashova first on the ground, and then the new - involvement in international drug syndicates. In Georgia Kalashova it was confiscated huge palace on the outskirts of Tbilisi, where the authorities then placed the police department. In 2014 Shakro returned to Moscow.

Recall that Zachary Kalash was arrested July 12, 2016. Evidence against kingpin gave two detained in the case of the shooting at a restaurant on the street Rochdelskaya. According to them, Kalash organized extortion from the owner places Kim 8 million rubles Jeanne. This sum allegedly owed her designer Fatima Misikov for clearance space.

One of the defendants on charges of shooting at Rochdelskaya became Andrei Kochuykov authority (in Italian nickname). It is considered Shakro right hand. According to investigators, after learning about the arrest of Italians Shakro raised $ 5 million for his salvation. According to the FSB, he agreed to help the general TFR Denis Nikandrov.

While serving as deputy head of the capital GUS TFR General Nikandrov oversaw almost all profile cases in Moscow. He fell because he tried to influence the investigation into the shootout near the capital Elements restaurant, and contribute to the door to freedom Italians. With the submission of the general investigators did not go to the court to extend the term of arrest for the Italians, so it was almost released.

As a result, Denis Nikandrov was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes from Shakro in the amount of one million dollars. Also Nikandrova in the same case in the prison concluded its own security department head TFR Mikhail Maksimenko and his deputy Alexander Lamont.