How Tatspirtprom reached the Tatar Strait

Irek Minnahmetov expects to recover expenses for the "entrance ticket" to the federal network in three or four years.
Against the background of falling sales of legal alcohol in Russia, including in the main "Tatspirtprom" competitors, the company reported an increase in revenue in half. For the expansion of the market, the company has donated a lot of money, which led to some reduction in profits. But the budget has received from the alcohol holding a maximum of ten years worth of taxes - 21.9 billion rubles..


During the period of domination on the shelves of counterfeit alcohol and downs of legal sales of "Tatspirtprom" in 2015 showed a rapid growth of sales and, consequently, revenues. The company recently released its annual report for 2015, which, in fact, can be considered as summing up the work Yreka Minnahmetova team appointed to the post of general director in January 2015. It is clear from statements from the new top management emphasized: an expansion in Russian regions, update the product line, continued work on contract bottling party brands.

Let's start with the basic indicators. Holding was able to dramatically increase its revenues by 47.5% to $ 7 billion. Rubles to 10.32 billion., Ie,there are almost half. It should be borne in mind that the revenue specified in it without VAT and excise tax of giant payments on which we shall speak below. Following pulled up and other "indicators". Thus, gross profit increased by 86% to 2.63 billion, while operating profit -. 1.75 times to 1.77 billion. This more than compensated for such "trifles" as added to the volume of bank guarantees (2.5-fold to almost 150 mln. Rubles) and interest payments (+ 40% to 365 million). With the volume of revenue other things being equal, we probably would have seen a record-breaking profits. But net profit was not only far from historic peaks, but decreased by 7.1% to 1 billion. 153 million. 1 billion. 005 million. Rubles. The thing is that the new RTD strategy, giving revenue growth, and require new spending.

Among the country to grow almost nowhere, except to displace the illegal sector of the market. However, and on this background, the TSP has tripled in the past year the number of stores of its proprietary network "Arysh May", reaching almost to the thousands of retail outlets. Recall that the previous management of the company in the face of still Rashit Wyhutdinova subjected to fierce criticism for a poor job of marketing products in the Russian Federation, with the result that one of the reasons for his resignation. Now we see that the current top management TSP actually shifts the center of gravity in the regions of Russia. Hence, in particular, and serious bet on the brands "Russian currency," "Count Ledoff" and so on. E., Is not geographically linked to Tatarstan. And a lot of business expenses, which grew over the year to 398 million. Up to 857 million. Rubles.

In 2015, the TSP for the first time has made the presence of its products in all the 85 regions of the Russian Federation, up to the coast of the Tatar Strait - last year sales of vodka from Tatarstan was there. The next step in the TSP are seeing an increase in sales of depth. Expansion has evolved and through regional representatives, and through federal networks - "Thunder" ( "Magnit»), X5 Retail Group, «Lenta", "Dixie," a network alkomarketov "Bristol", "Red and Black" and others. Were built relationships with a number of regional networks - for example, TSP began working with the "coin", which has 800 stores in the Urals and Western Siberia. "This required suschepublic expenditure on the promotion of products: marketing activities, listed in the commercial networks. According to our plans, they should be recouped in 3 - 4 years ", - he told the" Business Online »Minnahmetov. But TSP say that the amount of the profit impact, and other factors. "On the profit of the company affected by the economic situation in the country in general and changes in exchange rates - said Minnahmetov. - There was an increase in production costs due to the fact that the number of components used in the production, pegged to the euro and the dollar. The price of the goods has not changed much, which led to a decrease in the margin. " In addition, the TSC noted that the company incurred significant costs to develop new promising products: whiskey, vermouth and restyling previously available in the line.

Note that the management of "Tatspirtprom" still rely on a large amount of profit. In particular, in December during an online conference on "Business Online» CEO stated that by the end of 2015 expects the growth of the main finpokazatelya to 1.15 billion. To 1.2 bln. Rubles. However, he did notIt hides the fact that a new marketing strategy requires significant expenditures, "When turnover is growing, growing more and attachments. We produce goods and give it reteylu where the money we get at best 40 days. Entrance to the network costs money, and the promotion of goods in them - even more. When the goods will be his client, the investment will no longer be needed in such large quantities, and then we can expect a doubling of profits. "


One item that catches your eye when reading the statements "Tatspirtprom" - an outstanding, not afraid of this word, the dynamics of wages. If the average number of employees increased TSP 5.8% to 1 782 people, the average salary of employees - 30.9% to 39,029 rubles (!). For comparison, the inflation rate was only 12.9% per annum. In general, the new level above "temperature in the hospital" by 36.4%: the average resident of RT received 28.6 thousand rubles per month.. "This required a significant increase in the wage bill: it grew by 231 million rubles," - commented statistics Minnahmetov.

Dugaya "social burden" - the company tax payments - added 17% to a historic high 21.94 billion rubles..

Comparable amounts of payments to the treasury can boast a rare enterprise in Tajikistan, rather sporadic. For example, the largest payer - PJSC "Tatneft" - over the past year transferred 263 billion rubles of taxes and payments to the budgets of all levels.. And here, for example, TAIF, for the first time ahead of "Tatneft" in terms of net profit, directed to the budgets of all levels of only 63 billion. Rubles. But it should be noted that the proceeds of both groups significantly higher than TSP Turnover: from TAIF - 524 billion rubles, the "Tatneft" - 553 billion.. But the producer of alcohol taxes and fees exceeded its own revenue by 2.1 times. But here we must take into account the specifics of the company tax the alcohol industry: as mentioned above, the percentage of payments in the budget is exactly the excise tax on alcoholic beverages.

EGALNY ALCOHOL in crisis can not afford it?

Relatively prosperous picture of the main alkoholding Republic shows on the fallproduction and sales of strong alcohol, which lasts the last decade in Russia. According to Rosstat, in 2015 the country produced 63,927 thousand. Decalitres of vodka, which is 96% compared to 2014 (66 586 thousand dal.). Reduced production volumes affected all major manufacturers of vodka, including the "Synergy" companies "Russian Alcohol", "Bashspirt".

The main reason is due to the persistence of a high level of excise duties and the minimum retail price (MRP), as well as the deteriorating economic situation in the Russian Federation. So, the director of Centre for Research of Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets "TSIFRRA" Vadim Drobiz main cause activation producers surrogate considers the relative inaccessibility of legal alcohol and falling real incomes of citizens (6.3% in 2015 - Ed.)., Especially in rural areas , where about 40% of the population.

Recall that in 2014 the minimum retail price of 0.5 liters of vodka was 220 rubles, but dropped to 185 rubles from 1 February 2015. However, according to a further decline of official sales, the balance was not found. Althoughto reduce the WRC last year to 185 rubles for 0.5 liters, the expected growth in vodka production in the whole country did not happen. On the contrary, the implementation of capitation of vodka, liqueurs and spirits reduced by 0.6 liters per person to 7.1 liters. It could be proud of the fact that the citizens began to drink less, at least of spirits, but, alas, it is only the "white" registered factory of alcohol, while the large sales volumes were on the "gray" channels, sometimes representing frank samopal. However, the state can not or does not want to "move up" in such a reliable source of replenishment of the treasury, as the excise tax on alcoholic beverages. Especially at a time when the main source of replenishment of the budget - the price of oil - and then dries to a living wage, if not below that.

With regard to natural sales volumes of vodka, liqueurs and spirits, the Rosstat statistics made public is only in 2014 -. 112.4 million decaliters, while the data for 2015 were calculated as the product of the average population (146 406 000 people.) In the per capita consumption (7 1 liter), ThuIt provides 103.9 million. dal. Thus, the legal vodka, liqueurs and other strong drinks were sold by 7,6% less than the year before - 8.5 million decaliters.. According to the deputy head of Gosalkogolinspektsii Tatarstan Rustem Arslanov, illegal turnover of alcohol products in 2014 and the first half of 2015 years in Russia was approximately 50% of the total, according to RT - about 20%. Is it any wonder that the security forces in the past year firmly took up the bootleggers, and the government has proposed a way out of the stalemate, as the widespread introduction of the calling system EGAIS trade disputes?

Surprisingly, a tendency to fall in sales was shared by all the major players, with the exception of "Tatspirtprom". Recall that at the end of 2015 Holding won the crown of the king of Russian vodka, beating "Russian Standard" Rustam Tariq. TSP made 8587 thous. Decalitres of vodka or 124% compared to 2014, and won market share of 13%. The "Synergy" bottling only 91% of the volume of 2014, limited to 12 per cent share. The release of spirits from the "Russian Standard" and does dipped by 74%, and from the formerLeadership remains only 11% of the market. We add that the other players are far behind the big three -. A "Omskvinprom" with 4.2 million and gave the annual production of "Bashspirt" with 2.4 million decaliters..


It remains to add that taking into account all types of alcoholic beverages, including wine, champagne, cognac and other drinks, RTD realized 9588 thousand. Dal. The largest share in the volume of shipments -. 51% of the total, or 4911 thousand dal - takes its own trading house "Tatspirtprom" ( "Alkotorg" LLC). Another 28%, or 2 696 thousand. Gave, went to the group of companies warehouses "Russian vodka holding", 8%, or 794 thousand dal., Shipped from GC "Synergy." In these cases we are talking about contractual filling for these companies to TSP capacities. Finally, 1,187 million liters, or 12%, -. Other clients.

Interestingly, the export shipments have tripled to 58 thousand. Made, though yet occupy a modest 0.6% in total sales. "We climb wherever it's possible!" - Previously formulated the export strategy Minnahmetov. - We strengthened our position in Kazakhstan, are present in Azerjan, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Abkhazia, Donbass. We went to the market and non-CIS countries - Germany, Austria and China. In China, we have a good potential, we hope to double or even triple sales there.

This year, the TSC plans sales are not lower than the first in 2015, the company said. From forecasts for revenue and profit in "Tatspirtprom" have so far refrained.