How Usmanov and Abramovich measured the yachts

Which yachts sail the Russian billionaires and who owns the most luxurious ship.
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A luxury yacht is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Russian billionaires. The Forbes list of flotilla numbers is comparable to the naval fleet of leading maritime powers such as France or the United Kingdom: Russians have more than 40 only identified yachts worth more than $ 5 billion. But in reality they can be much more, because billionaires prefer to hide their ships in order to safety and tax optimization.

Which of the owners of capital plows the expanses of the world's oceans on the most expensive yacht? Forbes presents the top ten most luxurious vessels owned by Russian billionaires.

10. Madam Gu Andrey Skoch

State Duma deputy and co-owner of USM Holdings Andrei Skoch owns a real floating palace with a length of 99 meters - this is the largest yacht ever built in the Netherlands. The cost of Madam Gu Forbes is estimated at $ 135 million.

The ship left the shipyard in 2013 and was immediately recognized as the most beautiful yacht of the year at the World Superyacht Awards. This is not surprising: after all, the famous Andrew Winch worked on his design.

The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and 36 crew members. Madam Gu is “registered” in Monaco, so most often it can be seen in the waters of this small principality, as well as in the south of France.

9. Palladium Mikhail Prokhorov

Futuristic yacht Palladium, owned by the owner of Onexim Mikhail Prokhorov, is an unusual ship resembling a space cruiser, which was built in 2010 by the individual order of a billionaire. For its space design, the yacht received the World Yachts Trophies Award. Its length is more than 95 meters, and the cost is $ 155 million.

The vessel can comfortably accommodate 16 people on board. It has eight cabins - six for guests, one for the owner and one - auxiliary. The yacht contains everything you need for water sports, as well as a jacuzzi, a large pool and a lounge area.

8. Black Pearl Oleg Burlakov

The equally innovative Black Pearl superyacht, built specifically for Stroylesbank co-owner Oleg Burlakov, was considered the largest sailing yacht in the world as of 2018 - its length is 106.7 meters. The cost of the boat Forbes estimated at $ 220 million.

"Black Pearl" is unique in that it works on the energy of the sun and wind. Flexible solar panels are integrated into the fabric of her sails with a total area of ​​2900 square meters. Also, when the boat moves, propellers generate energy. Oleg Burlakov himself actively participated in the creation of the project - he has a PhD degree in the field of energy sources.

The Black Pearl is as innovative as it is luxurious. On board are six cabins for 12 passengers, two spa complexes with pools and a huge beach club.

7.Quantum Blue by Sergey Galitsky

The motor yacht Quantum Blue, founder of the Magnit grocery chain, Sergey Galitsky, is a stately 104 meter long and 16.8 meter wide ship, which was built at the German shipyard Lürssen Yachts in 2014. Quantum Blue is still one of the thirty largest yachts in the world. The cost of the boat is approximately $ 225 million.

The yacht was built in strict secrecy mode - the project changed either the length or the name. Until now, the network does not have a single photo with the interior of the vessel. It is only known that it is really chic, as a boat of a Russian billionaire should be.

Quantum Blue is able to accommodate 14 guests on board in seven spacious cabins, as well as 40 crew members. The ship has a spacious lounge, gym, cinema, spa, elevator, helipad, swimming pool, jacuzzi and garages for water equipment.

6. Luna Farhad Akhmedov

The giant Luna yacht of private investor Farhad Akhmedov (its length is 115 meters) was built at the Lloyd Hamburg shipyard for billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2010. Akhmedov bought it in 2014. The cost of the boat Forbes estimated at $ 230 million.

Newcruise was responsible for the design of the ship, and eminent designer Donald Starkey, who furnished the royal-style yacht, was responsible for its interior. Akhmedov, however, updated the exterior and decoration of the ship in order to adapt it to his needs - the billionaire dreamed of traveling around the world.

Last year, Luna was at the center of one of the most expensive divorce cases in history. A London court decided to transfer the yacht to the former wife of billionaire Tatyana. But Akhmedov did not agree with this and continued the struggle for his floating palace. In March, the Dubai Court of Appeals finally lifted the arrest from the yacht.

5.Motor Yacht A of Andrey Melnichenko

This ship-like ship, owned by Andrei Melnichenko, co-owner of SUEK and EuroChem, is 119 meters long, and its cost is estimated by Forbes at $ 255 million. The ship was designed by Philippe Starck and Martin Francis, it was built at a German shipyard by Blohm + Voss in 2008.

The yacht was named after the first letters of the names of the owners - Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra. The ship has not only seven luxury cabins for 14 guests, but also three swimming pools, including one with a glass floor. Inside, the yacht is sheathed in wood paneling, and the walls of her main deck are covered with silver leaf.

The unusual design of this ship made a splash in London in 2016, when the yacht Melnichenko sailed to the Thames and passed under the Tower Bridge. Struck by this spectacle, Londoners were actively taking selfies against the backdrop of a strange ship that resembled at the same time a floating palace, a warship and a submarine.

4.Ocean Victory by Victor Rashnikov

The mega-yacht Ocean Victory owned by MMK Victor Rashnikov is a truly grandiose vessel. Its length is 140 meters, and the cost is estimated at $ 310 million. Until 2018, the boat was one of the ten largest yachts in the world.

The yacht has seven decks, six pools up to 8 meters long, a helipad, a beach club, and a spa area of ​​more than 300 square meters. meters and an elevator connecting all the decks. Ocean Victory can accommodate 28 guests in 14 cabins. The crew of the yacht consists of 56 people.

3. Sailing Yacht A by Andrey Melnichenko

Another miracle ship of Andrei Melnichenko, Sailing Yacht A, was built at the German shipyard Nobiskrug in 2017, and today it is the largest sailing ship in the world. The vessel is 142.8 meters long and 25 meters wide. The ship is equipped with three carbon masts 90 meters high - this is higher than Big Ben, as well as two diesel and two electric engines.

Forbes estimated the cost of this megayacht at $ 425 million.

The design of the ship, as in the case of the previous Melnichenko yacht, was handled by the legendary Frenchman Philippe Starck, so Sailing Yacht A, like her older sister, resembles a warship.

The yacht can take on board up to 20 guests, it is served by a crew of 54 people. The ship is equipped with a helipad, a spa club, a beach with three pools, a four-car garage and even a submarine for boat trips. On the lower deck there is a panoramic camera for observing the inhabitants of the deep sea.

Cabin Melnichenko, according to media reports, is protected by bulletproof glass.

2. Eclipse Roman Abramovich

The legendary Eclipse yacht of private investor Roman Abramovich is a giant 9-deck ship 162.5 meters long, which is no less famous than its owner. The cost of the vessel is about $ 460 million. Eclipse was built in 2010 in Hamburg by the German company Blomh & Voss.

This is the largest of Abramovich’s yachts, and until recently, the ship was number one in the world. Its technical equipment is really impressive. It includes four pleasure boats, 20 water scooters, a 12-seater submarine, platforms and hangars for two helicopters at once.

The interiors of the yacht give odds to any luxury apartments. In it you can find a chic "admiral" cabin of 500 square meters. meters, where there was even a stage and a huge piano, as well as a 56-meter private deck. The ship has 24 cabins to accommodate 62 guests, a gym and a sauna, two swimming pools, a cinema, a dance floor and a wine cellar. A huge massage room deserves special attention, the walls of which are covered with natural skins of reptiles and leopards.

1. Dilbar Alisher Usmanov

The founder and main shareholder of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov surpassed Abramovich in his love for luxury yachts. His ship Dilbar took first place in our ranking. This huge motor yacht with a length of 156 meters was built in 2016 by the German company Lürssen. Forbes estimated the cost of the boat at $ 550 million.

The ship got its name in honor of the mother of Alisher Usmanov. This yacht is considered the most spacious in the world - its gross tonnage is 15 917 tons. At the time of launching, she was the fourth longest yacht in the world.

Yacht Dilbar Yacht Dilbar Lürssen

The design of the ship was developed at the maritime architecture bureau Espen Oeino. The yacht is equipped with two helipads, a cinema, an elevator, a jacuzzi and a huge pool of 180 cubic meters. The vessel can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time. 120 people are involved in the maintenance of the yacht!

Luxury yachts are far from the only attribute of a beautiful life. The rich have many extraordinary hobbies and unquenchable passions. Stay with Forbes, and you will be aware of what things Russian billionaires do not spare money.

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Length: 126 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Lurssen / HDW Kiel, 2003

Price: € 295 million

Owner: Paul Allen's heirs

Built for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Octopus was one of the first expeditionary yachts in the world. The ship can be safely called the ancestor of a new generation of large yachts designed for traveling to inaccessible places such as the Galapagos or the Arctic. The yacht has a hangar for launching a submarine, two helipads, a swimming pool, a basketball field. Octopus is the only yacht capable of sailing up to 12,500 nautical miles without refueling.

After Allen's death in October 2018, the yacht was reconstructed and put up for sale for € 295 million.


Length: 111 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Lurssen, 2019
Price: € 275 million

Owner: presumably Alexey Fedorychev

Built, presumably, for businessman Alexei Fedorychev, a member of the Forbes Golden Hundred, and only this year launched, the TIS yacht has already been put up for sale. If a wealthy person wants to acquire a megayacht, he will either have to wait a few years for the shipyard to build for her, or consider those few offers for sale that are on the yacht market. Many billionaires are now in search of large and already built yachts. Therefore, TIS has become one of the most talked about offers on the market. The circle of potential buyers is small - the yacht is being sold for $ 300 million and is currently being leased for € 2.2 million per week.

Length: 106 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Lurssen, 2017

Price: not specified (for sale)

Owner: n / a

Amadea is one of the mysteries of the market. The project of the Lurssen shipyard was kept secret until the launch in 2017. The yacht is officially registered in the Caymans, its owner is still not known. Lurssen reported that the yacht was sold to a client from the Middle East. A few weeks ago, the boat was put up for sale by the Imperial broker, traditionally working with Russian businessmen.

A key feature of Amadea is the ten-meter aft pool. The boat also has a spa, beach club and movie theater.
Phoenix 2

Length: 90 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Lurssen, 2010

Owner: Jan Kulchik's family

Rent: from € 1 million per week

One of the most recognizable yachts in the charter market. Phoenix 2 was built for the Polish billionaire Jan Kulczyk in 2010. Kulchik died in 2015, but the yacht still belongs to his family. The Art Nouveau ship has a cinema and a piano bar. And on the bow of the Phoenix 2 is a steel bird, thanks to which the boat is recognized in any port.

The yacht is leased from € 1 million per week and is also for sale.


Length: 90 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Oceanco, 2019

Owner: Arthur Blank

DreAMBoat is built for the American billionaire Arthur Blanca - the owner of a chain of construction stores. Its initials are shown in large letters in the logo of the yacht. Oceanco - the shipyard on which the yacht was built - has steadily gained momentum in recent years in the segment of large yachts and has become a serious competitor to shipyards such as Lurssen and Fedship.


Length: 85 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Silver Yachts, 2019

Owner: n / a

One of the most unusual yachts of the exhibition. Bold owes its appearance to designer Espen Oeyno and Silver Yachts shipyard. This shipyard, founded by the German Guido Crassus, has already built five yachts in Australia. All of them are distinguished by a long hull and narrow aft, which allows them to travel long distances fairly quickly. Today, the main shareholder of the shipyard is the Chinese China Zhongwang Holdings, a major player in the aluminum industry.

Length: 80 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Abeking & Rasmussen, 2019

Owner: Herb Chambers

American billionaire Herb Chambers owns a network of six dozen dealerships in Massachusetts. He is known as a collector of exotic cars. But he doesn’t forget about yachts either. The 80-meter Excellence from the German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen is the sixth Chambers boat. Earlier, Abeking built for him a 60-meter Excellence and 78-meter Eminence, which the businessman, however, has already sold.

Design Excellence created by the English studio Winch Design. Its feature is two-story windows in the middle of the yacht. On the boat you can also find a pool and a beach club.

Length: 79 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Columbus Yachts, 2019

Owner: n / a

Over the past few years, the Maltese shipbuilding group Palumbo has been actively expanding its portfolio of shipyards and refit centers (specializing in the repair and refurbishment of yachts), which already includes ISA Yachts, Mondomarine and Columbus Yachts. The latter also built the largest yacht for the group to date - the 79-meter Dragon. The yacht is made in a classic style for this size, with a beach club at the stern, seven cabins for guests and a cabin for the owner of the yacht, occupying the entire deck.


Length: 79 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: CRN, 2019

Owner: n / a

One of the largest yachts launched by the CRN shipyard, part of the Italian Ferretti Group. The name of the owner is not known, but earlier he already had a CRN yacht with the same name, although in short - only 60 meters.
CRN boats stand out from other yachts with spacious interiors and cabins. Due to this feature, such boats are especially popular in the charter market.


Length: 77 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Feadship, 2019

Owner: n / a

One of the main differences between the Syzygy yacht built at the Dutch shipyard Feadship is the panoramic windows on all decks. At the same time, the internal rooms are at the same level as the deck, so that guests can move between them almost imperceptibly. The term syzygy, which gave the name to the yacht, has several meanings. For example, in astronomy they designate a situation when several celestial bodies (three or more) appear on one straight line. And in psychology, syzygy is the connection between the male and female principles.

Aurora borealis

Length: 67 meters

Raven and year of construction: Amels, 2019

Price: € 79.5 million

Owner: n / a

Launched this year, the 67-meter Aurora Borealis is one of the few new yachts of this size for sale. For the boat they ask € 79.5 million.

Aurora Borealis is part of the limited edition Dutch shipyard Amels (Amels Limited Edition), which is in special demand on the secondary market.


Length: 64 meters

Shipyard and year of construction: Sanlorenzo, 2019

Owner: n / a

Sanlorenzo is one of the most successful shipyards in the world in terms of the number of yachts built. However, as a rule, she launched boats about 30 meters long into the water. Attila became the largest shipyard in its history.

It is known that the owner of the yacht lives in South America. On his boat you can find a beach club with an area of ​​78 square meters, a swimming pool and a helipad. And inside is a wine cellar for 500 bottles.