How Vladimir Yakunin's resignation influenced the change of contractors of Russian Railways

The entities of Arkady Rotenberg's son Igor and friends of top-managers of Russian Railways now work for the state monopoly. 
Contractors of Russian Railways do not know what awaits them, the position of their respective owners unstable, complained, "Vedomosti" employees of state-owned company and its contractors soon after the resignation in August 2015 President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, 10 years headed the state monopoly. With the departure of the head of the state company she inevitably swap largest contractors, they explained.

"The further it [Yakunin] stay in this place was becoming dangerous for him - the company is so inefficient and steeped in corruption schemes, that sooner or later it would end in tears", - she told to "Vedomosti" about the reasons for the resignation of a federal official. According to the calculations of "Vedomosti" close to Yakunin people - his former advisers, assistants and acquaintances - at that time had existing contracts in the Railways by 400 billion rubles. plus. For comparison, all the investment of state monopoly for 2014 slightly exceeded that amount. The team of the new president Oleg Belozerov took up audit of major projects and contracts Railways. A year later, we can say: the pool of contractors monopoly is beginning to change.

Familiar partners

The most noticeable when the contractor Railways Yakunin was a group of companies associated with co-owners INTERPROGRESSBANK Alexei Krapivin, Boris Usherovichem, Vladimir Markelov and Yuri Obodovsky. Alex - the son of Andrei Krapivin, a former freelance advisor Yakunin. Ex-president of Russian Railways once explained, "Vedomosti" that Andrei Krapivin - his old friend, well versed in the banking business. According to the resource, on the company, which could be relevant group Krapivina, until 2014 accounted for a third of purchases of Russian Railways.

According to the calculations of "Vedomosti", by mid-2015 there were no less than 350 billion rubles in the portfolio of orders of these structures from the monopoly. Including the most expensive contracts at the time of construction Railways - development project of BAM and Transsib (the so-called Eastern Landfill). It was planned until 2018 to invest a total of 562 billion rubles., Of which 100 billion rubles. allocated to the state 150 billion rubles. - National Welfare Fund (NWF), and the rest - Railways.

Before retirement Yakunin state-owned company managed to play the contracts for 300 billion rubles. with a small, out of which 215 billion rubles. It went to companies controlled Krapivina group. For example, the acquired bankers in order to participate in competitions of "USC 1520" won the 2014 contract for the electrification of the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amur Mainline facilities by 28 billion rubles. Contracts for construction and installation work worth 143 billion rubles. I received a management company "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" (CC BSM), 48% owned by Obodovsky, and 49.5% - Yuri Korochenko, St. Petersburg businessman, the son of a friend of the former first vice-president of Russian Railways, and now advisor to the president of the company Vadim Morozov. Bankers in 2014 bought PJSC "Bamstroymekhanizatsia" (BCM PJSC), has received a contract for East landfill by 44 billion rubles., Vasily Tarasenko, the permanent director of the company who worked at BAM since Soviet times. At the time of the change of owners, the new owners of the company have been hidden behind offshore companies to the BVI, but Krapivin confirmed "Vedomosti" that now PAO BSM part of the Group companies in 1520.

Krapivin Sr. died in the spring of 2015, and in August of the same year, was dismissed Yakunin. A year later, the group is the largest partner of Russian Railways, but part of the contracts it has lost.

Mysterious minority shareholder

Petersburger Yury Korochenko, former owner of 49.5% of the Criminal Code BMR, which won in 2014 three competition Railways 143 billion rubles., Until recently, was a member of the boards of directors of the First Non-Metallic Company, JSC "Trust № 7" and "Kalugatransmash". First Non-Metallic Company is 75% owned by the son of Attorney General Artyom Chaika, 25% - Russian Railways. Shareholder second company - Alexander Sharapov, the owner of the St. Petersburg construction group Becar.

Overall these companies have one thing - they are working with Russian Railways. The official position of the businessman, which the company indicated in the statements, - advisor to the general director of St. Petersburg export-industrial firm "Sudotehnologiya". Previously it belonged Korochenko 20%.

"Sudotehnologiya", despite its name, is also mainly working with Russian Railways - provides equipment from vacuum cleaners and electric hand dryers to spare parts for cars. From 2012 to 2016, the amount of contracts with Russian Railways amounted to 8.8 billion rubles. (SPARC information). In 2012, "Sudotehnologiya" even won the "Partner RZD" in the nomination "The best supplier of the material and technical resources," which the company presented the then first vice-president of Russian Railways Vadim Morozov.

As found "Vedomosti", Korochenko - a longtime friend of the son of Dmitry Morozov, head of the branch of "TransContainer" on October Railway. In 2007, "Sudotehnologiya" Korochenko gained 10% in the hunting estate "Ladoga boar", established by Morozov, Jr. in his native Volkhov district, Leningrad region. In the summer of 2015 Dmitry Morozov bought Korochenko 30% in the company "Arsenal", dealing with the content of land in the ROW railways. In 2014-2015 gg. the company received contracts from Russian Railways to 3.75 billion rubles.

Morozov Sr. resigned immediately after the departure of the Railways Yakunin. He is now advisor to the new President of the Russian Railways. In May 2016 Morozov Jr. sold the remaining shares of "Arsenal" Company "Sophora" follows from SPARK. Alexei Krapivin reported that, according to him, Vadim Morozov nothing to Korochenko had. "Korochenko acted in the deal on UK BSM as an independent businessman. This year Korochenko decided to withdraw from the Criminal Code BMR, and Group 1520 consolidated its assets by 100% ", - said Krapivin. The press service of Railways said that the president's adviser Railways Vadim Morozov has no relation to the company, co-owned by Dmitry Morozov, and recommended to address him directly.

The new owners and managers

In September 2016 the CEO Krapivino USC 1520 he was appointed Sergei Klevakin, who spent more than 12 years in the other contractors Railways - the company "Foratek", specializing in the manufacture and construction of contact networks for Railways. Klevakin "proved to be an effective leader in" Foratek ETS ", explained to" Vedomosti "Krapivin. USC 1520 Group thus became the main shareholder of "Foratek" handed it to "Vedomosti". When, as it happened, and how much it cost structures Krapivin not disclose. By 2015 "Foratek" Railways won orders for no more than 400 million rubles. per year, but in 2015 the cooperation with the state and its "daughters" reached a new level: over the past year the group received 3.5 times in a row - to 1.39 billion rubles, and only 2 billion this year. rub.

Publications, argues that "Foratek" group may be close to Alexander Misharin, appeared in the media for 20 years. Misharin during this time has worked as director of the department of the government staff of industry and infrastructure in Russia, Deputy Minister of Communications and Transport, the chief of the Sverdlovsk Railway and the governor of the Sverdlovsk region. And his representatives, and senior managers "Foratek" this intimacy all the time denied. Set all owners "Foratek" in the registration documents is difficult: from the Cypriot parent companies the group several times changed owners. Back in 2008, among them flashed Solace Investing Ltd from the British Virgin Islands, whose shareholders, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), were Andrei Krapivin, Usherovich and Markelov. Other offshore, according to ICIJ, supervised old friend Misharin - businessman Vladimir Chizhevsky.

Partner Chizhevskogo - minority shareholder "Foratek" Peter Karatkevich Misharin and worked together with the Ministry of Railways (MPS), and then on the Sverdlovsk railway and 90 even lived in the same house in Yekaterinburg, recalled the former deputy of the Yekaterinburg City Duma Leonid Volkov. Their neighbor was and Chizhevsky. When headed Tchizhevskiy Luxembourg company Advanced Communication Systems has established one of the first group of companies "Foratek" - JSC "Foratek Communications" Misharin came to its Board of Directors. The company at that time supplied to the Sverdlovsk railway Siemens telecommunication equipment. In 2003, the Ministry of Railways has chosen another company group - "Foratek energy" - the general contractor of the program update management MPS electricity, industry newspaper wrote "Beep".

Minority shareholders and the general director of the "Foratek" became Klevakin. He said a few years ago the publication "Business Quarter" that he called to his deputy cousin Andrew Misharin, which had long been familiar.

In 2011, then-Deputy City Duma Volkov complained to the FAS for one of the projects "Foratek": in his opinion, the company, which had no experience in construction of roads, road unreasonably won contracts worth more than 1 billion rubles, while the actual work is done for. less money loser party - "Sverdlovskavtodor". Volkov was confident that support "Foratek" helped the then Governor Misharin. FAS found the actions of participants of competitions cartel, but in court "Foratek" managed to challenge this decision. Nevertheless, shortly management "Foratek" declared unsuccessful attempt of road construction and promised not to engage in more than roads.

"Foratek" has no relation to Alexander Misharin, like himself, Misharin has nothing to do with our group companies - gave "Vedomosti" Krapivin. "I did not have to the company, does not have and do not plan to have any relationship," - confirmed the "Vedomosti" Misharin. Costly contracts for the reconstruction of the BAM went to companies associated with the son of the former president of Russian Railways advisor.

Following the resignation Yakunin completely changed the owners of the largest contractor on the Trans-Siberian Railways - UK BSM. The SPARK these changes are reflected so. In December 2015 48% of the shares sold to the former owners of the company - more Obodovskii natural persons, and in August 2016 sold its 49.5% Korochenko. After that, the owner of 50% was sold to OOO "Abas Invest", the only CEO and founder of which is Catherine Devyatkina. The general director of the Criminal Code BMR in April 2016 was appointed Miskaryan Alexander, a former media manager from St. Petersburg, until 2013 headed the Regional Directorate of JSC "AMF" (included in the holding "Media3" brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev). Since 2014 Miskaryan worked as deputy director general of the Criminal Code of BSM and was a member of the Auditing Commission of PJSC BSM.

By the way, the BCM PJSC from October 2016 also has a new CEO. Instead, the son of the former owner Vitaly Tarasenko Board of Directors for five years to consolidate this position for Petersburger Sergei Vasiliev. Changed owners and "Setstroyenergo". The new leaders are "our interests", says Krapivin: "We are changing, reforming, optimizing." According to him, all of its assets and the assets of the partners will be included in a group of companies created by 1520, which in the future will be "more open structure."

"We have been working in the market of railway construction, in a very tough competitive environment. Care Vladimir Yakunin had no effect on our business, "- says Krapivin. Nevertheless, as "Vedomosti" found out, to take part in the new project, which promises to be the most expensive failed to RZD structures Krapivina.

High-speed design

Krapivin and his partners were not only the largest builders of Railways, but also a monopoly in the design of the railways. In 2013, Russian Railways signed a contract for the implementation of all project activities with a limit of 150 billion rubles. and up to 31 December 2017 with "Roszheldorproject". It owns 75% of "Lengiprotrans", which is directly owned by Markelov, Krapivin (by 24.99% each) and Usherovich (12.47%). Thanks to long-term contract revenue "Roszheldorproject" from 2013 consistently exceeded 25 billion rubles. in year. The company's share in the design and survey works of Railways more than 88% reported "Roszheldorproject" in the report for 2014

But recently the monopoly of the project company Krapivina ended. In April 2015, "daughter" Railways - PJSC "Express road" held an open competition for the design of the site Moscow - Kazan high-speed highway Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg. The only participant and winner at 24.5 billion rubles. He became "Mosgiprotrans", the consortium which included "Nizhegorodmetroproekt" and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd. However, in the summer of 2016 Russian Railways reduced the amount of the contract to 22 billion rubles.

"Mosgiprotrans" - the biggest competitor "Roszheldorproject" - has long been forced to remain on the sidelines. Due to the monopoly position "Roszheldorproject" the company fell into the category of subcontractors 2-3 level, while being the main developer of the railway infrastructure projects, said "Mosgiprotrans" in the annual report for 2015 Furthermore, the company points out that "the monopoly position of PJSC "Roszheldorproject" in the market of design works dramatically affect the timing of projects and leads to unreasonably high financial costs of Railways. " The contract for the design of high-speed rail Moscow - Kazan is important not only in the size of the contract, although he has already allowed "Mosgiprotrans" significantly improve their financial position. The company's revenues in 2015 soared by 7 times to 3.6 billion rubles. Net profit in 2015 amounted to 715 million rubles.

Not our money

In early September, after the arrest of the deputy chief of management of the "T" Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Ministry of Internal Affairs Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko police found in the apartment of his sister $ 120 million in cash. Colonel accused under three articles of the Criminal Code: abuse of power, taking bribes and obstruction of justice, official version of the origin of the money has not yet been disclosed. "Rosbalt" and "Novaya Gazeta" referring to the Russian banker German Gorbuntsov hiding in Germany, reported that some of the money could belong to contractors Railways related to Alexei Krapivin. "The situation Dmitry Zakharchenko has no relation either to me or to the group of companies 1520, or to the JSC" Russian Railways ", - he gave" Vedomosti "Krapivin.

In 2014, the agency reports Reuters Gorbuntsov documents, which showed that in Capital Commercial Bank and Russian Railways INCREDBANK billions of dollars have been withdrawn. For contractors stood Krapivina group, wrote Reuters. Krapivin and its management is denied.

It should be remembered that very often in the construction tenders are winning companies, design institutes which have developed projects. The cost of construction of the first pipeline stage Railways estimated at 1 trillion rubles., Almost 2 times more expensive reconstruction of the BAM and Transsib. The cost of the second portion, Kazan - Yekaterinburg, according to preliminary estimates, will be even higher. It is assumed that 60% of the funding for the projects will provide Chinese banks. The project is divided into two sections: Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan, it is assumed that these areas will be concluded concession agreement, a spokesman Misharin. Concessionaire will be specially created project company, which will become the main shareholder of "daughter" RZD "Speed ​​line".

From laundry to the trains

As "Mosgiprotrans" managed to win such an important victory? "Agreement" Roszheldorproject "with RZD involves conventional projects, and here it was a question of designing high-speed line, which is not covered by the monopoly", - she told to "Vedomosti" one of the shareholders' Mosgiprotrans ". At the same time he "Mosgiprotrans" almost turned into Krapivina group.

In January 2014 partner Krapivina Obodovskii on privatization auction for 185 million rubles. bought 15% "Mosgiprotrans" at the Federal Property Management Agency. This small package allows you to control virtually "Mosgiprotrans" because the ownership of more than 60% of the company was looped. In the summer of 2015, after winning the contest "expressways", the Board of Directors' Mosgiprotrans "includes two representatives Krapivina. Railways does not abandon the idea to bring to the construction of the European high-speed rail company

But they stayed there for long. At the end of September 2015, shortly after the resignation of Yakunin, Directors' Mosgiprotrans "Council fully updated, seats for representatives of the former management Krapivina and it was not. Krapivin told "Vedomosti" that, in September 2016 15% "Mosgiprotrans" were sold to the majority shareholder. Call him, he refused. "Frankly, before we ourselves would like to take part in this big and interesting project, but the terms of the contract for the design of high-speed rail seemed to us very risky in terms of financing and deadlines," - gave Krapivin.

The largest owners of "Mosgiprotrans" became co-owner of Cotton Way Alexander Utkin and his partners. As told to "Vedomosti" Utkin, its partners have consolidated 80% of "Mosgiprotrans", he became the beneficiary of 7% of the shares of the project company. Kemerovo businessman Utkin in the early 2000s, he worked at companies that are close to Iskander Makhmudov and Maxim Liksutovu, such as JSC "Transugol". Then he was better known for his business' lease textiles. " His company rents Railways bed linen, curtains, mattresses and towels. It clears and cleans the textile part of the holding company "Master Cleaning" in leased from Russian Railways for 15 years laundries. All costs are included in the passenger ticket (subject to the purchase of bed linen). Stable business brings us Utkin 2 billion rubles. Revenue in the year. In 2014, Utkin managed to attract investors - 40% Cotton Way for 3.6 billion rubles. Russian Direct Investment Fund and the EBRD acquired.

According to Utkin, is his old friend Alexei Nikiforov, but Makhmudov among them among large "Mosgiprotrans" owners. "Mosgiprotrans" was the last interesting asset in the railway engineering sector and cost much "- explains the company's purchase of Utkin, without disclosing the amount of the transaction. According to him, his friends called him to help structure the business project company and make it to market.

The new council "Mosgiprotrans" two directors were old friends Misharin. This is the former deputy director of the Russian industry and government infrastructure department Vladimir Ampilogov, who has worked in this position from 1997 to 2015. In 2009, he worked for six months Misharin chief Ampilogova then left to lead the Sverdlovsk region. Misharin and Ampilogov included in the Board of Directors of Russian Railways. Second friend - Oleg Zhabin - a former railway worker, ex-CEO of "Uralvagonzavod-trance".

In 2010, Misharin, then-governor of Sverdlovsk region, invited Zhabina head SUE "Oblkommunenergo". "I would say, probably: the Governor, knowing my previous work, praised my perseverance and the ability to bite the bullet" - answered the straight line site Zhabin the question whether Misharin really tried to put on the financial flows the city of his people. In 2012, after leaving Misharin, Zhabin resigned from "Oblkommunenergo". Another member of the Board of Directors' Mosgiprotrans "- Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise" All-Russian Research Institute of Railway Hygiene "Michael Wilk, according to SPARK, since 2008, along with owning Zhabin in Tula and Moscow companies Lessors property. Misharin did not comment on familiarity with Ampilogovym and Zhabin, advised to contact the "Mosgiprotrans". Utkin said that the invited Ampilogova, Zhabina and Vilk as the independent directors to evaluate their professionalism.

New suppliers Railways in 2016

Igor Rotenberg
Cyn Arkady Rotenberg
Railways Contracts:
It was 0
It was 691 million rubles.
LLC "Glosav" Igor Rotenberg in 2016 awarded a contract to supply Russian Railways integrated system safety devices. The company specializes in solutions for vehicle tracking, based on technology «Glonass» / GPS
NPF "Welfare"
Private Pension Fund, established by RZD structures
Railways Contracts:
It was 0
It was 6.99 billion rubles.
LLC "TSM" in 2016 selected "RZDstroy" as a contractor for the construction of the railway bypassing Ukraine. Almost 70% of the company belongs to the "Mostotrest", which is owned by NPF
Alexey Zolotarev, Vitaly Brill
Former partners of Assistant to the President for Transport Igor Levitin
Railways Contracts:
It was 0
It was 15.9 billion rubles.
JSC "Stroyputinvest", the main construction company owned by Zolotarev and Bril "Dormashinvesta" in 2016 received the right to build a section of the East Landfill 6.3 billion rubles. "Transresurs" LLC in September 2016 a contract for the supply of railway structures Railways scrap 8.33 billion rubles.
Yuri Relyan
Former Deputy Minister of Construction
Railways Contracts:
It was 0
It was 7.9 billion rubles.
LLC "Spetstransstroy" Relyana in 2016 was the contractor "RZDstroy" for the reconstruction of the road Kotelnikovo - Tikhoretskaya - Korenovsk - Timashevskaya - Crimean

New names

This year, belonging to the son of Arkady Rotenberg Igor Ltd. "Global Automation Systems" ( "Glosav") was the first to win the tender Railways - to 691 million rubles. This will allow him to at least double the revenue in 2015 amounted to 630 million rubles. By 2015 company worked mainly on the orders of the companies controlled by Arkady Rotenberg, - "Stroygazmontazh", "Mostotrest", "Gazprom drilling" - as well as perform a small state orders the Ministry of Transport, "RusHydro" and TD also "Glosav" He was one of the suppliers of on-board units for toll collection system with the truck "Plato", where the operator "RT-Invest transport systems" and 50% owned by Rothenberg, Jun. Cyril Shamalov became co-owner of one of the group of companies that participated in the creation of e-government, and also received contracts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other government agencies.

"Participation in the competitions has not changed for us [because of the change of the top management of Russian Railways]", - said the representative of "Glosava" Gurgen Tatoyan. According to him, the company began to work with the Railways in the first half of 2015. "Glosav" intend to develop cooperation with Russian Railways. "We plan to take part in various IT- and telecommunication projects as suppliers of software and hardware developers on a competitive basis", - says Tatoyan.

JSC "Stroyputinvest" - the main construction company "Dormashinvest" holding company owned by a former presidential aide partners, former Minister of Transport Igor Levitin and Vitaly Alexey Zolotarev Bril, received the first six years of a large order for railway construction in 2016. She will perform work on the eastern range of 6.3 billion rubles. The contract with it shared MC "Transugstroy" Yakunin won at a competition for the construction of the highway for 61.9 billion rubles. "Transugstroy" owned by businessman Alexander Shevelev and Anatoly Antipov, a former long-time director general partners' RZDstroy "Oleg Tony. "Transugstroy" decided to assign rights to perform part of the work due to the high load capacity of its own, he explained to "Vedomosti" representative of Russian Railways. In addition, Zolotarev took up more and railway scrap. In September 2016 he purchased created just over a year ago, LLC "Transresurs", which has a contract for the supply of used parts and components of freight wagons structures Railways 8.33 billion rubles.

In February 2016 the Deputy Minister of Construction and former Deputy Minister of Regional Development Yuri Relyan unexpectedly filed a letter of resignation. But by the fall, he became one of the largest building contractors Railways. In June, a former official with the partner acquired OOO "Spetstransstroy" that "RZDstroy" in 2016 chose the sole supplier of services for the reconstruction of Kotelnikovo site - Tikhoretskaya - Korenovsk - Timashevskaya - Crimea. contracts amounted to almost 8 billion rubles. The company's revenue in 2014 was only 100 million rubles, in 2015 -. 300 million rubles.

Railways selects contractors through competitive procedures and determining factor "is their competence, but not belonging to the different surnames," stressed the representative of the Russian Railways. At the same time, he noted, Russian Railways "in no way limits the" strengthening of the position of any company, in good faith performing contractual obligations "Furthermore, long-term partnerships with companies are welcome." But the benefits when placing new orders, such companies do not have, he says.

The Russian Railways approved the exclusion of conflict of interest. If this fact is revealed, the company's employees involved in the conflict, can be excluded from the procurement, said the representative of state-owned companies.

According to the company press-service procurement Railways for the first nine months of 2016 amounted to 975.4 billion rubles., It is placed on a competitive basis to 62.5%. Compared with the same period last year, the share of non-competitive procurement decreased from 41.0 to 37.5%, said the representative of the Russian Railways. Savings amounted to 8 billion rubles.