How Yandex.Taxi and GetTaxi fight for passengers

Top managers of the companies have entered into a public argument, discussing who has lower prices.
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The new pricing policy GetTaxi, of which the company's founder Shahar Weisser said in an interview with Forbes, has caused a public argument with a competitor - "Yandeks.Taksi".

Public Relations Director of the company "Yandex" Ochir Mandzhikov posted on his Facebook page a table that compares the prices of services "Yandeks.Taksi" and GetTaxi. According to these calculations, the service economy "Yandeks.Taksi" cheaper for passengers on long journeys. "People resent GetTaxi" - he tried to hurt a competitor Mandzhikov.

Weisser said in his comments to the post, "... our colleagues from" Yandeks.Taksi "perenervnichal because [our] new tariff". He accused the "Yandex" in manipulating figures - According to Weiser, in "Yandex" compared to the cost of the cheapest travel, economy class "Yandeks.Taksi" travel comfort class Gettaxi. Weisser offered passengers a competitor's coupons on their value of 1000 rubles trip.

Price war web-traffic control is greater polugoda.1 May "Yandex" has lowered the price of its most sought after is theReef - "Economy" (about 65% of trips) - up to 199 rubles for 10 minutes during the day (14 RUB / min for the extra time..). In GetTaxi in class "comfort" (its initial price range) cost of the first 20 minutes was 299 rubles, and for each subsequent minute was worth 15 rubles. In his blog, "Yandex" has commented that the purpose of the action - to make attractive for short trips passenger: "Drive a few blocks ... in the rain to the subway or drop off food from the supermarket."

In September, the Uber American, who worked in Russia only in the premium segment (Mercedes S-Class, Lexus LS Hybrid black), announced that it starts in the center of Moscow mass mailing uberX at a price of 50 rubles per landing, 8 rubles. / Min. and 8 rubles. / km trip. December 3 Wheely and the company, working in the business segment, has announced change of tariffs. Now the minimum price of the trip has been reduced to 399 rubles for the Mercedes E-Class and up to 699 rubles for Mercedes S. abolished the difference in tariffs on weekdays and at weekends, as well as surcharges for travel outside Moscow.

New tariffs GetTaxi make more profitable short trips and long, expensive (price comparison - in the table, the price calculated for trips uberX WedDays taxi speed on weekdays 26 km / h). Short trips for which the reduced tariff "Yandeks.Taksi" GetTaxi stood at less than even the rate of "economy" competitor.