Hryvnia has passed the disintegration process

A criminal case on the destruction of the Ukrainian currency was initiated in the Crimea.

As the "Kommersant", the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Crimea has opened a criminal investigation into the destruction of millions of hryvnia in the local department of the National Bank of Ukraine. By order of the money from Kiev, the export of which was prohibited by a decision of the Economic Court of the Republic, were sent to the paper shredder. The fate of the rescued by police and militia bills, as well as bars and coins that could be taken, with a total cost of 11 billion rubles. Now the court has to decide, since some of them claim the Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

According to "Kommersant", Department of Investigation Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Crimea has opened a criminal case on the fact of N2014007031 offense under Part. 2 tbsp. 167 of the Criminal Code (intentional destruction or damage of property), which is based on test results carried out by the operational services of the local police. Because of the perfect crime came serious consequences, its organizers and executors could face up to five years in prison.

During the investigation it was found that in May this year after the termination of the National Bank of Ukraine obsluzhCrimean Commissariat of banks' operations, in particular the Black Sea Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CHBRR), which was under the control of the republic's authorities and the subsequent revocation of his license CHBRR appealed the Ukrainian regulator action in the Commercial Court of the Crimea. On the basis of the claim, in which, according to sources, "b", CHBRR claimed 5.5 million hryvnia, hung on its correspondent account in the National Bank of Ukraine, the Economic Court ruled to ban the export of money and valuables from the Crimean management of the National Bank of Ukraine and wrote the plaintiffs corresponding executive sheet. However, when representatives of the bank, the police and a group of support from the local militia arrived at the building of the National Bank in Simferopol, there are already destroyed arrested money. Note that the Crimean management of the National Bank is still officially exists and has its own staff, but real activity does not lead.

According to a verbal order from Kiev, using a shredder, the National Bank management staff from 5 to 7 May was crushed as then estimated in the investigative agencies, 48 ​​million hryvnia, which was equivalent at the exchange rate at the time RUR 145.6 million. Banknotes destroyed a decrepit. Fwdochem sources "b" then pointed out that they "were dilapidated" (see. "b" of 12 May). To eliminate the theft during the liquidation, the process followed from Kiev to live video mode.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Crimea, as a result of police intervention was suppressed the destruction of another 3.7 billion hryvnia, or 11.1 billion rubles., As well as the alleged export of the Republic of coins and gold bars on the 600 million hryvnia, or 1.8 billion rubles. , stored in the management of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Crimea "Kommersant" confirmed the investigation in connection with the destruction of money in the management of the National Bank, but from the detailed comments abstained, noting that, "according to the current legislation, the information in a criminal case can be made available exclusively to participants of criminal proceedings in the manner prescribed by law."

Representatives of the Crimean authorities, in turn, did not rule out that the persons involved in the criminal case could be the National Bank of the former management executives. "Right in the Crimean office of the National Bank vault was Schroeder and bank employees from the administrative board cut the money." - Markl "b" Assistant to the First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Volodymyr Sheremet Mikhail Garnachuk.

The National Bank of Ukraine at the request "b" is not answered. Previously, the regulator pointed to the illegality of the decision as the Economic Court of the Crimea, May 8 has drawn the writ of execution in the case NA83-120 / 2014 and local authorities to use "armed men" to seize control of the building of the National Bank in the Crimea and the blocking of its assets. "Blocking the work of the Crimean division of the National Bank has made it impossible to implement social assistance payments to Ukrainian citizens, including financial assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War", - stated in a statement the regulator.

Decide the fate of the prisoners of money and valuables Economic Court of the Crimea should be at the end of this month. A source close to the leadership of the republic, said, "Kommersant" that the arrested agents can go not only to the calculations with CHBRR (at the bank declined to comment), they can be "nationalized" and "given the fund depositor protection", which has already paid 11 billion rubles. for the debts of the Ukrainian banks. Earlier, in May this year, the interim head of the Cryma Sergei Aksyonov also said that the money the National Bank, according to him, are going to spend on compensation for the loss of the Crimean population in the Ukrainian banks.

However, now the sources of "Kommersant" people familiar with the situation, indicate that this idea was initially untenable. "Money of the National Bank of Ukraine in the Crimea - is hryvnia, and all payments are made in rubles, to convert them into hryvnia, in principle, it is simply impossible in the Crimea", - says "Kommersant" source. In addition, according to another source, the withdrawal of these funds is in principle impossible, since the decision of Economic Court it comes to their blocking instead of confiscation.