Ignominious end of Voyenno-promyshlenny Bank

What the chairman of the board of directors Yuri Koltok brought his bank to.   
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CBR yet introduced a temporary administration in the Military-Industrial Bank (BIG), belongs to the top one hundred Russian banks. And assign this role to the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). The state corporation will carry out control functions in the next six months. During this time, the powers of the shareholders and the traditional authorities shall be suspended. The further fate of the Military-Industrial Bank in principle predetermined number of cases from the practice of the Central Bank and the DIA. These principles apply in relation to banks from first hundred largest Russian credit institutions.

According to RIA Rating, Military and Industrial Bank occupies the 89th place in the banking system of the country, its assets amounted to 64.2 billion rubles. According to the latest reports, the Russians kept it for more than 30 billion rubles. Establishing control over the BIG somewhat delayed. The first signal for the audience was the bank's decision to stop 3 and 4 September in customer service offices, which explains the software update.

Initially, this news did not pay much attention, but on September 7, it became clear: issuance of deposits stopped. And the next day, the lawyers of the Military-Industrial Bank filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit against the Main Department of the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District. BIG demanded to recognize the illegal decisions and actions (inaction) of the Bank of Russia.

drain Mechanics

No matter what the "action-inaction" has made the Central Bank, the bank customers did not sleep. Since the beginning of 2016 the funds of enterprises and organizations in the settlement accounts declined by 30.4%. At the same time, individuals' funds decreased by only 3.7%. As a result of lower client assets of the monetary base decreased by TBF 6.3%, amounting to 1 May 2016 73.1 billion rubles.

What does this statistic? First of all, that the major customers of the Military-Industrial Bank understood perfectly what would follow, and really were active. Moreover, the bank "somehow" in February 2016 already disconnected from BESP - bank payments system, administered by the Central Bank. However, then it was included. It turned out like the light blinked, warning the audience - to the output.

But most of the individuals did not react to the warning. Especially the leadership of the Military-Industrial Bank gave a confident interview in the central media, talking about the fabulous perspectives. The Bank actively promoted its retail program and invested in the development of the network of offices, ATMs and various affiliate programs. The overall decrease in deposits of natural persons, however, says that not all of them are equal. And those who were obviously more equal, too hurried to pick up their money. At the same time BIG rapidly put out their own bills (bill portfolio declined by 60.3%), which in practice means a refund insiders - people who, shall we say, are related to the business of the credit institution. Liquidity deficit was covered by the old-fashioned way - by bringing in short-term loans in the interbank market and from the Central Bank. Now his representatives will look for traces of their own loans.

Even more interesting is the picture of the movement of assets of the Military-Industrial Bank. With the reduction of the volume of retail loan portfolio (they decreased by 60.3%) and investments in highly liquid assets occurred extensions of the corporate loan portfolio, which increased by + 11.5%. What does this mean? As a rule, this practice suggests withdrawal of funds, which are issued to "tech companies" and then disappear in offshore jurisdictions or the Baltic banks. Most likely this is what we will soon learn from the information sinks.

History TBF. Part one

Every Russian bank has its own story. The military-industrial bank a lot of them. And all they need is their chroniclers. Let's try to only briefly identify the main storylines of the future of the novel. Or a series of novels. In keeping with its name, the TBF was established for the purpose of service enterprises of the military-industrial complex. And its founders were the real "beacons" military-industrial complex, working in the field of air and missile defense - NGOs "Antaeus" MAK "Vympel" EDN "Sovintel", JSC "Tverdosplav". It happened exactly one event exactly 22 years ago - in September 1994. Godfather of the project is considered Velichugin Ivan, who at the time of registration of the institution was acting KGB colonel.

As he later recalled Ivan Velichugin, creating a single bank for the defense was the project officer of the Security Council at the time of Michael Maley, who was in charge of scientific and technical cooperation. It was assumed that the bank will be created to serve as many as 52 leading enterprises of the military-industrial complex. The purpose of such financial trust neither more nor less - to save the crumbling defense industry. Why is the role of treasurer was entrusted to Colonel of the KGB, in general, is understandable. Ivan himself Velichugin pressed forward it to the professionalism of his team, which included the cryptographer and part-colonel of the GRU Yuri Nikolsky and banker Boris Stelmak. Today, all of these people history and nothing in the bank do not have. As well as not relevant thereto MIC enterprises. Though of course, the bank's management likes to emphasize continuity.

And talk about how the current (ie, has dismissed the decision of the Central Bank) Chairman of the Board BIG Yuri Koltok - graduate aerodynamics and aviation technology MIPT, in 90 years, "whined and whined," and studied the dynamics of the approach of the aircraft to land on an aircraft carrier. And then Yuri Koltok led the Military-Industrial Bank. By this time, however, there has appeared a much more serious, you might say, authoritative shareholders.