Igor Chaika shared the trash with Rostec

The subsidiary of the state corporation became a co-owner of the National Ecological Corporation. Previously, the company was controlled by Igor Chaika, Alexander Ponomarev and the brother of the ex-President of Moldova.
Origin source
Subsidiary structure of the state corporation "Rostec" - JSC "Corporation" Roskhimzashchita "- acquired 33.4% in LLC" National Ecological Corporation "(LLC" NEK "), follows from the data of SPARK.

Prior to that, NEK LLC was fully owned by Industrial Ecological Operator LLC. The co-owners of this company are the son of the former Prosecutor General of Russia, the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal District, Yuri Chaika, Igor (40%) and the younger brother of the former President of Moldova, Alexander Dodon (10%). The remaining 50% belong to Igor Chaika's business partner Alexander Ponomarev. The main activity of the company is “collection of non-hazardous waste”.

PEO is not the first joint project of Chaika, Dodon and Ponomarev. Earlier, Chaika and Ponomarev created a construction company OOO Archplay Development, in which Dodon also entered the capital with a minority stake.

RBC sent a request to a representative of Rostec and a representative of Chaika.

Igor Chaika's main business is related to garbage - he owns one of the largest garbage recycling operators, Charter. This operator provides services for the removal of solid municipal waste in the North-Eastern and Eastern administrative districts of Moscow and the Noginsk zone of the Moscow region, as well as in the Yaroslavl region, Tula and a number of districts of the Tula and Vladimir regions. The total number of residents served by Charter LLC is more than 6.8 million people.

In addition, Igor Chaika oversees the work of the Russian-Moldovan Economic Council and is the business ambassador of the Delovaya Rossiya Association in Moldova and Transnistria.