Igor Mavlyanov hid the money in the US real estate

The owner of Yashma-Zoloto, Igor Mavlyanov, profits from business deduced in the US, and owes 15 billion rubles in loans from VTB, Sberbank and other Russian banks. Now they want to take away Mavlyanov's real estate in the US.
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Hearing the phrase "perfect storm" Many probably remember a film in which George Clooney and his friends on a fishing trawler was in an unprecedented storm. As we know, not one has come up. For the co-owner of the retail chain "Jasper Gold" "perfect storm" is the unpleasant combination of circumstances in 2014-15. As a result of which his company could not repay the loan, including to VTB Bank, which up to this point owed a little less than 3 billion rub.

Unlike the Hollywood blockbuster, while as many "comrades" really "went to the bottom" of Igor Mavlyanova almost unharmed washed up on the American coast, where his family, as already reported by the media, the elite real estate owned. It is true there and found him a suit of VTB, in which the bank demanded that justice be arrested overseas all local assets of the debtor who has given a personal guarantee for the debts of "Jasper". As it became known, as early as the end of June this year Igor himself Mavlyanov and his eldest son Ilio, presented in New York court a detailed explanation and justification in the fact that assets are not taken out. However, tofor it turns out, "sometimes they (assets) are returned."

According to the testimony of Igor Mavlyanova, during the "golden age of Jasper" it was decided to try to force the US real estate market. For example, a house in the neighborhood of Queens in New York City was purchased by them with Stella and his wife in 1996 to live together, and exactly 10 years later, they have chosen, and land for future construction in Beverly Hills, the most famous and prestigious suburb of Los Angeles. A year later, in another area of ​​the city it was acquired by the spouses of the second plot of land, but they decided not to stop and in the same 2007 has expanded its collection of immovable condominium in Manhattan. After a divorce in 2013, the couple allegedly decided to sell the jointly acquired foreign assets, so as not to tire of a common past.

Judging by the purchase price, all facilities, no further transactions that are currently frozen by VTB lawsuit worth more than seven and a half million US dollars. Curiously, Mavlyanov claims that during the heyday of his jewelry business (production and salejewelry at retail, "Jasper Gold"), he is only just received dividends in the fourth quarter of 2006 - a gain, he says, was to development. All the rest of the time, it turns out, he apparently lived on "one salary." Hence, the question: where did Mavlyanova family were the funds and how they ended up in the United States? But this question, rather, to the Russian tax authorities, the bankers still just want to return the.

Loans received from VTB in 2013, a total of about 2 billion. Rubles were provided with guarantees six Russian legal entities and two individuals (most
Mavlyanova and his long-term partner Robert Martirosyan). However, with an experienced businessman claims that the fact of perceived personal guarantee as a mere "formality", arguing that the bank allegedly at that time did not request his details of personal assets. A surprising levity for any leader who understands what the consequences bear the right to sign.

Otkreschivayas from VTB accusations of deliberate withdrawal of assets, Igor Mavlyanov emphasizes that rasprodashaft in 2013-14. their American possessions at market prices, as a result of having gained for them by "hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars." For example, two plots of land in California allegedly were sold in 2013 to unrelated parties, it follows from the testimony, and thus the transaction - not fictitious and output were not assets. A fun fact: before the sale is already ex-wife gave Mavlyanova title and ownership of both sites, and then they bought a "business partner" of Russia. Amazing situation, especially against other major Russian businessmen divorces: While, like other former wives to pursue agendas in the hands of ex-husbands, scratching out one last Swiss chalets and villas on the Cote d'Azur,
Stella Mavlyanova hast my full confidence. And it is - just a few months after divorce! Everything's great, when and after the divorce the spouses keep a good relationship.

As a result, two California sites were sold for 931,827 and 2,439,644 US dollars. If we remember that the profits from the core business Igor Mavlyanov all these years did not receive, it remains only impreschatlitsya dividends "Jasper" in the fourth quarter of 2006 all would work like this! But it's the lyrics. Everything was sold to be honest, convincing
Mavlyanov, and, moreover, two years before the creditors of VTB tried to seize his property. However, there is one caveat: as described below, after some time both sites were again in Mavlyanova property. However, not Igor and his older sons Ilio, who purchased it from Russian "business partner" of his father. Apparently, he quickly had to give up on the prospects of the California real estate market ...

The youngest son, too, went to not "Puss in Boots": the Canaanites Mavlyanova parents presented the above-mentioned house in Queens County, to build their independent adult life on a solid foundation. At the same time he also went, and two "token" operator cab together now Ilio Trans, which they belong. We are talking about licenses for taxi transport: as we know, many of the immigrants in the first to the second generation is no stranger to "bomb" in the harsh New York streets. And yet it is also "almost hand two years "to problems with debt servicing to VTB. It is worth noting that the business owner usually finds out that his company is on the verge of default does not in fact, but at least for some time before this sad event. Against this background, two years just seem reasonable time to prepare thoroughly, especially knowing that it was entrusted to the obligations of the company's personal property ...

In 2014, the turn and a condominium in New York: it was sold 4 150 million dollars, supposedly - a married couple, which Mavlyanova did not know.. However, immediately after the sale, Igor Mavlyanov rented an apartment for 7,000 dollars a month, as he explains - for the sons, so they could live comfortably in the city. Condo rented until now. And really - why young people constantly wander between Queens and Manhattan, even when there own taxi! In general, having a reliable rear, the sons also decided to plunge into the world of business.

As the affidavits Ilio Mavlyanova, received a master's degree in an American college, he decided in 2013 Try NowVat force in the property market and founded "his" company Jasper Venture Group LLC. True to remain in the shadow of his parents, he is not exactly afraid and decided to work under the family brand - jasper in English is just jasper, and the whole name could be translated as "venture capital investments in Jasper" (hello to tax!).

In the Property firm does not have, and it is administered by someone else, which is, however, almost as one: in particular, those same areas in California that Mavlyanov Sr. previously sold "outside investor". A curious fact: the formal areas belong to two other companies Mavlyanova Jr., one of which is ... Jasper California LLC. That is, the same "Jasper," only in profile.

Unlike his father, in his testimony Ilio Mavlyanov complains not on abstract "perfect storm", but in very specific "annexation of Crimea" and "intervention of Russian armed forces in Ukraine." In general, as very real American, though in the first generation. It is these events and the subsequent collapse of the ruble, he said, and led the Russian "Jasper & rdquo; the state of insolvency. Now part of the operating companies of the "Jasper" - bankrupt, others with difficulty repulsed from creditors. For example, JSC "TPK" Jasper ", the basic structure of Russian industrial holding company, with more nekolko controlled by Igor Mavlyanova companies owed only to Sberbank of Russia in excess of 3.8 billion rubles. And this is without taking into account the debt to VTB, FK "Opening", Promsvyazbank and other "small" creditors. If we consider all together, the amount of debt comes to almost 15 billion rubles, it is not surprising that the owners of companies are trying to play back the arrest of the American real estate - it is more useful to them, for some "bills" to pay off in the end will likely have.

In the meantime, VTB is looking for "tops" Mavlyanova assets in the United States, the Savings Bank is trying to dig out the "roots" in the town of Bobrov, Voronezh region. It was there, ceasing to be a resident of the Russian capital, suddenly "put down roots" Igor Mavlyanov and second co-owner of "Jasper" Robert Martirosyan. After reading the opinions of "Kommersant" newspaper, it can be assumedThat sense of the unexpected change of residence - to confuse the facts of the case of personal bankruptcy business, which also initiated the Savings Bank, making it a controlled, that is, having spent his hands as if "foreign" legal persons.

Explanations about the difficult situation in which there was the domestic jewelry industry could be taken as a good argument if you do not know what other companies Igor Mavlyanova, not associated with the production and sale of jewelery, are also in poor condition. For example, under construction in the suburbs residential complex "Novo-Nikolskoye", to the indignation of real estate investors who made money for an apartment, suddenly became "nestroyaschimsya". Work on the site is currently halted, and have (not) developers are also problems with the Savings Bank. And although the company Mavlyanova Ltd. "Agrostroy" claim that the new installment required for the resumption of construction, is about to arrive, like real estate investors have heard more than once. In fact the company is in a corporate conflict: in the early summer loyal Mavlyanova General Directorsand without his consent was replaced by the candidate of the second co-owner of "Agrostroya", Babek Hasanov.

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Incidentally, the number of holders of Igor Mavlyanova openly charged that part of the funds, without saving them for apartments in new residential complex, in fact, went to "patching holes" in finance "Jasper". US courts have known that in the course of proceedings, take into account not only the different interpretation of the events by the plaintiff and the defendant, but also the overall business reputation, approaches to business. So if VTB lawyers do not "eat their bread for nothing", then in the near future we can expect receipt of a court in New York of a new "backgrounds", sheds light on the curious history of jewelry and other businesses Mavlyanova family. After all, if the ship even hit the "perfect storm" in the first place to the steering issues arise.