Igor Mavlyanov will not be able to hide in Israel

Sberbank is allowed to pursue the co-owner of Yashma Gold at the place of its new citizenship.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, perhaps for the first time in the history of Israel, the Supreme Court of this state allowed to consider the case of the bankruptcy of its own citizen, according to the statement of the banking structure of another country. We are talking about Yitzhak Mavlon, also known as Igor Mavlyanov, who also has Russian citizenship, the former co-owner of the jewelry network Yashma Gold, who was put on the international wanted list of the Russian Interior Ministry. He turned out to owe unpaid loans to Russian banks of about 23 billion rubles. Sberbank has made consideration of their claims to the borrower in Israel.

According to Kommersant’s sources, the Israeli Supreme Court recently considered an appeal by Sberbank representatives against the earlier refusal of Igor Mavlyanov to be declared bankrupt by a lower court. Allegedly, this decision was then made due to the fact that back in 2016, the co-owner of Yashma Gold received Israeli citizenship, replacing his first and last name with Yitzhak Mavlon.

“By its decision, the Supreme Court of Israel established that Igor Mavlyanov had committed actions to declare it bankrupt - hiding property from creditors, evasion from paying off debt, etc.,” the source told Kommersant. According to him, the case is sent for a new consideration in the District Court of Lod, and at new sessions it only needs to “make sure that the debt and its amount are in front of Sberbank, which will be enough to declare Mavlyanov bankrupt in Israel”. He emphasized that the Israeli authorities “are distinguished by their conservatism regarding the actions of foreign companies with regard to their citizens”, and therefore the new solution opens up new and very “interesting” opportunities for collecting Mr. Mavlyanov’s debts.

The source of "Kommersant" in the okolobankovskih circles emphasized that the Israeli armed forces actually issued "a prejudicial judicial act that will not allow unscrupulous borrowers to evade the repayment of debt by changing citizenship."

It should be noted that at one time the Voronezh Arbitration Court had already declared Igor Mavlyanov bankrupt. According to preliminary data, the total amount of claims for loans that were not returned to them is more than 23 billion rubles. One of its largest creditors is Sberbank, to which Mr. Mavlyanov owed about 9 billion rubles. We are talking about loans that co-owner of the network "Yashma Gold" received back in 2013-2015. Moreover, according to some sources, initially it was all about 15 billion rubles. and only then fell by 6 billion. Maxim Degtyarev, vice-president of Sberbank and director of the department for work with problem assets, confirmed to “Kommersant” the information on the conclusion of the Israeli armed forces in the case of Mr. Mavlyanov. "We welcome the decision of the Supreme Court of Israel," said a top manager of Sberbank, explaining that it "is an example of the principle of extraterritoriality, when there are no borders for making a fair court decision." Mr. Degtyarev also noted that such an approach to solving such problems “has a positive effect on the business climate.”

Initially, Igor Mavlyanov was accused by the Main Investigation Department (GSU) of the Investigation Committee of Russia (TFR) for Moscow in tax evasion (Section “b” part 2 of Art. 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). According to the investigation, a group of intruders, in which he entered, owed the budget more than 7 billion rubles. Then, a story connected with the construction companies Ramstroy and Agrostroy appeared in the case. Their founders were all that Mr. Mavlyanov and his business partners. Then it was about unfinished residential complexes and a number of social facilities in the metropolitan area.

As a result, against Mr. Mavlyanov and unidentified persons, the very same SSU of the TFR also filed a case of fraud on a large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Without waiting for when he was charged, the businessman moved to Israel, where he received a new name and surname. Contact with Mr. Mavlyanovym "b" promptly failed.

Sources of "Kommersant" in the okolobankovskie circles and law enforcement agencies say that the decision of the Supreme Court of Israel can have far-reaching consequences. In particular, according to them, the possibility of searching and imposing arrest on property, accounts and other assets of Mr. Mavlyanov, who allegedly continues to live on a grand scale, however, arranging all that is possible on his relatives and friends, is not excluded.

We also note that even more than a year ago, the New York court ruled to recover more than 2.2 billion rubles from Igor Mavlyanov. in favor of another lender - VTB. Thus, as “Kommersant” told, the American Themis not only recognized the relevant decisions of the Meshchansky District and Moscow City Courts, but also indicated to the respondent that his references to political tensions between the United States and Russia are absolutely inappropriate.

In Russia, Yashma Gold stores have long been closed. Most of the vacated space, in particular in Moscow, was occupied by the stores "Red Gold".