Igor Sechin found a way to bypass the government ban

Rosneft will buy Bashneft using a sly scheme.
According to preliminary information, "Rosneft" and other state-owned companies to participate in the planned for this year privatization of "Bashneft" is not allowed. The decision was taken after the report Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev Dmitry Medvedev.

It was a response to the passage of the Press Secretary of "Rosneft" Mikhail Leontiev, who said that "Rosneft" can not be legally considered as a public company. He also referred to the words of the First Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who offered to allow the participation of "Rosneft", if the company will offer a high price.

Note that against the purchase of "Rosneft", "Bashneft" act but Ulyukayev, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

Earlier, the experts were told that "Rosneft", apparently found "loophole" for participation in the tender for privatization of "Bashneft" package. an informal agreement has been reached in the government that the state-owned companies for privatization will not be admitted. However, in the Kremlin led by Igor Sechin, "Rosneft" refused countings state-owned company.

Prior to this, there is evidence, according to which Vladimir Putin has decided to ban the "Rosneft" to claim the purchase of state-owned capital in the company "Bashneft". This prohibition lobbied a number of senior government officials.

Federal Property Management Agency owns 50% plus one share of "Bashneft", Bashkortostan - 25% plus one share. Ministry of Economic Development in April, has selected as the organizer of the privatization of "Bashneft" CJSC "VTB Capital." According to media reports, the privatization scheme, "Bashneft" was supposed to be ready by August 2016.

But it seems that Bashneft will get yet Sechin, not directly, but through the NOC. The situation Igor Ivanovich positions can cost. But a top manager does not recede.

Why not "Rosneft"?

We emphasize Sechin suspect that it was thanks to his efforts, "Bashneft" was taken from the former owner Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

Recall, AFK "Sistema" Evtushenkova in 2005 began buying the Bashkir fuel and energy complex, "Bashneft", "Ufaneftekhim", "Novoil", "Ufargsintez "and several other companies. Then Evtushenkova structure acquired a blocking stake in these companies for $ 600 million from LLC "Bashkir capital", presumably controlled by Ural Rakhimov. Already in April 2009, AFK "System" became the owner of 76.52% "Bashneft" shares, 65.78% "Ufaneftekhim" 87.23% "Novoil" 73.02% "Ufaorgsintez".

It then proposed to Edward Hudaynatov Felix Evtushenko combine "Bashneft" to the NOC, but was refused. On the part of the son of the "System" AFK owner's refusal looked quite logical, since Hudaynatov could deprive Evtushenkova control "Bashneft".

April 28, 2014 the Central Investigation Office (GUS) TFR filed against Ural Rakhimov criminal case under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement), as well as Art. 174 of the Criminal Code (the legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by criminal means). In the present case the Ural Rakhimov, the head of "Bashneft" in 2006-2009, takes the prime suspect.

The "Bashneft" began to appear the problem of a judicial nature. At the beginning andJulia became aware of the lawsuit minority shareholder "Bashneft" with respect to the license for the largest asset NC - Trebs and Titov oil fields. In mid-July, shares "Bashneft" were arrested as part of the sale of business assets BashTEK.

For August 1, 2014 it became known that the president of "Bashneft" Alexander Corsica addressed the Prosecutor General with a request to protect the "Bashneft" structure of raider attacks! The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander Shokhin drew an analogy with the case of "Yukos".

Note also that Sechin's former top managers of the defeated "YUKOS" oil company is accused of that he had in June 2003, produced an ideological justification for the Yukos affair - in the paradigm of the alleged seizure of state power group Khodorkovsky. In December 2014, AFK "System" has transferred all its shares in PJSC «Bashneft" state. In other words, there was a seizure of assets, which interested Sechin and Hudaynatov.

"Right hand"

Recall that in April 2015 appearss information according to which the NOC from the Ministry of Energy will receive 78.1 billion rubles. from the National Welfare Fund (NWF). In early February, the NOC appealed to the holders of Eurobonds owned by her oil company Alliance Oil with a request to increase the maturity of securities - from March 2015 to March 2019. Total debt NOC unknown, Alliance Oil in it was $ 1.6 billion. Among the holders of bonds of NOC, which must be repaid in March, there are American, European and Russian investors, but it will be difficult to negotiate with them to Eduard Yurevich.

From the biography Khudainatov known that the position of Vice-President of "Rosneft" He came back in 2008. Already in 2010, Hudaynatov became a shareholder of "Rosneft" - almost immediately after the appointment of the president. His predecessor, Sergei Bogdanchikov, September 24th has sold its entire stake (0.0012%). A Hudaynatov the same day bought 0.0028% (transaction amount of two million dollars). Taking into account the recent acquisition of its stake in "Rosneft" is now amounts to 0.0483%, and the cost is approximately $ 40 million.

The fact that Edward Hudaynatov - not just"Rosneft" top manager. He and his family in the oil business since the early 90-ies. Hudaynatov in 1993 was vice-president "Evikhon" Oil Company in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, a governmental decree in 1992 (mastered Upper Salym, West Salym and Vadelyp).

Wife Khudainatov Marina was the co-owner of the company "Salymneftservis", which were filling stations in the Tyumen region. Brother Khudainatov - Jean Hudoynatov (as the name specified in the registry) headed the oil company "Severneft" (JSC "NK" Severneft "), which holds the license for exploration and production of hydrocarbons within the West Yarohinskogo license block in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Khudainatov clan is trying to attract to Reverta responsibility (until 2012 - Parex banka). The Bank of Latvia has given them a loan of 75 million dollars, which Jean Hudoynatov as CEO "Severneft" got under the project of the future gas processing plant in Novy Urengoy. Guarantor for the loan was "Severnbe ", and brother, Eduard Khudainatov made software - the license to develop the West Yaroyahinskogo area with recoverable oil reserves of 25 million tons, and gas - 17 billion cubic meters. m, as well as the commercial production of 1 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year.

In 2011, the authoritative state oil family decided that their debts can not give. "Severneft" self-destructed, reissuing a license to the company "Severneft Urengoy", and then sold it to the owner of "EuroChem" Andrei Melnichenko.

Moreover, in parallel on the Ministry of Internal Affairs is investigating the activities YaNAO Jean Hudoynatova managers Michael and Sergey Avsyannikova Skuridina, suspecting them of fraud on a large scale and attempted premeditated bankruptcy.

"For myself, for myself ..."

Note that "Rosneft" at the end of 2015 has published data showing that 13 top managers, including Igor Sechin, earned in the crisis in 2014 2.8 billion rubles! Mr. Sechin of this amount "earned" a billion rubles! Against the background of the crisis, payments from the budget oil companand one person such sum looks like a slap in the face to the public.

Earlier, in August of 2013, "Rosneft" to pay shareholders more than 85 billion rubles - 25% percent of the net profit (Sechin owned at the time of 0.0075% of the shares - for $ 5 million). By August 29, 2013 Sechin increased its equity stake in the company to 0.0849% by acquiring shares by almost 2 billion rubles, including, at the expense of bank loans. Explaining the increase in its stake, Sechin said that the shares of "Rosneft" undervalued and investing in the development of his company believes the positive trend for management.

In early 2014 Igor Ivanovich said about another mass purchase of shares state-owned company's top managers. Assets bought 16 top managers, their total share increased from 0.13324 to 0.185042%. The largest package purchased, of course, Igor Sechin. Its share has changed from 0.0849% to 0.1273%, and then on the Moscow stock exchange was worth more than 3.1 billion rubles.

On loans of state banks and the huge dividends of top managers President of "Rosneft" together a multibillion-dollar state itself (onlyone energy company's assets are estimated at 3 billion rubles). Over a billion Igor Ivanovich could buy himself more shares and dividends to live on.

By the way, from the beginning of its foundation every year the level of "Rosneft" dividends grew by 50%, while in 2011 did not reach one-third of the net profit. In 1999, the oil giant's dividend amounted to 3.4%, according to the results of 2011 and 2012 - 33% and 25% respectively (after 2012 Dividends become available on the official website).

The state company report stated that "the average total income of a member of the Board of OJSC" NK "Rosneft" in line with international standards in the industry and performance indicators. " Moreover, the company has assured that the top managers of "Rosneft" and their families "do not participate in the work of any contractors and service organizations that provide services of the company, and are not blagopriobretatelyami related activities."

Note that the earnings of top managers of the largest mining BP Plc oil company in Europe, on average, several times less!

Where Sechin spending money other than buying shares « Rosneft "? For example, he buys one of the most expensive yachts in the world - St. Princess Olga worth at least $ 100 million. Not for anyone, but for his young wife.

In July 2016, there is evidence that Igor Ivanovich since autumn 2014 is building a new house for belonging to him a plot of 3 hectares in the vicinity of "Barvikha" sanatorium on Rublevskoye highway. The market value of the site is estimated by experts at about $ 60 million.

Here it is worth recalling that, according to the materials of social and economic monitoring of the Higher School of Economics (HSE), 41% of Russians do not have money for food and clothing.

This year Sechin has already suffered one defeat with the government. Top manager sent a letter to Dmitry Medvedev, which insisted that "the interests of monitoring should be combined with observance of a trade secret." In other words, Igor wanted to purchase closed, which would significantly increase the level of corruption. But the government refused.

It seems now Sechin is trying to get hold of "Rosneft" and its failure is simply not settlingm. In the lobby say that Sechin stood on a thin path of conflict with the state, that could end badly for his career.