Igor Sechin's salary is half a million rubles per day

The annual remuneration of the president of Rosneft can exceed 470 million rubles.
"I do not think of money. I, frankly, even his own salary do not know "- so at the end of 2014, President Vladimir Putin answered journalists' questions about how much earns the president of" Rosneft "Igor Sechin. In 2013, Forbes estimated his annual income at $ 50 million, but a top manager successfully challenged that figure in court, and the income did not disclose. But now this amount can be calculated on the basis of public company data.

Board of "Rosneft" Directors this spring received "Standard of payments and compensation of top managers", which entered into force on 24 April. President of the salary set in the range of 15-20 million rubles., says the document. It also said that for participation on the board of the top managers pay extra 5% of the salary of the president of the company. These data "Rosneft" in the quarterly reports disclose separately: for example, in II quarter of the board received remuneration of 25.6 million rubles, in the third - 28.25 million rubles.. But correctly calculate the salary of the president of "Rosneft" according to the II quarter was difficult: after all, the standard payout has started to operate from the end of April, and one ofboard members left it early and it was not clear, he ceased to be rewarded with some of the day.

In III quarter of unknown variables there: 12 people worked on the board. Two dismissed in July, Vice-President - Rashid Sharipov and Nail Mukhitov - were members of the board until 30 September. This is an unusual case, but in the state corporations happens when sacked vice-president for some time remain on the board, explains the federal official. Both Vice President received remuneration for participation on the board until the day when the Board of Directors terminated their powers (ie. E. September 30), said a source in "Rosneft". Then it turns out that the work on the board, each member received in the III quarter of nearly 0,785,000 rubles. Given that this is a 5% salary of the President, Sechin gets 15.7 million rubles. ($ 240,000 at the exchange rate as of November 18) a month, or 188.4 million rubles. ($ 2.9 million) a year. "Rosneft" representative refused to comment on it.

Standard on payments to top managers set and other awards. For example, the interest premium to the salary put at work with the information that amountedlyayut state secret. Also, depending on the results of the top managers can get an annual bonus. For the President of its standard size is 150% of the annual remuneration (excluding premiums and compensation), a premium annual income of Igor Sechin could reach 471 million rubles. ($ 7 million). In addition, senior managers for the implementation of important projects can receive one-off bonuses, which can exceed six salaries, but in this case they must be approved by the board of directors. In the latest issue of Forbes magazine's annual income of Igor Sechin is estimated at $ 17.3 million, but the company spokesman Mikhail Leontiev did not confirm this assessment.

Available plug in the calculation of salary of top managers - a common practice for large companies, while it is logical that the first year after the adoption of the standard salary is close to the lower boundary, and then it grows, the chairman of the expert council "LyudiPeople" Victoria Petrova. Chairman of the Board of Directors Top Contact Arthur Shamilov disagree: usually a salary fixed for the entire term of the contract, but can also be indexed. President of "Rosneft" salaries expert believesmarket and adequate for the industry and company size.