Igor Shuvalov invigorate ruble injection

The Ministry of Finance will allocate an additional 25.5 billion rubles to VEB to pay off the bank’s debt. In total, in 2019-2021, VEB should receive 200 billion rubles of state aid. Bank debt is approaching 400 billion rubles.
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The Ministry of Finance proposes to allocate another 25.5 billion rubles to Vnesheconombank, follows from the amendments prepared by the agency to the budget for 2018 and the planned period of 2019-2020. These funds should go to "compensation for part of the costs of the performance of obligations under foreign borrowing," as well as to compensate for losses "resulting from the donation of assets to the treasury of the Russian Federation."

Another 3.1 billion rubles. According to the amendments, VEB should receive for the implementation of priority investment projects in the Far East.

This week, the head of VEB, Igor Shuvalov, at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, said that “the necessary consultations” were held on the accumulated external debt of the state corporation. "How to close this problem, we agreed," Shuvalov stressed. He promised to resolve the “problem of external obligations” by the end of 2018.

As of June 30, the external debt of VEB in eurobonds was 386 billion rubles.

According to the draft budget for 2019 and the planned period 2020–2021, VEB should receive a total of 200 billion rubles in the next three years. And the head of the Ministry of Finance, First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Ministry of Finance had negotiated with VEB about the additional capitalization of the state corporation through the National Welfare Fund when its volume reaches 7% of GDP (according to the draft budget, this will happen in 2019). “The figure was 300 billion rubles. additional capitalization. It could be deposits, and second-level capital, as it was in previous years, ”said Siluanov.