Igor Strelkov: "Actualy, it was me who triggered the war"

Former Minister of the Donetsk Republic thinks that modern politics is all lie and hopes to die an honest man.
All interviews Igor Strelkov chief editor of "Zavtra" Alexander Prokhanov filled with bitterness by the fact that Russia has come to the aid of New Russia too late, which allowed only to save it from total destruction of the Ukrainian army. There was even an order not to take Mariupol, despite the fact that the Ukrainian army is already running out. And although the Fusiliers under irresistible pressure was forced to leave the post of Defense Minister of DNR, he still feels responsible for everything that happens in the New Russia. One of the major parties to the conflict in eastern Ukraine tells how, as a retiree, in all cases acted solely on his own initiative, without receiving any help.

"In early June ukry FINALLY sure that RUSSIAN is not directly intervene, and had a ball"

- Igor Ivanovich, the other day I was in New Russia. And returning, he began to believe the witness a war is. It turns out, the sixteenth. Since Damansky, Dzhalanashkol, Afghanistan ... Donetsk, Lugansk - sixteenth of the campaign. And each of these wars has not even his face (and it is like a personst - every war). And this is some kind of substance that has its own subjectivity, its destiny, its development, its memory. Do you feel that the wars have some features that go beyond the technology of war? How would you describe the Donetsk war in its phases, stages, experiences?

- This is my fifth war. There were two Chechen, Transnistria and Bosnia. I want to emphasize its similarity - scenic similarities - from the Bosnian war. Home Bosnian war is very similar to what happens in the New Russia. When Yugoslavia broke up and began a parade of sovereignties republics of Serbia, some regions did not want to go into the Muslim Croat Federation and revolted. These republics Bosnian Muslims, Croats suppressed by armed force. And then they come to the aid of the Yugoslav People's Army, but was stopped near Sarajevo, a Vukovar, Dubrovnik below. We stopped not because it met serious resistance, but because it could cause a direct NATO intervention. The army was withdrawn and left their weapons to the Serbs. Now the situation is very similar. And God forbid that she just hover. Because when the JNA left, the Serbs could not organize. Then there was a very long, exhausting war. And then it was over quickly - the Croats defeated each in turn.

- But there is a factor of violence. NATO forces and troops began bombing ... And this war has developed in phases as the?

- At first, no one wanted to fight. The first two weeks were held under the banner of the fact that both sides wanted to convince each other. The first days in the Slavic and we, and they are extremely cautious approach to the use of weapons. The first clash was with the employees of the SBU, which we have tried to clean up, but fell into an ambush. Even not quite an ambush, and the collision counter to which they were not ready. They suffered losses and clean. Then it was quiet. Ukrainian side began to put up roadblocks, appeared 25 airmobile brigade in our surroundings. But she yearned to fight. We were able to disarm razvedvzvod first, then the column. It was exactly disarmament - a submachine gun, threatened burning appliances, they decided not to join the fight and we weredisarmed.

But still for a long time we did not touch their checkpoints, and they did not show aggression. These are the first steps.

Then "Right sector" began to throw us subversive groups - started a firefight. More National Guard under was not - only the "Right Sector". The Ukrainian side is very cautious behaved, step by step palpable as Russia will behave. The first month there was no shelling of the city. The first shelling of Slavyansk - at the end of May. Before they shelled villages, but he did not touch Slavyansk. But as they realized that Russia would not respond, attacks became more and more powerful, the action of armored vehicles and aircraft - more and more massive. In early June, they finally believe that Russia does not directly intervene and let the winds. The first massive attack in Slavic was the second of May. Next - with all the forces and weaponry - tanks, armored vehicles and - they held on 3 June. Between these attacks were fighting, local skirmishes.

June, July was the most severe. If in April-May everything was ascending, that is to extend the territory VossTania, we gradually put under the control of settlements of Donetsk republic, the movement spread, then in June we began to retreat. We are from all sides began to draw in, the enemy force enormously superior in all respects. And the enemy has become the motivation for military action. Start fire propagation. And further, the higher the motivation increased.

The battalions of the National Guard under began to arrive on the battlefield. They were originally motivated: considered the enemy, ie, us as mercenaries in Moscow. They were sure that we are all sent from Russia. And the fact that we have in Slavyansk 90% were local, donbassovtsy, did not even want to believe.

In June and July, when the aid was extremely small, the enemy drove a huge force. In general, it was not comparable increase in power. For example, for us it's time 40 volunteers, and the enemy came to 80 cars. What's in them - is another question. But in each machine - at least a person.

In August - at the peak of the crisis - we fought in almost agony. Just frantically to patch holes, and stopped any breakthroughs. We are in fullm operational environment. And they could not break him. In addition, we have already begun, as a classic boiler, cut into smaller boilers. Gradually cut Gorlovka ...

- You talk about the phase when the left the Slavyansk Donetsk?

- Yes. In that phase, too, it was two. When we came out of Slavyansk Donetsk, it was a phase of complete loss of the Ukrainian side. They had fully registered the script, and we do not fit, mixed them all. And suspiciously smoothly everything went they in this scenario. Very suspicious.

As for the situation with the Slavonic .... After the Ukrainian party broke through the front at Yampil, we were already hanging by a thread, plug the hole between me and think it was impossible, for it was not strong enough - at least the team needed. And we did not have a reserve.

And when they took Nikolaevka, we do not have any chances. There was a chance, if we put in large equipment, armament. I had three tanks, one of them was completely defective, he has not made a single shot. Only two tanks were combat-ready. With their help, we defeated one checkpoint. But oncein after the defeat of the enemy outpost at all checkpoints set of four tanks. In Slavyansk ukrov have had seven blocks, and in each - four tanks. Any block ukrov on technical armed and numbers was strongest Slavic garrison. At the end of the siege, I had 9 broneedinits, including two tanks, and your opponent on every block - seven or eight units, including four tanks. And I had an alternative: either sit in a full siege without supplies or go. Prior to this, the supply of on field road passes. And when the enemy took Nikolaevka, we are left with a field road, but they cut it if the night we broke down this road, it is already the afternoon they had a post.

Thus, variants. To sit down in the siege. Ammunition to a small arms on good fights I have enough for two days. At medium intensity - for a week. After fighting for Nikolaevka I was left with an 8 mortars 57 minutes - less than 10 minutes by a mortar. There was not enough and everything else: on the heavy weapons there was no ammunition, worst of all with anti-tank weapons. The fights were serious, spent many othersth and replenishment have been reported. It was all on 5 July. "Vacationer" came after 40 days. We would not have held up their arrival. We have food and not enough. And most importantly - the Ukrainian army did not go to the contact battle. When we ourselves impose a contact battle, they have been losing. And they have taken since Yampol tactics: advancing from line to line, throwing only forward without infantry armor. Before armored vehicles went barrage. If the armor met with resistance, she departed. Again barrage. Then again, armored vehicles. Again barrage - and again the equipment.

As a result, they Nikolaevka started methodically destroy. Clumping "hurricanes", "city", the heavy artillery. Nobody expected such a massive bombardment. Some of the five-story building in the city is simply formed. Actual loss of civilians, we do not even know - they are huge.

After that, the enemy simply walked Nikolaevka, and I had to bring the remains of the garrison. It was clear that the same thing happen again in Slavyansk - already without any pity it smashed. But I do not answer themI could, because there were no shells. They would have fenced with barbed wire, they surrounded the mines, as they did with others, taking them into the ring. And we are waiting, or when we'll die of hunger, or climb a breakthrough. A breakthrough in such conditions would be accompanied by huge losses, and it is not known, it would succeed or not. But in Slavyansk it has been the core of our team - and a half thousand people, of whom more than a thousand - men. In Kramatorsk were about 400 fighters in Konstantinovka little more than a hundred, fifty-Druzhkovka, in other areas of small garrisons on 20-30-50 man. And I knew that from the outside to me no one will break. No "Hold" or "East" I did not obey. In Bezler that Gorlovka based, at that time there were about 350-400 people. If I could not break the ring with his fifteen hundred, then certainly it is something even more could not. It turned out that if I stay in the siege, then after a while will impose ukry me, then will take the locality of the point. What, in fact, it began: I did not have time to go already Artiomovsk captured, where they had their man. And one day completely smoothed Artiomovsk.

At a time tobut out of the Slavic, already planned the second environment with cutting off completely Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka, Konstantinovka. This is the way that's why I came out of the Slavic, did not defend in Kramatorsk: there, too, there was no ammunition.

Given the deep penetration of the enemy to Artiomovskiy (he was released in Gorlovka practically in our hinterland was), clinging to Kramatorsk no sense. Had we won even three or four days, but the result will still be out. Any breakthrough, especially - unorganized, accompanied by losses.

Despite the fact that we came out of the Slavic very organized, we have all the armored group died. The tragic accident. They have been together with the artillery, to divert the attention from the fire place - from the outskirts of Slavyansk. Then, skipping past all the car column, the last to leave - closing pillar. But then load the human factor, and the armored group went on to direct breakthrough.

To create a swap meet, we all have been divided into six columns. Each column was out with an interval of half an hour. I madeerёznuyu error that came with the second column, and did not stay till the end. I had my reasons: Kramatorsk I immediately turned headquarters. But it was necessary, of course, the last to leave.

This would not have happened if I was present on the spot. And as you can in my address to say that the lost heart, hastened to jump.

In general, our losses would be much greater. But the Ukrainian side during the night fight never loved, so we brought guns completely, as well as 90% of infantry units and rear.

We have in the line were 11 and two mortars, "Nona" are on the go. The famous "Nona" had to leave because she though it ukry never knocked out, all in fragments was. Because of the wear and tear in her left undercarriage. She was dragged all the time here and there, at the end of the gun and went out of her system. As the soldiers joked Ukrainian units that went to us, it is a lifetime so do not shoot much in Slavyansk.

Well - armored group went directly, and it all burned. They blocked the road. The first tank was blown up by mines, the second tried to go round - fell into a ravine. And the rest of the racesrelivali grenade launchers. Some people survived - jumped out, broke.

If just came appliances - could somehow act, but the whole armor burned. In Kramatorsk I had three infantry fighting vehicles and two armored personnel carriers. It's too little - against us were two mechanized battalion tactical groups and a tank battalion.

And if we are able to operate in the building, then to resist the enemy in the open country they could not.

In our Yampol fortified broke through in a single day, despite the fact that we dug there were pillboxes, dugouts. We have a shortage of anti-tank weapons - there were no anti-tank gun. Whether then at least one anti-tank gun, at least one "Rapier", they would not have broken through our defenses, despite the artillery preparation. But with some "bezotkatkami" we can not fight. I knew that taking the fight on open ground - only to lose people.

"If we had stayed in Slavic, a week later, after a maximum of two DONETSK TO PAL"

- You said it was a complete surprise to the enemy your way out of Slavyansk.
- Yes, he discouraged them. After all, I had ordered categorical - not rent Slavyansk. And when I said that is going to come out, I several times repeated orders not to go, to defend to the last Slavyansk. "You certainly deprotected defending Slavic". I ask: "What help?" Silence. And I have - thousands of people and thousands of their family members. Put them I had no right. So I decided to break.

Here are some more time. When I was in the Crimea during the Crimean events, I visited the 35th battery. Powerful impression made on me. Chaly - is brilliant, he regained almost all their own. Equally impressed by the fact that all the commanders of the Ukrainian Sevastopol defense: all the admirals, generals, pilots - fled. Left for himself commanders of regiments and battalions. Those killed with the soldiers. And when I was in Slavyansk, I decided, or I do not go out at all, or I will go out with all the garrison. I decided to go out and find it correct.

Deeply convinced that if we had not come from the Slavic, then would not resist and Donetsk. When we entered the Donetsk -everything there was wonderful. Sitting Kiev mayor, police department is still subordinated to Kiev - a classic dual power. The city was not at all prepared for the defense. Checkpoints are equipped with bad roads are not closed, you can have whatever you like to go. And the forces there was very little, they are fragmented, scattered, no one no one obeyed: alone was Russian Orthodox army, separately - the battalion "Vostok", separately - "Hold". Each unit defended their neighborhood, there was no single management.

The problem was not the point, but the fact that the south was almost covered Donetsk, the enemy occupied Amvrosievka. In principle, it has cut us off from the border. DNR was completely controlled by the enemy. And most of the LC was under enemy control. He acted only point - Izvarino, which moved one of my mouth from Kramatorsk, and they are significantly stepped up the defense there.

And I would just Donetsk eventually cut off all of the miner, from agglomerating Taraevsky-miner-anthracite. On that site was only a few not very powerful roadblocks and Saur-Tomb. And among them were huge holes, which can be hadenter. Ilovaysk was empty - there was no garrison. In Ospina had no garrison or roadblocks.

Arriving in Donetsk, I left the city only headquarters commandant company. One battalion broke into the Petrovsky district - is the south-western tip, which was empty. The rest of the force, and Kramatorsk, and Slavic, have been compiled into a team, divided into three battalions and reconnaissance battalion. They immediately were sent to Ilovaysk, pockmarks. And I formed the front line.

- Because of its parts?

- Because of its parts. Because the "Vostok" I did not obey. On the personal contact able to interact with them. They defended Yasinovataya region, Avdeevka area, Sands, Karlovka. On Karlovka hodgepodge was: first, there were people Bezler. Then they left, I had to send her. Then I ordered the retreat, break out, because they cut off from us, there was no point surrounded by two companies to lose.

If we had not formed the southern face, I think that everything would be over very quickly. If we stayed in Slavyansk, a week later, after a maximum of two, I fell to Donetsk. And coming out,we kept the forty days before the arrival of Donetsk "holidaymakers". Although the last few days were just desperate. When we came from Donetsk, the hallways struck Russia in Marinka area Kozhevina, Brovki. At the same time struck himself corridors for supply and cut off in Jakovo entire enemy group.

We held a corridor with very heavy losses, lost color of the Third assault battalion in these battles. When we broke through the corridor, in the battles of Marinka lost in killed and wounded 120 people in two days - mostly by artillery fire from airstrikes. Deaths were more than 30. This huge loss for me.

And at the time of the breakthrough "vacationers" in my cap battalion was dissected into two parts: the part of defending in the snow, and the part with the reconnaissance battalion, was pressed against the edge, cut off.

Besides, I always had to withdraw from the company in Donetsk, throwing on other sites. For example, my first company of miners and antitank platoon had to throw in Debaltsevo. Then the same thing had to do with the red beam. fights under Ilovaiskaya Then came. At the time of the breakthrough we are so stretchedaschili that I and the military police went into action - in Shahtersk fought. In Donetsk, from our Slavic brigade remained practically only one battalion of two companies, which covered the Petrovsky district. Battalion Kamenska also almost all gone from Donetsk. And left rear: supply, commandant company, which mainly consisted of elderly and untrained, the value of combat that could only be in the city in street battles, and not in active combat.

Some provisions were at "Hold" and "East", but "Stronghold" I obeyed partially, "East" was not obeyed. I was accused that I was not there navёl order. But I had a simple choice, when I went from the Slavic either immediately form a front against the enemy or to arrange a coup. But Donetsk at the time was quite peaceful town. People sunbathe, swim, the athletes were training people in a cafe drinking coffee. As in Moscow in the summer, and it was in Donetsk. And I would have no one understood. While my soldiers were eager to arrest all those logistical, disperse. But I understood: it is necessary to deploy a civil war - there is something all of us and slam! I have decided that a thinir better than a good war, and deliberately left out of it.

"At some point I stopped believing that the aid COMES FROM RUSSIA AT ALL"

- We have been in this critical situation and the intentions of the Donetsk to leave the unequal power-were again?

- I was also accused that I wanted to leave Donetsk. I told him frankly: at some point, I stopped believing that help will come from Russia in general. Just stop believing! And no one could I guarantee it.

The critical moment for me, as a commander, was at the time a breakthrough in Shahtersk. When they knocked us out of Debaltsevo and a reinforced column of the 25th Brigade went to the Ukrainian miner, entered the city. When they took Debaltsevo, I understand that the next leap to make the miner. I removed from the front, that is isolated from other battalions, two companies. They were standing on the loading. And at a time when the enemy entered the Miner, one of my company moved there, and the other was on the loading drive there. Accordingly, immediately after that, I took two more companies, then another, armored group sent to "Hold", ie created group. At the same time I bared namesof Donetsk. Because he was sure that if the enemy finds itself, and in Donetsk, here in the streets, we somehow it will delay and pass Miner - meant completely lose everything.

Since we had a semi-guerrilla army, we were loaded for a long time. Moved too long. All militias - the family, they were removed from the Slavic. And we are only partially managed to forestall them. One company still entered the miner and gave him to take. But ukry cut the road between the miner and Thorez. Then they were off this road barely beat.

Fights have been a whole week, the King commanded - Kononov. That's why I supported his candidacy for the post of defense minister - as a battalion commander, he showed himself very well. He had a reinforced battalion. Four Slavic company, my company of military police, armored group "Hold", the battery ... All these he normally maneuvered. Knocked the 25th brigade, smashed it with a fairly small losses on their part.

At a time when the enemy cut the road between the miner and Teresa, I have come a psychological crisis, I started thinking about what to do, thinking of transferring headquarters inahtёrsk or snowy and prepare the evacuation of Donetsk. Because he understood that if aid is not, then you should at least save people.

- You do not have the time characterized as a psychological change. I closely followed the process, the dynamics of your performance and, perhaps, the dynamics of your destiny. And I think that you did everything correctly. Everything done right! Based on the real balance of forces, otherwise you could not do that. On the other hand, everything that you do - this messianic feat.

- Why did I say that was a turning point? Because at that moment I ordered the cook to the headquarters of clotting, all shtabnikam loaded. People do not discuss my orders because I believe. I myself went to Miner forward. But at this point the road was cut. I spent the whole day there and talked with the men looked. During the day I almost did not manage Miner Brigade, I saw the King normally cope and to intervene in the actions of the commander did not want to. In the evening, talking to people, I decided not to leave Donetsk, although this was not planning to leave the first Donetsk and Gorlovka. And at the expense ofGorlovka garrison cover the north of Donetsk and equ line for miner. Because we have there was a large, undisguised hole. But here still played a role that was Gorlovka Boatswain, and he defended Gorlovka. Boatswain did absolutely correct: he my order to prepare the evacuation did not obey. And the next day the order was canceled by itself. I realized that in the situation that has developed, we will not withdraw troops organized either from Donetsk or from Gorlovka. We cut off the last road and field road is very uncomfortable. I personally presented the evacuation of Donetsk and Gorlovka - columns of refugees were shot on the roads from all sides. I understand that it is better to take the fight in Donetsk, than all these breakthroughs. In the evening, I returned to Donetsk, and already, despite the gravity of the situation, did not plan any transfer of staff, anything.

This I answered the question, whether in Donetsk delivery plan. There was no plan putting in Donetsk, and the intention of leaving Donetsk as an option to output and save people, effort and money.

- Align the front and roll Mariupol - it's only the "holidaymakers" do, or militia identitye attended?

- Some divisions were militia subordinate to them. But mainly in Mariupol attacked "holidaymakers". When they were gone, he remained precarious and the front line, and opportunities.

Firstly, Mariupol was empty, there was no two days the Ukrainian military, could be taken without a fight. But there was an order not to occupy. Do not just stop orders and orders in any case does not hold. Just Volnovakha could borrow.

Why do I say that events similar to events in extreme: there Yugoslav People's Army stopped just a step away from a decisive victory.

52 people for Slavic

- Igor, what do you do in the war dove?

- I was a counselor in the Crimea Aksenov. He is a man of great charisma, clever, competent, sensible and talented. I commanded the only unit of the Crimean militia: special-purpose company, which carried out combat missions. But after the battle of the cartographic part, when two died (and I commanded this battle), a company was disbanded, the people went home.

When they occurred sobment in the Crimea, it was clear that one is not over Crimea. Crimea as a part of New Russia - this is a huge purchase, a diamond in the crown of the Russian Empire. And one of Crimea, land bridges cut off an enemy state - not.

When the Ukrainian government was disintegrating before our eyes, in the Crimea are constantly arriving delegates from areas of New Russia, which would like to repeat at what was in the Crimea. It was a clear desire to continue the process at all. Delegates planned at rebellion and asked for help. Aksenov, because he has such a load fell off, it is 20 hours a day to work, he asked me to engage in the Northern Territory. And he made me an adviser on this issue. I began to work with all the delegates: from Odessa, Nikolaev, from Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk. All had complete confidence that if the uprising will develop, then Russia will come to the rescue. So I gathered nerazehavshihsya fighters company, scored volunteers. It drew 52 people.

In Slavic came quite by accident. We needed a middle city. 52 people - is power in a more or less small settlements. And I was told that in Slvyanske the strongest local asset. This version we evaluated as the best.

- How overgrown people subdivisions your movement?

- When we arrived in Slavic, on the basis of a person we met 150-200. They took part in the storming of the police department with us. The ATC has been a lot of weapons - a hundred rifles and pistols 100-150. People immediately armed. Some, however, were separated.

The next day we took Kramatorsk I sent to the Cossack division - 30 people. And off we go. After that, everything depended on the presence of weapons. The first few months were a lot of volunteers, but we had nothing to equip. When the fighting began, the real blood flowed, the number of volunteers poumenshilos.

But still there were many. I reported figures by the end of May to 28 thousand people volunteered Donetsk republic. 28 thousand people waiting for actual weapons. If even half dismiss: criminals, random, even half - is 14 thousand people. If we had weapons, the situation has evolved quite differently than it has evolved. By the time of my departure from Donetskwe under arms and 10,000 did not. In Slavic brigade it was around 9000 on the lists. But of them combatants, that is directly fighters, about 5 thousand. The rest - tylovikov, cooks, volunteers, supplies ...

- When you fought in Slavyansk, you were just a military or felt, and a politician? People are turning to you, ask, "Who are you, Archer?"

- Honestly, I'm not going to in any way not that involved in politics, but even glow. In Crimea, I also did a lot. Negotiations on the surrender of the Navy Staff, I started to go there alone, and talked with all the staff. But the fact is that I never lit up. Yes, somewhere in the photographs a colonel. I did not say that in the reserve or retired. To solve my tactical tasks was beneficial to me all considered valid. At the same time I have never cried, I'm acting. Simply said - Colonel. And they themselves think out. Well, that thought: a colonel. What I retiree, knew a few people. The rest thought they wanted. Neither the names nor the name of my not know.

As I planned to behave in Slavyansk. collectedI find a charismatic leader and assist in an advisory capacity. The first time I did so. Therefore Ponomarev flashed all the time. He - People's Mayor. He was very active. It was useful in its time. Then things went differently. And I have not found anyone who could move as a political leader.

And then it just came to shine team: Denis Pushilin arrive, it is completely support. Although I already burned all the bridges, there was no document, all the fighters left the documents when crossing the border, but it is possible to cut off the retreat as such at all.

As soon as I was without a mask, without the "balaclavas" appeared on the TV Pushilin, first of all, everyone understood who the shooter. Although before that knew really I command, intercept has already been published, it was my identikit, but then I saw firsthand. Immediately I figured, was taken to an apartment in Moscow. I did not consider this point: did not have time even to warn relatives. Relatives I do in the course is never introduced: I, where, how. As a result, I suffered the loss of a personal level because of this exposure, because I can not live with myself, to enjoy their ownThe Library. Not to mention how many survived my relatives who learned everything on TV, too. Throughout the war in Slavyansk I had a military dictatorship. And then I did not climb.

- Do you think that your experience - a purely military, not political. You were the Minister of Defence, the brigade commander?

- In Slavyansk was a battalion, a brigade was not. The first Slavic volunteer battalion. It was a banner, standard. Before the release of the Slavic I did not actually carried out any impact on the Donetsk as defense minister. I gradually line up front. Really Think I obeyed, I sometimes put him goals. The marching against me, he did not obey, but tactically. Early - he obeyed. I saw his front line by line Lisichansk, Krasny Liman. Garrison Slavyansk obey, obey Kramatorsk, Druzhkovka-Konstantinovka. For a while I obeyed and Gorlovka, Bezler because I helped him - sent a detachment to the cleaning of the city, without my squad, he would not have taken control.

"When I realized that RUSSIAN us to Himself not take for us this decision was SHOCKM "

- I think everything that happened then in Slavyansk and Donetsk with you, one way or another connected with the restoration of the state. And you're not just involved in the restoration of the military organization, but also the state as a whole. That is, you have been consciously or unconsciously political role, you stand at the beginnings of the establishment of the state.

- At that moment I knew perfectly well that alone Donetsk and Lugansk fight against ukrov can not. Even more so - in the absence of its own military industry, effective government local. And initially, I proceeded from the fact that again the Crimean option - Russia enters. It was the best option. And the population aspires to it. Nobody was going to play for Luhansk and Donetsk republic. All were initially - of Russia. And the referendum was conducted for Russia, and went to fight for Russia. People wanted to join Russia. Russian flags were everywhere. I was at the headquarters of the Russian flag and all. And people have perceived under the Russian flag. We thought, comes the Russian administration, the rear will be organized by Russia and would be more ofthe bottom of the republic within Russia. And about a state building, I thought. And then, when he realized that Russia us to not take yourself (I can associate with the host), this decision was a shock for us.

- It is not final.

- We have nothing definitive, that's the thing. The war goes six months, but we still do not know, "edyna" Ukraine without "edyna" Ukraine. What is more important to us: gas supply, or the Russian population in the Southeast?

- Would like to see and then, and then. But it is impossible.

- And if not, then after all, what is more important? I report that in Donetsk bombed daily. Every day send complete lists of results: where horrible, where a projectile. That is, the day before, with two in the morning to five in the morning carried the city easy. Spacing! One day, from early morning until late at night - we ran down. A little more - and turn in Stalingrad. And we traded for hundreds of oil. And it turns out that we have with Ukraine in trade relations are cooperating, helping it survive and fight at the front.

Actually, if I had aimed to seize power in the DNI, I wouldog grab, no problem. When I came from the Slavic Donetsk, everyone was waiting for, I grab power. But I had a job to protect the republic, not to seize power. I would love to go back. And I think that everything is done correctly ...

- I think so too.

- But the trigger war still hit me. If our party does not crossed the border, in the end everything would come to an end, as in Kharkov, in Odessa. It would be several tens of dead, burnt arrested. And it would have ended. A flywheel is practically a war that is still going, ran our unit. We mixed all the cards on the table. All! And from the very beginning, we began to fight in earnest: destroy sabotage "pravosekov" group. And I am personally responsible for what is happening there. Because so far shelled Donetsk - I am responsible. Because Slavyansk left, of course, I am responsible. And because he did not freed, I too am responsible.

But, because "in the absence of a stamp, write a simple" - we create a movement to at least so that humanitarian supportpolcheniyu.

To say that we provide them, you can not. But we really help. Half of the army is now dressed in winter clothes, which we have put to them. Our assistance goes to the troops. And to provide humanitarian aid to the population is only capable of the Russian state. State Only! From the State Reserve should be taken. With the money that collect, we can help the militia, families, the wounded, but also not for everyone.

"In today's political system a place for me NO"

- Looking back on your life, do not you think that all the fractures in your life, throwing, war - is the result of some mysterious logic that lies not in your nature, and destiny?

- I am opposed to any mysticism in this regard. Just I think that in every situation we must act - not always possible, unfortunately - well: "Do what you must, and be what will happen."

- But do situations occur accidentally or logical?

- To the mess that was formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it could be anything. In war, you meet people like that even more, etc.and they were tested. I was under the gun cameras. But there are a huge number of people who deserve much more. And the past more and more talented in many ways. I have fought the officer, who knows three languages, more to Donetsk went five wars. It is a unique destiny. But for some mismatches, these people are under lock and key. Maybe their time more will come. This mystic - a real chance.

- But mysticism has its own field. It exists somewhere somewhere realized. And it is not implemented in the stars, and in human relations. You do not try on a political coat?

- It wants to try the coat on me. But honestly - I chore never liked. I - scout trooper as Denis Davydov. He was always bored by a regular service. Though promoted to the rank of generals, it is best manifested itself as a partisan.