Ildar Uzbekov can take billions abroad

The son-in-law of billionaire Alexander Shchukin could deduce billions of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. And now he is taking out billions of his father-in-law, experts say.
According to sources at The Moscow Post, Ildar Uzbekov, the son-in-law of the coal king Alexander Shchukin, in addition to his assets, could withdraw money from Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko abroad. In what other "behind-the-scenes" schemes did the enterprising businessman take part?

Alexander Schukin, who has been under house arrest for a year and a half under the case of extortion of shares in the "Inskiy" section, came to the attention of the siloviki in 2016 after the arrest of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko. Investigators found documents related to the "coal king", who got away with everything.

However, since the middle of 2000, Shchukin's interests in London were represented by his future son-in-law Ildar Uzbekov. It was he who could bring money to London from the offshoots of Alexander Shchukin. And is he doing this to this day? Could Colonel Zakharchenko use Ildar Uzbekov's channel to withdraw money from Russia? This is quite possible to assume. Thus, with Colonel Zakharchenko could pay for inviolability?

Who is he, this seems to be an inconspicuous relative, who may be a key figure in the withdrawal of billions of dollars from Russia? Do investigators of the FSB want to pay close attention to some facts from the biography of Ildar Uzbekov? About them wrote the publication "Hypothesis."

Ildar Uzbekov was born in Alma-Ata of the Kazakh SSR to a family of influential parents. The mother is the daughter of the well-known Kazakh lawyer Rashad Tazutdinov, father, Fuad Uzbekov, the son of the famous Soviet geologist, Minister Uzbekov. Already in the 1990s, Ildar Uzbekov's father participated in schemes for selling Russian and Kazakh gas to the West. And apparently, he helped to deduce funds for large officials and businessmen, one of whom could be Alexander Shchukin.

Training Ildar Uzbekov was held in England. And it meant getting a job in a large Western firm. However, Ildar chose to be under his father's wing. Apparently, civilized business from the very beginning seemed unappealing to Ildar Uzbekov. But in Russia it was possible to turn around. What did he do with success?

A businessman or a spy?

In 2005, Ildar Uzbekov worked for Utility Aid Ltd. Her top management consisted of British people associated with firms controlled by Fuad Uzbekov. Utility Aid Ltd was engaged in service consulting to reduce the cost of energy for charitable organizations. Worked only with them and allegedly did not have the goal of making a profit. Probably, was an excellent screen for a young businessman?

In the form of charity, huge sums could be received from the accounts of the Uzbek company from Russia. Which, as a result, allowed Elena Shchukina, the daughter of the "coal king" to become the owner of several picture galleries through which she carried Russian culture to the English masses. Is it an unconventional kind of charity?

In 2012, WikiLeaks published more than five million e-mails from its branches to Stratfor's headquarters, a private CIA that collects intelligence from around the world, on the basis of which analytical reports are compiled. Clients of the company are private and state structures - US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency.

It turns out that since 2010, Ildar Uzbekov was a privileged client of Stratfor and had an ildootch nickname in an e-mail. Probably, the young businessman could be interesting to the private CIA only by his relatives. The father-in-law was on a short leg with ex-governor Aman Tuleyev entering the Kremlin. And his father had many influential partners and friends in Gazprom.

How much information could I leak through Ildar Uzbekov to American government agencies? And did they not even represent a trade secret? Why is no one investigating this part of Ildar Uzbekov's biography so far?

Pirate, realtor, arms dealer?

Since 2003, Iddar Uzbekov has been involved in more than 15 companies in the UK. Because, probably, represented in her business and father-in-law, and father, and their partners. One of the companies ASSAYE RISK LIMITED was involved in ensuring the safety of oil fields in Somalia. They belonged to British companies, but many of them by 2013 ceased their work because of constant abductions and terrorist attacks.

Kazakhstan is one of the countries that has a great influence on Somalia. And it provides her with huge humanitarian assistance. wrote the publication "Hypothesis." Was ASSAYE RISK LIMITED through Ildar Uzbekov intermediary between Kazakhstan and England in organizing corruption schemes? The son represented the interests of the father?

Another company, The Bishop's Avenue (East Finchley) Management Company Limited managed expensive real estate in London. It attracted the richest people in the world, the cost of houses reached 100 million pounds. Through The Bishop's Avenue, those who did not want to "shine" the sources of origin of money could acquire expensive real estate.

The director of the company was at one time the Romanian Viorel Campina, who cooperated with the citizen of Ukraine Vasily Babitsky. He was the director of the Cyprus company Blessway Limited and the vice-president of the Polish arms company Level 11, as well as a close friend of Arsen Avakov - the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Through Saudi Arabia and Qatar anti-aircraft installations and bombs and other weapons could come to the militants of Syria. And used against Russian servicemen? On whose side is Ildar Uzbekov? Why does he contact people who can act against Russia?

"Profitable" projects of Uzbekov?

Alexander Schukin, in all likelihood, will have to pay for his confidence in Ildar Uzbekov, who in 2009 still married Elena Schukina. Before that, they talked that they appear together at secular parties, but then they are having fun apart. Elena prefers a playful society of girlfriends, and Ildar - strict masculine communication. Perhaps, the tender attention of his wife to Uzbekov is not necessary. The main thing is that he got access to the assets of his father-in-law. And tens of millions of euros flowed to the West?

In 2011, Ildar Uzbekov, probably, thought how to dispose of almost $ 1 billion, which, according to rumors, at that time owned father-in. The money was decided to invest in the UK, where Uzbekov had extensive contacts by that time.

Adrian Burford, who persuaded Uzbekov to create a family-office based on Fern Advisers Limited (Fern), volunteered to play the role of assistant. She would have allowed to invest. And then for Burford everything was a matter of technique. He began to look for allegedly profitable projects for Uzbekov. And he spent the money himself. As a result, the amount could be 11 million pounds sterling. Uzbekov realized that he was being deceived and the matter had reached the Royal Court in London.

At the hearings, Bedford stated: "Ildar Uzbekov committed to the transfer of the amount of 250 to 400 million euros of capital under the management of Fern for the next two years, taking into account the transfer of 1 billion euros under the management of Fern for the next five years" . The manager explained that it was about the money withdrawn from Russia. Can I still find them if I ask Ildar Uzbekov well? Or is this money already a trace?

A strange story occurred with another project - the construction of a plant for the production of biofuel, which invested $ 20 million. As it turned out in court, the money was simply lent to several companies Orense, Einer Energy Holding Sarl, Bioversel Trading Inc., Verdeo Inc on their development . For what can I thank Ildar Uzbekov? He, of course, had to sue, but during the trial for the father-in-law very undesirable information came out. Did his brother-in-law set him up?

Ildar Uzbekov, apparently, while he lives the clover. In Monaco, he is credited with a luxury apartment for 30 million euros and a casino, in London - a four-story mansion. And most importantly - the offshore empire, through which you can withdraw money from Russia.

But does anyone know the true face of Ildar Uzbekov? The husband or not the husband, the son-in-law or the traitor? About honesty of business, probably, in general to speak excessively. And maybe behind all this is Fuad Uzbekov, who uses his son and through his daughter Shchukin got access to his assets?

The company Carpathian Resources, where Fuad Uzbekov works as an independent director, was recently involved in the offshore scandal Panama Papers.