Ildar Uzbekov masters criminal billions of Alexander Schukin

The son-in-law of coal magnate Alexander Schukin Ildar Uzbekov is not interested in leaving his “relative” out of house arrest. His money is already safely disbursed and withdrawn.
In February last year, a new bright persona appeared in the Russian backstage politics. As dozens of mass media have told, behind the information attack on the oldest and most honored governor of Russia Aman Tuleyev, who has been heading the Kemerovo region for twenty years, is Ildar Fuadovich Uzbekov. Previously, this citizen of Russia, Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom was considered an ordinary poor relative of the arrested coalition oligarch Alexander Schukin. Now it's time to say: look, who came to inherit the main state of Siberia!

The main advantage of Ildar Fuadovich Uzbekov is his family. He was lucky to be born [*] February 1979 in Almaty, the Kazakh SSR, with a couple of very influential parents. His mother, Tazutdinova Leila Rashadovna, daughter of the famous Kazakh lawyer Rashad Salakhovich Tazutdinova. His father, Fuad Minirovich Uzbekov, is the son of the famous Soviet geologist Minir Uzbekov.

Thanks to his father’s connections and his own acquaintances, in the early nineties, Fuad Uzbekov became a participant in the schemes for the sale of Russian and Kazakh gas to the West, as well as various types of fuel. In parallel, he took up a passing business. He helped major officials and businessmen from the former Soviet republics to invest large amounts of money withdrawn from their countries (mostly from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova) into various assets abroad. In particular, his client was a Russian coal magnate from Kuzbass, Alexander Schukin.

Regarding his son Ildar, he had youth and youth typical of representatives of the golden youth. Even in his youth, his parents sent him to England, where he studied in institutions in London City University: City University Investment Risk Management (1997-2001), Cass Business School Management (2008-2010). This is not the top, but very prestigious paid institution. It is believed that the money invested by parents in the training of offspring here will further pay off, thanks to the fact that they will get promising places in large Western firms. But in this case, the fate of the graduate was different. Either Ildar Uzbekov from the very beginning is not inclined to management science, or, like many “majors”, he prefers parties and social events to boring numbers and management algorithms. As a result, the entire business biography of an entrepreneur is closely connected with his father, his acquaintances and the same Alexander Schukin, with whom Ildar intermarried, having married his daughter Elena.

At one time, Russian coal tycoon Schukin sent his daughter Elena to London (where she owned several art galleries until 2016). In 2009, Ildar and Elena got married.

One of the first jobs Ildar (from May 2004 to November 2005) was the company Utility Aid Ltd, in which the experienced top management consisted entirely of Britons associated with British companies controlled by Fuad Uzbekov. Utility Aid Ltd is an organization that provides service advice on reducing the cost of energy for charitable organizations. It also works exclusively with charitable organizations and, as indicated in the statutory documents, is not intended to make a profit.

It’s just another one of many projects of the Uzbek and Shchukin families to show themselves to be generous philanthropists and patrons of arts in London with two goals pursued by Russian oligarchs in the west. First: create a positive publicity in London so that she can protect in case of suspicion from local police. After all, the “purity” of the money of the Uzbeks and Shchukins entering England - mainly through Cyprus - may raise serious doubts among officers who monitor the observance of anti-money laundering legislation. The second goal: on charity events, you can make the right dating.

Elena Schukina and Ildar Uzbekov are regular participants in these social events. As we were told by the participants of one of the charity receptions who saw this couple, the Shchukins and their spouses behave strangely and unconventionally. Having made a couple of joint protocol photos, the husband and wife do not communicate with each other during the evening. Elena prefers having fun with her favorite contingent - young girls-artists, unconventional in everything. And Ildar to relax in the company of guys who prefer full diversity in all its manifestations of life.

For example, with James Leach and Cipriano Silva. With the first Ildar spends in general most of the free time, including making country trips together. The second is famous for very strange photos on their pages on social networks. Like, for example, in one of them, Mr. Silva suffocates a girl, pouring some liquid into her mouth.

It should be noted that in Russia, from where Ildar Uzbekov and Elena Shchukina received huge sums, they were not noticed at all in charity. Their position on this issue was explained in an interview with Elena Schukina to the British media:

“Recently, I began to devote more time to philanthropy. I joined the council of Action for Children, a charitable organization that has been helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Britain for 145 years. I think that for me, who lived in the Russian Federation, where vivid examples of poverty are often found, at first it was difficult to understand that such centers of deprivation exist here too - in the UK. ”

That is, Mrs. Schukina imbued with compassion for the poor in his native Kuzbass, where Father Alexander Schukin earns billions of dollars, and on a wave of emotions she began to help the disadvantaged from England, where Elena and her husband Ildar spend money received by their relative in Russia.

What is Elena Schukina doing for the RF? She also reported this in another interview. According to the version of the daughter of the oligarch Shchukin, sometimes holding exhibitions of bohemian Russian artists in their London galleries, she “brings the Russian culture to the British”. In a word, the poor from Russia can hardly count on the mercy and patronage of the family who settled in London and extorts their wealth from the Kuzbass.

But let's talk about the activities of Ildar Fuadovich Uzbekov. In 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files - more than 5 million emails from affiliates to Stratfor headquarters. Stratfor is a privately held CIA that collects intelligence data from around the world, and thanks to them compiles analytical information.

Stratfor's clients include both private companies and US government agencies — the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails that WikiLeaks turned out to reveal the Stratfor informant's network, the payment structure for them, money laundering methods and psychological recruitment methods.

In a huge amount of information you can find files dedicated to Ildar Uzbekov. One can learn from them that he began to cooperate with Stratfor in 2010 - as a privileged client. But then his collaboration with the private CIA moved to another level. Uzbekov asked to change the mail in his account from the unsafe mailbox in the Russian system Yandex, to the “more reliable”, American gmail from Google. And in the documents, Stratfor Uzbekov began to be designated under the nickname ildootch, and a separate dossier was opened to him with an indication of all the data, including the exact address in London and a personal phone number.

Such dossier Stratfor makes up on its agents. And later, employees of the Stratfor branch transferred to the head office a list of 350 agents, for communication with which an enhanced level of security was introduced. And among this list we can find Ildar Uzbekov. What could a representative of the golden youth be interested in by the private CIA? Yes, the same thing that anyone is interested in this person - his family.

His father, Fuad Uzbekov, knows many secrets of Gazprom, Russian and Kazakh officials of the highest order. Before his arrest in November 2016, his father-in-law, Alexander Schukin, was on a “short foot” with the head of Aman Tuleyev, a man who entered the Kremlin and had a lot of interesting information about the Russian government and the energy sector of the Russian Federation. Clearly, Ildar learned many secrets from his father and father-in-law. Moreover, he personally participated in financial operations and schemes of Fuad Uzbekov and Alexander Schukin, as well as their many influential partners and friends in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, Gazprom and KazMunaiGas.

Not surprisingly, while acquiring ildootch Ildar Uzbekov as an ildootch agent, Stratfor began to pay special attention to Gazprom in his work. In 2012, a private CIA launched a very large investigation from several parts called: “Russia: the erosion of Gazprom.” And this is only the "open" part of Stratfor activities in this direction. What information the private CIA gave to the US state agencies - we are unlikely to ever know.

Let's return to the business activity of Ildar Uzbekov. Since 2003, Ildar Fuadovich has been a director, employee and shareholder of more than fifteen firms in the UK alone. These are entirely structures related to the business of his father or father-in-law. Let us dwell on some of them, where Ildar’s partners were the most interesting people.

Since 2014, he has been the director of ASSAYE RISK LIMITED. Prior to Uzbekov, by the way, the post was held by ex-Foreign Affairs Officer of the United Kingdom and McKinsey & Co worker Adrian Burford. We'll talk about it a little later.

In ASSAYE RISK LIMITED Ildar Uzbekov clearly represents the interests of one of his father’s dubious partners. With Ildar Uzbekov joining the company, she had a very interesting client - the government of Somalia. It signed an agreement with ASSAYE RISK LIMITED that this company will be engaged in providing security at oil fields in Somalia owned by British oil companies. In 2013, many of them stopped their work in a “pirate” country due to endless terrorist attacks, abductions, etc.

There are 2 interesting points here. First, one of the few countries in the world that has a significant impact on Somalia is Kazakhstan. It is Kazakhstan that heads the committee of the UN Security Council on Somalia and provides this state with humanitarian aid for large sums. It is therefore not surprising that the British ASSAYE RISK LIMITED, in order to enter a profitable market, and, most importantly, fulfill its obligations there, attracted a native of Kazakhstan with very large connections in the top leadership of the state.


Secondly, a large investigation was published in the UK in 2014, from which it follows that virtually all British oil production contracts in Somalia are corrupt in nature, and lobbyists of these transactions are present in the United Kingdom Foreign Office and in its ruling party.

Ildar Uzbekov is also a shareholder in a company with a long name, The Bishop’s Avenue (East Finchley) Management Company Limited. Here he is also not involved as an independent person, but represents the interests of his father. This company has such a name, as it manages expensive real estate in London and is named after the eponymous street.

The Bishop’s Avenue attracts the richest people in the world. There are buying homes at prices up to 100 million pounds for the rich mansion from around the world: the royal family of Saudi Arabia, the Sultan of Brunei and many others.

It is clear that in the states of the former USSR there are also enough people who want to have a home on Bishop’s Avenue or in the neighborhood. But most of them cannot “shine” in public due to the fact that it will be difficult to explain in their homeland the origin of enormous states. To conceal the real estate secrets of such Russian nouveau riche and to help conduct transactions on their behalf, The Bishop’s Avenue (East Finchley) Management Company Limited was founded, some of whose shares were recorded on Ildar Uzbekov.

At one time, the director of The Bishop’s Avenue was Romanian-born Viorel Campina, a native of Bucharest, a person closely associated with the authorities of Kazakhstan and the authorities of Ukraine. Campina worked in the London branch of Standard Bank. He is currently one of the leaders of Mirabaud (Middle East) Limited, a subsidiary of the Swiss bank Mirabaud, which is based in the UAE and manages the assets of private clients.

A close friend of Campina is a Syrian-born entrepreneur Harres Youssef. It was he who once introduced the former president of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, to another of his comrades, oligarch Dmitry Firtash, by presenting RosUkrEnergo, the gas mediator, with a second life. Campina also serves as a financial advisor to Youssef.

Viorel Campina has been working with Ukrainian citizen Vasily Babitsky, director of the Cyprus company Blessway Limited and vice president of the Polish weapons company Level 11. Concurrently Vasily Babitsky is a close friend of Arsen Avakov, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine since 2014.

Thanks to information obtained by hackers from Cyberkakut, it turned out that Blessway Ltd supplied anti-aircraft guns and other weapons of Saudi Arabia, the Soviet bombs to Qatar. Moreover, Saudi Arabia and Qatar did not use them, and then they found themselves at the militants in Syria. Suffice it to recall the recent incident with the wounded Russian aircraft in Syria, whose pilot Roman Filipov made a heroic self-bombing of a grenade. In the plane Filipova, as the security services found out, shot from the Pechora-2D air defense missile system of Ukrainian production. But it turned out in Syria thanks to people associated with Ildar Uzbekov.

Kampin also relates to the Kazakh Eurasian Resources Group, which is associated with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. This group extracts minerals, including coal.

And now it's time to talk about Ildar Uzbekov as an independent businessman. Here the situation is very sad. He "flunked" absolutely all projects, depriving his father-in-law Alexander Schukin tens of millions of euros. The problem is that, as noted above, Ildar Uzbekov would rather like to spend time at social events, having fun with dubious friends and generally “hang out beautifully”. Therefore, the management of all projects in the interests of Schukin Ildar entrusts foreign managers.

He himself assigns the role of a person, whose task it is to convince the father-in-law of the genius of his undertaking and that this investment will necessarily bring very large profits. Having transferred tens of millions of dollars, euros or pounds received from a relative through his wife to these same foreign managers, Uzbek again plunges into all the delights of social life. Watching this, managers simply cannot resist the temptation to deceive the "Kazakh major". And well, if you simply bait a few million euros. And they can generally keep everything they receive.

However, about the temptations for foreign managers is the most innocent assumption. A more likely version may be the one in which the money of the Siberian oligarch Shchukin under the control of Ildar Uzbekov in the West is so fatally unlucky in luck. After all, with the money of the father Fuad Uzbekov and his partners under the management of the same Ildar Uzbekov such troubles do not occur.

So, in 2011, Ildar Uzbekov told Adrian Berford that his father-in-law was literally swimming in money - like, he is a billionaire and a member of the top 100 Russian list of the richest people, according to Forbes magazine. At that time, Alexander Schukin’s fortune was actually estimated at about a billion dollars. Uzbekov said that the father-in-law’s money had already been largely withdrawn from the Russian Federation to Switzerland and Cyprus, and Shchukin wishes to invest all of them profitably in the UK economy. And the search for objects for investments was entrusted to Ichdar Uzbekov, Shchukin's son-in-law.

After Uzbekov announced his goal to Burford, he became interested, and in 2012 convinced the Russian partner of the need to create a family-office in London on the basis of a joint company with Fern Advisers Limited (Fern). They say that she would allow Schukin to invest money abroad.

Then the banal "promotion" of Uzbekov and Shchukin for money began. First, Burford asked for funds to acquire shares in the company that manages the Marylebone Oil & Gas Fund. Then - on the acquisition of the estate of Broadwell Manor in Gloucestershire. Then - it seems to be on a good deal with the famous Oppenheimer family.

As it later became known during the trial in London, Burford let all this money in transit through Ildar come to Britain for his own needs: “plugging holes” in personal firms, buying expensive cars and real estate. In total, he "pocketed" over 11 million pounds received from the gullible Ildar.

Not less than the “successful” project of Uzbekov-junior was an investment of $ 20 million, which Shchukin withdrew from the Russian Federation and hid in the accounts of the Cyprus firm ZAM Services Ltd. in the Swiss bank Clariden Leu. Through his father’s acquaintances, including Konstantin Lutsenko, Ildar learned about the opportunity to invest in GLB projects. Particularly promising was the construction of a plant for the production of biodiesel in Canada and the acquisition of a similar plant in Norway.

Ildar immediately began to convince Alexander Schukin's father-in-law that this is a very profitable investment. As a result, funds in the amount of twenty million dollars were transferred, but Schukin did not receive not only a “share” in the factories, but also could not return his investments. Uzbeks, as always, entrusted all the affairs to foreign top-managers, who were recommended by the friends of the father, but they could not resist the temptation to simply punish the Kazakh party-goer major. Or rather, his father-in-law.

As a result, as in the case of Burford and the family office of Fern, and in the case of projects for the construction of a biodiesel production plant, lawyers Ildar Uzbekov had to deal with offenders in the courts of Great Britain and Canada. In the course of the court hearings, all the shadow schemes of Alexander Schukin for withdrawing funds from the Russian Federation, all the data about which Cypriot companies and Swiss banks he hides money by all means pop up (you need to explain to the court where these tens of millions of pounds and dollars came from) what he wanted to invest in Shchukin and much more, very confidential, intimate and dangerous for Shchukin’s business in Russia.

Surprisingly, the authorities of Western countries, after such proceedings, did not start an investigation against Ildar Uzbekov and Alexander Schukin themselves. It is possible that the contacts of Ildar Uzbekov with the privately held CIA Stratfor helped to avoid prosecution in the framework of the work of the FATF and national law enforcement agencies to comply with anti-laundering laws.

Honestly, all the enemies and competitors of Alexander Schukin should be delighted with such a son-in-law manager like Ildar Uzbekov. He not only launches the money of the father-in-law and his father for a luxurious rave life in London, but also swiftly devastates their offshore nest egg under the guise of investing in various projects. And after that, the shadow financial operations of the Russian oligarch Shchukin in the courts are actively highlighted.

Apparently, the Russian tax authorities and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service no longer need to conduct financial intelligence and complex investigations into numerous companies of Alexander Schukin. You can simply study the decisions of the courts with the participation of Ildar Uzbekov in different countries, where he opens "all the cards" of his father-in-law: how much money he brought out of Russia, on what accounts he hid, where he invested.

The Canadian case with the disappearance of Alexander Schukin’s money in London needs to be covered in more detail. So again, the plot of the case in question. Ildar Uzbekov invested twenty million dollars belonging to Schukin in the construction of a plant for the production of biofuels. More precisely, as it turned out later, the plant was fully erected with the money of a coal magnate and another two or three million dollars were to remain. But a representative of the GLB company that built the plant, Arieh Mazur, said that Shchukin has nothing to do with him.

And the twenty million dollars paid by Schukin did not go at all for the construction of a plant in Ontario, but for certain operations of third-party firms, they say, having no relation to this new enterprise. Speaking in court, Aryeh Mazur not only described in detail the relations with Uzbekov and the fate of Shchukin’s capitals, but also cited relevant documents, in particular letters from Swiss banks.

According to his testimony in a Canadian court, in 2007, Arieh Mazur, together with businessmen Sergey Akulov, Barry Kramblom and Vadim Fuchs, created a number of companies: Bioversel Inc. (holding company in Ontario, later renamed Einer Canada lnc), BTI, Bioversel USA Inc. (then renamed to Verdeo). Together, these companies were called the Bioversel Group. Partners were looking for investors, and Akulov remembered his familiar Fuad Uzbekov.

The latter detached himself to engage in the project of his son Ildar, who at that time was still studying at the university. From the very beginning, the business has been trading in small quantities of biodiesel fuel. But in 2007-2008, Fuad Uzbekov made a big deal. He helped the Kazakh company KazMunayGaz acquire the Romanian Rompatrol. Businessman Konstantin Lutsenko, a friend of Fuad Uzbekov, who occupied the position of head of the Moscow office of Rompatrol, was also involved in this deal. He also wanted to be a member of the Bioversel Group. And to expand the capabilities of the group of companies, it was decided to sell biofuels through the “daughter” of “Rompatrol” - “Vakter Energy”.

In 2009, Ildar Uzbekov married the daughter of Alexander Schukin, Elena, and, as stated in the case file, “as a result of family ties with Mr. Schukin, Ildar Uzbekov gained access to huge sums that the Schukin family wanted to invest outside of Russia.” The magnitude of these amounts can be judged from another, already mentioned above, overseas proceedings - in the Royal Court of London.

At the hearing, the English entrepreneur Burford said that “Ildar Uzbekov pledged to transfer the amount in the amount of 250 to 400 million euros of capital under the management of Fern over the next two years, taking into account the transfer of 1 billion euros under the management of Fern over the next 5 years". And he explained the origin of these funds - this is money withdrawn from Russia by Shchukin and which he wants to invest abroad.

Apparently, Ildar chose Bioversel Group as one of such investment objects.

“In October 2010, Uzbekov told the management of the Bioversl Group that he has twenty million US dollars at his disposal, which are intended for investment in the biodiesel business on behalf of Mr. Schukin,” Arieh Mazur told a hearing.

To confirm the seriousness of intentions Ildar handed a letter of guarantee from the Swiss private bank Clariden Leu Ltd., issued by his father in law. And Arieh Mazur handed this document to the court in Ontario.

We bring it here completely:

Clariden Loy Ltd
Clariden Leu Ltd.
Bahnhofstrasse 32 CH-8070 Zurich
Zurich, May 27, 2010
Contact person: Safian Alexander (banking transactions with individuals)
Direct number: + 41 58 205 31 41
E-mail: [email protected]
Strictly confidential
Mr. Alexander Schukin
Tolyatti street, 15
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region,

Letter of recommendation

Dear Mr. Schukin!

In connection with the upcoming transaction, we are pleased to confirm that since November 29, 2004, we consider ZAM Services Ltd. (Zam Services Ltd.) one of the most reliable customers of the bank. We have a good relationship with “ZAM Serviceis Ltd”: this company fulfilled all its obligations regarding accounts in our bank. According to the documentation we have at your disposal, you are the ultimate owner and beneficiary of “ZAM Survisez Ltd.”.
To date, as of May 25, 2010, in the accounts of “OWS Survisez Ltd.” in “Claridan Loy Ltd.” there is an amount of 21,897,348 US dollars.

The information above is strictly confidential and is based solely on the circumstances known to us today, and only on the data of our bank, without involving any other external sources of information of a private or public nature. According to the order of information provided by our bank, we refrain from assessments concerning the future state of affairs, and also do not provide any additional information or refutations if we later become aware of other facts or circumstances.

This letter is based on all information available to us, but cannot constitute a guarantee or obligation on the part of Clariden Loy Ltd. or bank officials. In addition, the letter was drawn up in accordance with Swiss law.

Sincerely yours,
Alexander Safian, Vice President;
Gorina Gilbert-Juncker (Corina Gilbert-Jucker), Vice President

Clariden Loy Ltd and private Swiss bank, confirming that ZAM Services Ltd.
Why did Alexander Schukin choose the bank Clariden Leu to keep his funds withdrawn from the Russian Federation? This question is answered by the investigation of the international consortium of journalists ICIJ. After examining the leakage of offshore data, the investigators determined that Clariden Leu helped create seven hundred offshore companies for its clients. In particular, the bank actively cooperated with Portcullis TrustNet, a company specializing in creating off-shore “turnkey” schemes.

So, in 2007, an unnamed lawyer at the request of Clariden Leu demanded to ensure maximum confidentiality to his client - so that regulators or law enforcement agencies “stuck to the bare walls”, wish them to find the true owners of offshore structures. Zam Services Ltd. - one of such offshore companies and its real owner Alexander Schukin should never have “surfaced”. However, he himself publicly lit up, taking this letter from the bank at the request of his son-in-law Ildar Uzbekov.

As a result, Shchukin Ildar Uzbekov’s twenty million dollars through Jaya Services Limited, which he controls, transferred structures (Orense, Einer Energy Holding S.a.r.l., Bioversel Trading Inc., Verdeo Inc.) that control Great Lakes Biodiesel Inc. (“GLB”, led by Arieh Mazur) who was involved in the construction of the plant. Construction of the facility cost seventeen million dollars. And then very interesting events began to occur.

Initially, in court, it turned out that Schukin did not invest at all in the plant, but simply lent money. The plant itself was under the control of friends of Fuad Uzbekov and, in all likelihood, father Ildar. And then Mazur said that Alexander Schukin and no one else should. In fact, he allegedly allocated money not for the construction of the enterprise, but for the development of Orense, Einer Energy Holding S.a.r.l., Bioversel Trading Inc. , Verdeo Inc. For which these companies are very grateful - to the most gullible Siberian oligarch and, especially, his representative Ildar Uzbekov.

Ildar Uzbekov began litigation with Mazur. Well, what was he supposed to do, he still needed to somehow justify himself to the test. But the court went Schukin "sideways". Besides the fact that his affairs with a Swiss bank and possession of offshore companies with large amounts in accounts “surfaced” there, his Cypriot financier, Aleksis Tsielepis, also lit up. His name was also named in the British court, where he was called the “auditor and attorney of the Shchukin family”, who “follows the contributions and trusts of the Shchukin family in Cyprus”.

It was Alexis Tsielepis who, according to the correspondence presented at the court in Ontario, dealt with all financial operations, in particular the transfer of Shchukin's funds for the project for the construction of the plant. At the same time, he constantly changed offshore companies that became senders of funds, referring to Ildar Uzbekov’s orders. It should be noted that, together with Tsielepis, Ildar Uzbekov "invested" and Shchukin's funds in projects of Adrian Burford.

The most comprehensive directory of organizations and firms in Canada

It is hard to even imagine how this couple will unfold in the sense of using the father-in-law’s money when Shchukin receives a decent sentence by the verdict of the Novosibirsk Regional Court (and thanks to the efforts of his lawyers, controlled by Ildar Uzbekov, this is all about). Upon the release of the tycoon from prison, for sure, all of his billion taken out of the Russian Federation will be safely “invested” in the factories that will get to Ildar and Fuad Uzbekov and their friends, as well as to other projects that benefit them. Only now, as in the case of GLB or Fern, it turns out that Schukin has nothing to do with these projects, even if he can ever come to freedom.

The release of Alexander Schukin is not beneficial to Ildar Uzbekov and his partners. Currently, it is he who manages all the assets of Alexander Schukin, manages his finances in Russia and abroad. Probably for this reason, the lawyers controlled by Ildar Uzbekov openly drown their client Alexander Schukin in the criminal process of extorting the shares of the Inskoy mine, which he was arrested since November 2016. Recently, an aggressive information campaign against the head of Kuzbass, Aman Tuleyev, which can restore his most influential acquaintance against Shchukin, was added to the number of such mistakes.

Ridiculous attempts to shift the blame for the attack on the head to the closest friends, lawyers and lawyers, who were excommunicated from Alexander Schukin, express the desire of Ildar Uzbekov to avoid publicizing his plans and plans. But they can not deceive anyone. The truth still pops out. Even in the event that it is unpleasant to the new person of the Russian backstage policy, Ildar Uzbekov, who claims a billion of his arrested father-in-law.