Illegal bonus: why the former head of RusHydro was detained

Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against former RusHydro head Yevgeny Dod, suspecting him of theft of 73.2 million rubles. The protege of Anatoly Chubais and Igor Sechin spoiled relations with those who supported him, say the managers familiar with the situation. 
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The searches and detentions

On Wednesday, June 22, the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) reported that a criminal case against the former chairman of the state company "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod and Chief Accountant Dmitry Finkel of the company. Both suspects were detained in the near future they be charged. The question of the measure of restraint Dodu will be considered by the court on Thursday, June 23 told "Interfax" a source familiar with the situation.

About DoD detention for a few hours before the announcement said TFR Legal Report website and confirmed by a source in the Investigative Committee of RBC. Sam Dod phone calls on Wednesday did not answer.

Detention was preceded by a large-scale operation of the security forces: the criminal case conducted more than 30 raids, during which seized objects and documents relevant to the investigation. The searches took place in the energy company "Quadra" Mikhail Prokhorov, whose board of directors headed by Dod three months ago. "People come from law enforcement agencies, communicated to them our lawyers and bezopasnik, they provide interesting information", - said the representative of "Kvadry ".

According to two RBC sources in law enforcement, the criminal case against Rustam Gabdulin Doda is he a senior investigator for especially important cases at the chairman of the TFR and operating in the management of the investigation of particularly important cases against the government and in the economy. Gabdulin headed the investigation team on the case of the riots on Bolotnaya Square May 6, 2012. According to the case have been detained more than 30 people, they are charged with participation in mass riots and using violence to the authorities.


"RusHydro" - state energy company, the primary owner of the hydroelectric power plants in Russia. According to its own data, it brings together more than 70 renewable energy facilities, including the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station - the largest in the country.

Federal Property Management Agency owns 66.84% of its shares. In 2011, the government took the privatization plan, in which the state's share in the "RusHydro" was planned to be reduced to 50.1%. But the deal did not materialize, it acted against the then vice-premier Igor Sichn. In a letter to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the end of 2011, he explained that the privatization will complicate the implementation of investment projects of national importance.

controversial Prize

Doda and Finkel suspected of crimes st.159.4 Criminal Code (fraud). According to investigators, the top managers of the company by prior agreement with the unidentified persons stole the property of "RusHydro" on a large scale. It is about the payment of remuneration to members of the Board in 2013 on the basis of the company's year: TFR maintains that following the approval of the financial Dod "RusHydro" the report signed the order about the special bonuses of top managers, currently accrued premium of RUB 353,210,000, illegally inflating bonus. not less than RUR 73.2 million.

According to the investigation, referred to by the Legal Report, remuneration of "RusHydro" top managers depended on the company's financial results. To increase the bonuses, Dod Finkel and not reflected in the financial statements for the 2013 paper losses of 12.4 billion rubles. depreciation of 84.39% of shares of "RAO Energy Systems of East", 29.8% "Yakutskenergo" and 1.04% of the Far Eastern Energy Company. Thus, the company allegedly misled shareholders.

In 2013-2014, claims to the company for the amount of remuneration has not been, recalls a former federal official financial and economic bloc.

In February 2013, President Vladimir Putin (foreground right) publicly criticized the head of "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod (foreground left) omission. According to Putin, "RusHydro" leadership was slow to inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs that during the construction Zagorsk PSP-2, the company "dragged billion". According to the source "Vedomosti", the true cause of a beating was Doda's position on the additional issue of "RusHydro" at 50 billion rubles .: Dod did not support the proposal Sechin hold it in favor of "Rosneftegas"

According to the regulations "RusHydro", the question of payment of bonuses to top management is the responsibility of the board, but the board only approves the general rules governing the composition of bonuses. "RusHydro" The Board of Directors consists of 13 people, and most of them vote on important issues for directivesgovernment. However, he says a former federal official, members of the directive board of the remuneration is not required and, as a rule, is considered only the total remuneration of the management board on, so the state could not know about the payment.

In addition, management remuneration in state-owned companies tied to performance measures only in 2015, and before that the bonuses could be paid for any reason, and than use management, the source says RBC.

One of the claims to investigators and Dodu Finkel - misleading shareholders who may not have known about paper losses of the company. But in the accounting standards in 2013 "RusHydro", explained in detail his action. Shares of "RAO ES of the East", "Yakutskenergo" and "Far Eastern Energy Company" were evaluated her 20.2 billion rubles. based on the opinion of the appraiser. This is 12.3 billion rubles. higher than their market price at 31 December 2013, the Company recognized, but explained that stock prices do not reflect the fair value as trading no more than 1% of the shares. Do not reduce the return on the amount of paper inytkov allows orders to the Ministry of Finance from 1999 with the notes to the compilation of financial statements of listed companies. Similarly, it came in 2014 and 2015, it follows from its accounting standards. Then the losses from the revaluation of shares amounted to 13.5 billion and 5 billion rubles. respectively.

With Anatoly Chubais Dod met in 1999, when he first came to work in RAO "UES", stood on the threshold of the reform. Dod quickly managed to establish itself,
Chubais and appointed him head of "Inter RAO", giving it beginning under all international trade in electricity from Russia.

Shareholders, including representatives of the Federal Property Agency, approved the financial statements for 2013 at the meeting of June 27, 2014, it follows from the report. Auditor "RusHydro" was PwC. "If the reports verified by the auditor, it must comply with the law", - said a senior lawyer of the tax practice of Sameta Bashirov Catherine. PwC representative declined to comment.

Chubais and Sechin Friend

Dod is a list of the most expensive top-managers of Russian Forbes magazine: in 2014his reward was estimated at $ 6 million, in 2015 - to $ 7 million.

Evgeny Dod had a distinguished career in the power industry. In 1999, he was deputy head of the export department of "RAO UES of Russia", and a year later - in 27 years - led by state energy holding company "Inter RAO", engaged in international trade in electricity. Initially, RAO UES Dod brought deputy chairman of the energy Andrey Rappoport, wrote "Vedomosti", but after a while the manager liked the Chairman of the Board of RAO Anatoly Chubais - and then he went on increasing.

In 2009, when the "RusHydro" after the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station needed a new leader, Dod headed the state company. At the end of the year "RusHydro" revenues amounted to 79 billion rubles, net profit -. 10.3 billion rubles. By 2015, revenues increased to 108 billion rubles, profit -. To 30 billion rubles. At the same time in 2009-2015 the company had not reported a net loss.

In "Inter RAO" Dod, being a native of Chubais's team was able to get close to the chairman of board of directors Igor Hsiehotherwise - consistent opponent of RAO "UES 'reform. It Deputy Prime Minister Sechin in 2009 recommended that the DoD leaders to "RusHydro". In an interview in 2014 Dod called Sechin "senior fellow".

Nomination in Doda "RusHydro", contributed to the Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, head of the Board of Directors "Inter RAO UES", told two federal officials familiar with Dod and Sechin. They also argue that the relationship between Sechin and Dod deteriorated in 2012, when the first was headed "Rosneft". Sechin argue with the government on recapitalization scheme "RusHydro", insisting on the entry into the capital of the company "Rosneftegas" Board of Directors which he chairs. The government wanted to capitalize the "RusHydro" on their own, withdrawing dividends from "Rosneftegas". "Dod took neutrality in the conflict, that might not like Sechin" - says the interlocutor of RBC.

In 2013, Putin criticized the DoD for being slow in the fight against theft, revealed that the Ministry of Interior during the construction Zagorsk PSP-2 on the money "RusHydro". According to law enforcement, the general contractor using a one-day firms stole about 1 billion rubles. Putin's anger caused, in particular, the fact that the company did not participate in the investigation and did not write the statement as an aggrieved party. After that, "RusHydro" not only submitted an application to the Interior Ministry, but also arranged for an internal review of project financing.

"RusHydro", left in 2015 Dod. In addition Sechin he did not have a relationship with the Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who oversees "RusHydro" government, the source said RBC. Instead Doda company headed by former first deputy chairman of the "System Operator" Nikolai Shulgin.

Despite the fact that in 2014 was re-elected chairman of the DoD "RusHydro", the Board for the next five years, in September 2015 he resigned at his own request. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved it without delay. In March 2016, Dod led power company "Quadra", controlled by the group ONEXIM billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov.

Dod in March 2016 led the directors of "Quadra" board. have toCompany's difficult financial situation: Loss for 2015 according to IFRS amounted to 3.8 billion rubles, while total liabilities - 38.1 billion rubles.. The company runs the risk of more than 3 billion rubles. penalties for late delivery of objects on the power supply agreements (CSA). "Quadra" spring attracted 3 billion rubles. from ONEXIM and 7.5 billion rubles. Sberbank and Gazprombank on bail of its shares - the company will send these funds for the construction of facilities for the PDM.

Interviewees RBC familiar Doda and senior officials found it difficult to explain why the claim to the top manager arose after 2.5 years after the payment of remuneration and almost a year after leaving the company. Itself "RusHydro" is now waiting for the government's decision on its recapitalization: the money needed to refinance 81.8 billion rubles. debt "UES of the East". "RusHydro" plans to issue an additional issue, and now the authorities are discussing who will buy it - "Rosneftegas" and VTB. At the St. Petersburg forum Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the purchase of additional issue state-owned banks is considered as the main option.