Ilya Ponomarev decided not to return from the US to Russia

The MP is accused in a criminal case on the theft of $750 thousand from Skolkovo. Besides, the investigators may re-interrogate the head of the Foundation, Viktor Vekselberg.
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Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, who bailiffs to address Gagarin district court in Moscow sought 2.7 million rubles in favor of the "Skolkovo" Foundation, decided not to return to Russia. This "News" reported its representatives. MP feared he would be arrested in a criminal case on the theft of the "Skolkovo" $ 750 thousand., In which he is accused, along with former vice-president of the Foundation Alexei Beltyukova. Witness the case goes Foundation President Viktor Vekselberg, to which the investigators are still questions about the translation in 2010-2011 of the "Skolkovo" on account affiliated companies "Renova Management AG, Switzerland" has 93.5 million rubles.

As told "Izvestia" lawyer Ilya Ponomarev Mary Bast, bailiffs closed the enforcement proceedings against her client at the end of last week.

- Bailiffs got Ponomarev 2.7 million rubles in favor of the "Skolkovo" which has decided to collect him in civil proceedings Gagarin district court in Moscow - told "Izvestia" lawyer Ponomareva Maria Bast.

Recall that in the summer of 2013 Gagarin court decided that Ponomarev has not fulfilled the conditions of the contract with the "Skolkovo" Foundation on the course lectures on "Commercialization of New Technologies" - from 10, he spent only one. According to the court, the deputy did not worked 2.7 million rubles, which he must return the "Skolkovo".

Lawyer Ponomarev said that the fact that payment of the debt within the framework of a civil action is not affect the fate of her client in a criminal case.

- Unfortunately, it's different things, but I hope that the investigation will take into account the fact that Ponomarev paid 2.7 million rubles of damages alleged against him in the 22 million rubles, - explained Maria Bast.

Ponomarev himself still hiding in the United States. Previously, he has repeatedly said he would return to Russia only after the bailiffs will be removed from all his claims. However, according to his lawyer, to return to Russia, he is not going.

- Ponomarev understands that, as soon as he crosses the border, he was arrested - said Maria Bast.

State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev is a defendant in a criminalcase brought by the Investigative Committee against the former senior vice president of "Skolkovo" Fund Alexei Beltyukova under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code ( "Embezzlement"). In June, the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin signed a decree to initiate a criminal case against a member of parliament for hours. 5, Art. And 33 h. 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code ( "Complicity in waste"). Moscow's Basmanny court upheld the petition TFR and issued a warrant for arrest in absentia Beltyukova and Ponomariov. Both are in the international wanted list.

According to investigators, from 2011 to 2012 Vice-President of the "Skolkovo" Alex Beltiukov illegally handed over to the deputy Ponomarev $ 750 thousand. From the fund. According to official documents, Ponomarev allegedly those funds had to lecture and perform research work. Lectures were at times less than planned, and they lasted less than an hour. Later Beltiukov Ponomariov signed with an additional agreement to reduce the amount of the contract to $ 450 thousand., It abolished the phased reporting system. According to investigators, this was done in order to make it difficult to control the terms of the contract execution.

Initially Ponomarev planned to return the money received from the "Skolkovo" Foundation. But then he said that he would not return them - in his opinion, legally this would mean an admission of guilt.

Witness the case passes the president of "Skolkovo" Viktor Vekselberg, who has already been interrogated in the TFR. Earlier, he said that the fund will require Ilya Ponomarev return $ 750 thousand., Which was paid to him for his research and lectures.

Representatives Vekselberg said that he personally has nothing to do with this story.

- Personally, Viktor Vekselberg, can not demand anything from Ponomareva, either as a person or as a president of "Skolkovo". In this case we are talking about the claim of a legal entity to the physical, and only in such a context, it can be seen - said "News" the official representative of Vekselberg Andrew Storch. - So that Viktor Vekselberg in this story does not participate.

Representatives of the Fund "Skolkovo" could not promptly comment on the "News" the situation surrounding the claims to Ponomarev.

InIlovik have questions to Vekselberg and about another story - about the possible misuse of budgetary funds from the fund "Skolkovo". As it turned out, in 2010-2011, the fund transferred 93.5 million rubles to the Russian branch of the company "Renova Management AG, Switzerland," affiliated with the president of Fund Vekselberg. This company is a holding company "Renova" and specializes in asset management, mergers and acquisitions advice to other companies of the group.

In addition, from 2010 to 2011, still more than 52 million rubles from the fund were transferred to foreign companies. According to the MIA, it Urlich F Kunz & Partners AG, Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd, UBS Swiss Financial Advisers AG, Maxmakers Ltd, Valode & Pistre Management SA, Pierre De Meuron.