Ilyushin Aviation Complex refused to purchase a luxury car after FBK reported

The Aviation Corporation refused to purchase the Audi A8 with massage seats for its CEO Alexei Rogozin.
The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), founded by Alexei Navalny, has published another investigation, which involved the son of former vice-premier and current head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin. It's about 34-year-old Alexei Rogozin, who holds the post of vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation and the general director of the Iliyushin Aviation Complex.

As FBK employees found out, the company headed by Rogozin, Jr., the Il company, announced a tender for the purchase of a Audi A8 car for leasing for 8.5 million rubles. According to the assumption of the lawyer FBK Lyubov Sobol, it is the son of a Russian official who will be riding this car with a sliding roof, massage seats, elite Feinnappa skin and a 23-speaker speaker system.

According to the state procurement portal, information about the tender was posted on May 14 this year. The initial price of the contract is 10.5 million rubles, but the car itself accounts for 8.5 million rubles. The lease term of the car is 36 months.

In this regard, the FBK appealed to Alexei Rogozin with the question for whom it is planned to buy a luxury car, and also offered to buy a cheaper car.

In the evening of June 11, a few hours after the publication of the FBK investigation, a notice on the canceling of the tender for the purchase of a car for the company headed by Dmitry Rogozin's son appeared on the site of state procurement. The posted document, dated June 8, states that the cancellation is due to the need to make changes to the terms of reference.

Let's notice, that for the last some years the son of Dmitry Rogozin has replaced some high posts. So, from the beginning of the 2000s Rogozin Jr. worked in the projects of his father - the Rodina Party and the Congress of Russian Communities, and then as Development Director, and afterwards the Deputy Director General of the Promtekhnologii Group of Companies created a factory for the production of sniper and hunting weapons under the brand name ORSIS. In 2011, he became a deputy to the Moscow Regional Duma of the fifth convocation.

From 2012 to 2016, Alexey Rogozin was the general director of the federal state enterprise FKP "Aleksinsky Chemical Plant", engaged in the production and research and development of special chemicals, composite and rubber products for the industry of conventional weapons, aviation and space technology, as well as the production of gunpowder. Then Rogozin came to the Ministry of Defense, where he took the post of deputy head of the property relations department. In this position he supervised the work of a number of large subordinate enterprises.

March 14, 2017 Rogozin Jr. was appointed to the post of vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation, and in April he was appointed general director of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex.

It is also worth noting that the father of Alexei Rogozin has already attracted the attention of fighters against corruption. So, in April 2016, an international non-governmental organization to combat corruption, Transparency International (TI), published an investigation on the luxury Moscow apartment Rogozin on Starovolynskaya street. The market value of a two-tier 10-room apartment was estimated by experts at 500 million rubles. According to the organization, the acquisition of this property hides an intricate offshore scheme.

Earlier FBK claimed that Rogozin did not buy an apartment on Starovolynskaya Street, but exchanged for her an apartment with a smaller footprint on Tishinka with a mysterious discount of 200 million rubles.

Sources said that after the publication of the TI address of the apartment on Starovolynska Rogozin moved to a rental accommodation for security reasons.