iMars became enough imprudent to hold tenders inside the company

Mikhail Struchkov and Yevgeny Sobolev use Anatoly Meshcheryakov to hold tenders in Russian Railways and the Moscow Metro.
Communication Group IMARS , controlled by businessman Evgeny Sobolev continues to confidently win tenders for the PR- and communication services to a number of transport companies, first of all, Russian Railways and the Moscow metro. Almost all trading application communication group is accompanied by an offer of the production center (communication group) "Event". The funny thing is that the "event" is informally part IMARS group structure, which is struggling so herself to the highest bidder (to be extremely precise, the "Event" eolyutsionno spun off from iMars).

In July 2016 the Moscow Metro has summed up the results of trading on the PR-promotion of the joint project with the Tretyakov Gallery and the launch of the Moscow Ring Railway (CIT). The two tenders (46.5 and 44.1 million rubles, respectively) participated iMars and HRC unchanged spoiler "Event". For a confident victory iMars enough to "Event" has offered the price slightly higher. In total 90 million rubles from aazny metro of the Russian capital has flowed into the wallets of owners of the communication group.

In exchange for this "Aymars" develop the concept of positioning of the joint project of the Moscow Metro and the State Tretyakov Gallery, create a unique visual style of the project, will present the concept of the promotion, will produce communication materials. The list also contains the works of the organization and special events. Simply put, some buklektov, visualization and booklet about the progress and a pair of cheap "social events" for $ 1.5 million.

As a joke Moscow advertisers and PR-crates, "success to iMars runs on rails." The tenders for the communication and PR-services to Russian Railways (RZD) Evgenia Soboleva Agency confidently takes hundreds of millions of rubles a year. And often - hand in hand with the union "event".

So, in April 2016 the Central Suburban Passenger Company (TSPPK), a subsidiary of Russian Railways, the second consecutive iMars concluded with an agreement on "a comprehensive PR-accompanieddenie "worth 36.9 million rubles:

". ..pobeditel Competition will be responsible for the complex PR-support activities in the federal and regional (in all areas of corporate interests) of the company, organization of media events and business events, the implementation of special advertising and communication campaigns, etc.".

IMars competitor on the tender was still the same communication group "Event" , which as luck would have offered the highest price (and naturally lost again). In July 2016 iMars takes a larger order - a tender for 390 million rubles from the Russian Railways with blurred terms "selection agency for the organization and holding of events and communication projects (including in the field of corporate culture, youth policy and the development of human resource capacity" How. trademark - in addition to the tender iMars again involved HRC "Event"!

An amazing coincidence, is not it? "Event" is headed by Michael Cpen that worked until 2009 in IMARS, but the very "Event" to 2011-2012 directly included into the structure of the communication group. For example, in the Russian media in 2009, Mr. Pods appeared as a partner IMARS . And in 2011 the Production Center "Event" conducted activities for Railways as a structural unit of the communication group iMars.

On indirect information it is also known that Mr Pods are still close to the owner iMars Evgeny Sobolev (with whom they went to the same school - the Military University of the RF Ministry of Defence ), and that in turn supports a good and close relationship with the Vice -President Railways Anatoly Meshcheryakov. The railway monopoly Mr. Meshcheryakov came in late 2011, and before that in 2004 he worked in "Transmashholding" on the positions of Director of External Relations and the Deputy Director General. By the way, at that time iMars has consistently received ordersfrom our company.

Mysterious there is nothing, as Mr. Meshcheryakov as his friend Sobolev - a native of the MDM Group, and together they worked in a raider of "Rinako" fought with the "Alfa Group" in 2002-2003 over control Tagmet and now " Red boilermaker "in Taganrog.

Basically, the story of "three musketeers modern" would be of interest to writers or series, but participation is not welcomed in the tenders of shell companies in terms of the legislation of the Russian Federation. What will happen to the business, "Musketeers", if the HRC "Event" and will be recognized iMars affiliates?