iMars Group sucks the Russian Railways budget off through Anatoly Meshcheryakov

iMars Communication Group has found a gold mine in the advertising and PR-budgets of the Russian railway monopoly, Russian Railways. The unprecedented success of the group that received orders on hundreds of millions of rubles from the state company solely in 2014, having the first place among the contractors that won the tenders, have attracted media attention.
So, of Forbes magazine in March 2015 he wrote:

. ".. Several interlocutors Forbes argue that iMars associated with Vice President Railways Anatoly Meshcheryakov. IMars partner Vladimir Stupnikov, in 2003-2006 worked in the Railways, he says that in the revenue agency in 2014 contracts with the railway occupy less than 10 %: «iMars relations with Russian Railways are only workers and the terms of cooperation with the company very hard" in the press service of Russian Railways about the connection information to IMARS Meshcheryakov denied:. "neither the vice-president of Russian Railways Alexander Meshcheryakov, nor any of his family never owned shares / shares of any commercial enterprise. "

Last year, Russian Railways placed 21 bids for services in the field of PR and communications for 960 million rubles, the winners of which turned out to be amicable trio of companies MultiTec (affiliated with "Mikhailov & Partners"), an autonomous non-profit organization (ANO) "Center Zheldorreforma" (structure Railways, which only transmits its orders to subcontractors) and iMars agency. The presence on the list of winners of tenders Railways MultiTec quiteunderstandable: the owner of "Mikhailov & Partners" Sergei Mikhailov in 2004-2012 he served on the board of Russian Railways, and from 2006 to 2012 headed the department of state-owned corporate communications. Last year, its structure has received an order from Russian Railways for direct advertising in the amount of 215 million rubles.

But how in this wonderful and intimate company got iMars agency? In his interview with the managers of the communications agency they go into a lengthy discourse in the spirit of "we must be able to work", "we are very efficient," "the main thing - respect the dead-line" and so on. Spake all this nonsense recent girls and boys run errands, which in recent years the main owners of the communication agency business have put their shine rozhitsami public.

This year, the winning pace iMars in ruthless cutting the dough in the bins Railways continued:

Railways summed up the results of the tender for the provision of the right to enter into an Agreement for the provision of training and of communicationconstant campaign in support of the involvement of civil turnover of non-core and non-used in the production activities of the property. The winner was the communications agency iMars, previously collaborated with the carrier. Of all the participants requested the winner for the services the least amount of 15.5 million rubles. The initial amount of the contract amounted to almost 16, 5 million rubles, including VAT. The tender was attended by NGO "Center Zheldorreforma and« Multi-Technology ", who have requested for the services of 15.7 million and 16.2 million rubles respectively.

"Russian Railways" company summed up the results of the tender for the provision of services for the organization and preparation of the communication campaign "Reduction of accidents at level crossings." The winner was iMARS Communications agency, a request for their services 79.9 million rubles.

"Russian Railways" company announced the results of the tender for the provision of services for the organization and preparation of the communication campaign "Child safety nand the railway. " The winner was iMARS Communications agency, a request for their services to 89 million rubles with a maximum value of 97.6 million contract, including VAT.

"Federal Passenger Company" (subsidiary of "Russian Railways" structure) summed up the results of the tender for the provision of integrated communication support of JSC "FPK" in 2015. The winner was the communications agency iMars, queries for services 39.8 million rubles.

The agency has won the tender of Central Suburban Passenger Company JSC "Central Suburban Passenger Company" (TSPPK) announced the results of the tender for the right to sign the agreement to perform activities in the field of promotion of the company in the media and on the Internet in 2015. The winner was iMARS Agency, which offered a contract for 32.2 million rubles.

Only to these tenders iMars receive more than 250 million rubles. But that's not all: on the way Agency shines a big chunk size of 305 million rubles. June 9 Railways will summarize the three planned tenders , participation in which is not difficult to guess, again it took our "holy trinity". And it is not hard to imagine that at least two of the tender - if not all three - will get iMars Group again.


Anatoly Meshcheryakov

rodent secret of success of action in the bins iMars Railways is simple to ugliness: vice president state company now occupies Anatoly Meshcheryakov, a native of the structures of the MDM Group. From the same group MDM is a native and principal owner iMars business - Eugene Sobolev. One could even argue that it is both of these worthy gentleman were at the origins of the current communications agency, which came to light in 2001.

In the late 90's - early 2000's Evgeny Sobolev, on education - a military translator and for some time he served in the Russian peacekeeping troops in the former Yugoslavia, held in the MDM groupp:. // "> vice president Anatoly Meshcheryakov (a graduate of the Kiev Higher Military Aviation Engineering School) while consistently led the information and referral service of MDM Bank was in 2000-2001 the head of information and public relations of MDM Bank. in 2001-2002, he held no high, but byudzhetoemky post of chief of the department for relations with the regions of the department of public relations of MDM Group.

MDM Group then engaged about the same as other similar structures Russian "oligarchs" - that is, straw men representing mainly foreign or ethnic (Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Tat, etc.) capital. The primary goal of MDM was the accumulation of the most delicious pieces of Russian business in the so-called "Vertically integrated" company, with the purpose of their further sale to end owners. Preference is thus surrendered export-oriented or auxiliary business assets. Recall that from the "business" MDM then rose corporations like EuroChem, UGMK, to TMKCOMP ANIES, SUEK, and a number of other assets were sold to large metallurgical and energy companies (Evraz, UMMC and so on).

The most hot time came in 2002, when MDM revived the well-known company in the 90s "Rinako". It was planned that this will be an investment-raider "Shark," which will merge in the first stage stakes in a number of industrial enterprises. Later received the assets were to be sold and digested. In this company, Mr. Meshcheryakov was appointed head of the Directorate of Information project and Evgeniy Sobolev - again, Vice-President :

Company "Rinako" will transfer 54.7% stake in OAO "Tagmet" the depository of MDM Bank until the end of the week. This was stated by Vice-President Evgeny Sobolev Group at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don. He recalled that a group of "Rinako" (affiliated with MDM Group) earlier this week acquired 54.7% of shares of "Tagmet", are in trust management of the General Director Sergei Bidash plant.

Initially "Rinako" got under the management of JSC "Volgogradcue Tractor Plant "," Volgograd Motor Plant "," Kuznetsk Ferroalloys ", a little later, it acquired a controlling stake in a metallurgical plant" Tagmet "in Taganrog (now part of TMK's pipe" branch "MDM business). In 2003, the" shark "dozhrala factory" Red boilermaker "in Taganrog, gently and in treaty knocking him out of the Raiders of the" Alpha ". since 2004, the need for" Rinako "disappeared. The company has been gradually relieved by hanging on her assets and covered.

Later career Sobolev and Meshcheryakov formally separated, but the partners continue to cooperate actively. Until 2011, Eugene Sobolev was held in the Russian media as "Managing Partner iMars Group" (incidentally, flashes in the status he sometimes still do). But in general, after the MDM group, as befits a big fish, accepting the prize, Mr. Sobolev left the public horizon radar visibilityI lay down on the bottom. However, the remains of contrails from his body movements are still visible. For example, when MDM was marred briefly in 2002 as vice president of UMMC (company associated with MDM), and in the second half of the 2000s flashed among close the controversial oligarch Mikhail Abyzova, E4 group creator (it Sobolev at one time he held the post of member of the Board of Directors and served as press secretary of RU-COM company abyzovskoy). Characteristically, Mr. Sobolev categorically does not like publicity, and always tries to act on the second plan, and from the shadows.

But the business of his agency was always good in those structures where significant positions held Anatoly Meshcheryakov, who made a public career. In the years 2004-2011 he worked for the Director of External Relations and then First Deputy General Director of ZAO "Transmashholding". And what a wonderful coincidence - it is in this time interval iMars (by observing my grandfather online, let us not forget it!) Richly earned money on contracts of "Transmashholding". After leaving Anatoly MeshcheryakovPeninsula of "Transmashholding" volumes of cooperation with this company - again a coincidence! - Have fallen sharply in the last few years of major victories iMars Group in this sector of the labor front unheard agency.

The next step came in early 2012 when Meshcheryakov made his way to Olympus Railways. Since December 2011, he became a senior adviser to the president of JSC "Russian Railways", and in February 2012 he was appointed Secretary of State - Vice-President of JSC "Russian Railways". Immediately after that communication agency iMars gotten a second wind: the company has become a regular win on tenders in the field of PR and communications services to Russian Railways.

In fact, nothing illegal business Sobolev and Meshcheryakov no masters. Of course, he Anatoly Meshcheryakov has no formal relationship to the iMars Group - he does not own any shares of the "Company" and, perhaps, it could even be argued that he remembered nothing of Mr Sobolev. And he Evgeny Sobolev also can easily disown iMars agency, formal owners of which are now obvious, "sixes".

After all, what supported communicationinsulating agency? It leased office, cheap furniture, tons of pathos, false chatter and incessant customer cut budgets. But the profitability of this business reaches 85-90%: for tens and hundreds of millions of rubles, "wizards" of iMars rivet shabby rollers (as an example: the three clearly made on the knee roll and miserable shit site for ! Nearly 80 million rubles ) and trumps tasteless plakatiki and tear-eye style house.

So we have a confidence that after the departure of Mr. Meshcheryakov retired from the Railways, the life-giving flow of funds out of this state-owned company for the real owners iMars also suddenly stopped as he began.