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The Central Bank will strengthen control over the calculation of the cost of card loans.
A new problem has been identified in the consumer lending market: a number of banks are free to calculate the full cost of credit (PSC) for card loans. As a result, citizens are misled about the real cost of using a credit card. The situation has already attracted special attention of the Central Bank: the regulator promises to strengthen control, although it is not ready to specify the order of settlements due to the complexity of the product. Experts also believe that it will not solve the problem.

The fact that the regulator pays special attention to the control over the correctness of calculating the CPM for card products, "Kommersant" was informed by the Central Bank. "In the framework of behavioral supervision, the Bank of Russia pays special attention to card products, as this direction is developing dynamically," noted there. "As part of the work carried out by the Consumer Rights Protection Service, complaints and appeals on specific individuals are addressed, , in the framework of which the proposed products are analyzed, including those newly introduced to the market. "

Elvira Nabiullina, Head of the Bank of Russia, June 7, 2018 Elvira Nabiullina, Head of the Bank of Russia, June 7, 2018
We build behavioral supervision, so that citizens are not disappointed by the fact that they entered the financial market, the products that they purchased

The regulator's statement was a response to the issue raised by bankers at the forum of the Association of Russian Banks about the rules for calculating the full cost of credit on credit cards. Bankers noted that the complex configuration of the product (the presence of the grace period, the withdrawal of cash from a credit card and other nuances) allows dishonest players to freely interpret the rules and mislead customers about the real cost of using a credit card.

Under the law "On consumer credit" (353-FZ), the bank is obliged to bring to the attention of the client the amount of CPM. It consists of all payments and commissions, which, probably, have to be paid to the borrower, including for issuing the card. The CPM is defined as a percentage per annum.

Art. 6 of the Law 353-FZ requires banks in cases where the terms of the consumer loan agreement assume payment by the borrower of various payments depending on its decision, to settle on the basis of the maximum possible amount and the terms of return. When using credit cards, the law requires you to calculate the CPM to the maximum. Alexander Samokhvalov, the head of the Russian Standard Bank, notes that in complex unsecured loans, the card is a complex, multifaceted financial product characterized by a high variability in the borrower's behavior: "Due to the complexity of the product and the differences in customer behavior for the same product, there may be different CPMs . The responsibility of the bank is to disclose all these details. " However, according to Dmitry Kurganov, executive director of Renaissance Credit Bank, in practice, individual players often do not fulfill this requirement, underrating the CPM and depriving clients of the opportunity to compare the real conditions of different banks.

Examples of the crafty approach to the calculation of CPM on card loans were actively discussed at the forum. So, in particular, the CPM can be calculated on the basis that the borrower will always return funds to the bank during the grace period, without paying interest. Another way to understate the CPM is to calculate based on the maximum possible limit for the loan program, and not the real one on the card. Another option is that the tariff plans in the bank provide for free card service in certain cases (for example, with spending from 10,000 rubles per month). And the bank in calculating the CPM believes that the client will always comply with this condition, although in practice this is not necessary and the commission for annual maintenance should be included in the assessment.

Human rights defenders are sure that to solve the problem, the rules for calculating the CPM for card loans should be extremely accurate and understandable. "We have not received a single complaint about the incorrect calculation of the PUK on the map," notes Viktor Klimov, head of the ONF project "For the Rights of Borrowers." And not because the client is happy with anything, the simple mechanism for calculating the PUK is so complex that a person can not double- reliable information before it was reported or not. "

But the Central Bank does not intend to change the calculation rules. "The specifics of calculating CPM for credit cards are set by the federal law on consumer credit," the Bank of Russia said. "To clarify certain provisions of the law, market participants and their associations in some cases also send official requests to the Central Bank."

The regulator prefers to strengthen control. "Both standard forms of existing contracts and applied calculation methods are requested, as well as agreements already concluded with specific consumers, in case of revealing violations, the Bank of Russia applies measures in accordance with the requirements of the law in order to exclude potential violations," the Central Bank explained. calculation of the CPM as included in the remote checks of credit institutions, and may be part of the procedure "secret buyer" (the commission of actions aimed at preparing for the conclusion Treaty). " Such checks can be conducted with the growth of consumer appeals on this issue, and also preventively, according to the risk profile of a particular credit institution, clarified there.