In Dagestan have opened a multimillion-dollar fraud with fuel for the army

Investigators revealed the theft of 20 million rubles in the 136th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade.
As it became known to Kommersant, the military investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Southern Military District completes the investigation of the criminal case on the theft of diesel fuel from the 136th separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade (military unit 63354) in Buinaksk. The case counts 42 criminal episodes committed by members of an organized grouping, for a total of 20 million rubles. The accusation of a particularly large fraud was brought against the chief of the fuel and lubricants department of the military unit, Major Alexei Vilkov, the head of the fuel and lubricants store in Khankala (Chechnya) Armen Mailyan, the warehouse assistant Alexei Kryuchkov, the staff of the Military Unit Sergey Magomedov and Tavbolat Dzhanbatyrov. The defendants deny their involvement in the crimes they are charged with.

According to the investigation, Major Alexei Vilkov, having received in 2016 the appointment to the post of chief of the fuel and lubricants service at 63354 - the famous 136th separate guards motor rifle Uman-Berlin Red Banner Order of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the brigade, fuel with the help of their former colleagues Sergei Magomedov and Tavbolat Dzhanbatyrov. They served for many years under contract in various parts of the Southern Military District. To implement the conceived Magomedov was officially registered as a tractor driver for the military unit, while in fact he was acting as the head of the field filling station. According to the accusation, Magomedov made false information in the distribution lists for the fictitious issuance of diesel fuel to the battalion of the communications battalion. Dzhanbatyrov was accepted to the position of electrician-relay-driver at / h, although in fact he was the head of the fuel depot, investigators believe. The witnesses interrogated during the investigation - the deputy commander of the communications battalion for armament Magomed Mutayev and the head of the control and technical point of the communication battalion Tagirov reported that the first, on the instructions of the second one, made knowingly false information about the consumption of diesel fuel in the worksheets of the communications battalion units, as well as in the write-off acts fuel. For this, Magomedov received money, which he spent on repairing the communications battalion technique. Tagirov confirmed this fact. Investigators established that diesel fuel was supplied to the military unit of Buinaksk from the fuel depot of Khankala (Chechen Republic) signed by the head of the base Armen Mailyan. His assistant was warehouse assistant Alexei Kryuchkov, previously convicted by the Zasvijazhskiy District Court of Ulyanovsk for robbery in the group (Part 4, Article 162 of the Criminal Code).

Note that first a criminal case was instituted on a particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) for 12 episodes of theft of diesel fuel in the brigade, then seven more cases of embezzlement were discovered, followed by 23 facts. In March 2018, all three cases were combined into one - 42 episodes totaling 20 million rubles.

"All the defendants do not admit their guilt," said the lawyer of Armen Maylyan Stanislav Satarov to Kommersant. In his opinion, this criminal case is a revenge of investigators for a colleague who was convicted for three years under art. 290 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (taking bribes) after applying to the special services of the military personnel of the fuel depot at military unit 63354. Defense asserts that the charge does not specify the method and place of fuel theft, documents for the writing off of diesel fuel in part were signed by the deputy commander of the communications battalion for armament Magomed Mutayev. "We repeatedly wrote petitions to bring him to criminal liability, but our statements are not taken into account by the investigative authorities, and the prosecutor's office responds with a refusal," Mr. Satarov said. The defendants are held in custody by a court decision until June 19, 2018. The appeal of the defense of the five defendants against the relevant judicial decision was rejected by the North Caucasian District Military Court. Lawyers asked to change the measure of restraint to their principals for house arrest, but the court found their arguments unreasonable.