In France searched the Villa of the former owner of "TagAZ»

The former owner of the Doninvest Group and Taganrog Automobile Plant is being pursued by Sberbank, Gazprombank and VTB. He managed to owe them 19 billion rubles.
On Wednesday, July 18, searches and seizures of documents were carried out in the Versailles estate of the former owner of the Taganrog Automobile Plant (TagAZ, produced cars under the Tagaz, Hyundai, BYD, Vortex brands), the founder of the Doninvest group, Mikhail Paramonov, and in connection with businessman of the company MPM Motors.

This was told to Vedomosti by a source close to Sberbank, one of the main creditors of TagAZ. Orders for the conduct of searches and seizure of documents issued by the courts of Paris and Versailles on the application of financial manager Paramonova, he clarified. The representative of the Savings Bank also knows about this. "Sberbank is satisfied with the decisions and will continue to actively work to recover the debts of Mikhail Paramonov both in Russia and abroad," said the representative of the state bank.

 Now Paramonov lives abroad. In the fall of 2016, a businessman who acted as a guarantor for loans to "TagAZ" was declared bankrupt at the request of the "South Automotive Group" (SAG, Sberbank). In 2009, production at TagAZ fell three times, debt to banks reached 20 billion. In 2010, debts to most of the banks were restructured, the bankruptcy case initiated by VTB was terminated. Sberbank tried to restart production.

In 2012, the automaker filed a lawsuit about its own bankruptcy, the court introduced a monitoring procedure, and in 2014 began a bankruptcy proceedings. The requirements of the SAG were also included in the register of creditors' claims in the amount of 4.5 billion (requirements for LLC Tagaz, OJSC ATP Super and Paramonov). Before stopping "Tagaza" Paramonov, in return for repaying part of the debt of the automaker gave Sberbank the largest in Rostov-on-Don hotel "Rostov" and boarding house "Swallow" in the Krasnodar region. The property of "Tagaza" has not been sold yet: the competitions did not take place due to lack of applications.

According to Kommersant, the total amount of claims of Paramonov's creditors (among the main creditors, in addition to Sberbank, Gazprombank and VTB) exceeds 19 billion rubles. The bankruptcy manager in the course of the Paramonov bankruptcy did not reveal his property in Russia, so the banks are trying to recover the debt with the help of the debtor's foreign property, the source of Vedomosti says. The villa of Paramonov in France was already seized on the claims of VTB and Gazprombank.

"We intend to seek the repayment of the debt of TagAZ and Mikhail Paramonov by all available methods in accordance with the law, including in the bankruptcy procedure, by selling the property of guarantors for the company's debts, including the property of Paramonov," the VTB representative said.