In Moscow, Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky's property has been arrested

On Monday, the bailiffs have seized Hotel Tavria in the Crimea, which belongs to the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region.
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In Moscow, arrested property of Ukrainian oligarch, Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast Igor Kolomoisky. The decision was made based on the application of the Investigative Committee of Russia, submitted as part of the criminal case on crimes Ukrainian officials on the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

- JSC "Elit-Holding", which is a co-founder of Kolomoisky owns an office building in Moscow, and received from the rental income can be used Kolomoisky to finance criminal activities in the south-east of Ukraine, - told "Izvestia" spokesman Vladimir Markin TFR. - The building was searched, during which seized and impounded for investigation of important documents.

It is also known that Kolomoisky and his partners in the group "Privat" Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Alexei Martynov through Cyprus and the structure of "Elite-holding" control restored early XX century mansion in the Arbat at Cook Street. According to an extract from the Unified State Register, JSC "Elit Holding" owns the building on the greatie property and leases it also housed the affiliates of the holding structure.

How to write "News", before the scan Crimean prosecutor's bailiffs had seized on real estate fitness complex "Tavria", the owner of which is owned by Kolomoisky Privatbank.

Investigative Committee continues to work on the establishment of other assets Kolomoisky, including those located in the Crimea.

According to the investigation, Igor Kolomoisky involved in the direct funding of military operations in the south-east of Ukraine and activity of the Ukrainian battalion "Dnepr", "Azov". With regard to his ruling on indictment by am. 3 tbsp. 33, pp "A, b, f, g, l" h. 2 tablespoons. 105, h. 3 tbsp. 33, h. 1 tbsp. 356, h. 3 tbsp. 33, h. 3 tbsp. 144, h. 3 tbsp. 33, n. "And" h. 3 tbsp. 126 of the Criminal Code ( "Murder, use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, impeding the professional activities of journalists, kidnapping").

Bailiffs have arrested Igor Kolomoisky assets in Crimea
News, 01/09/2014

By decision of the prosecutor's officers have seized a hotel and recreation complex "Tavria", which is owned by Privatbank, belonging to Ukrainian oligarch.

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who finances militant extremist organization "Right sector" may be deprived of their property in the territory of Russia. Crimean prosecutor's office considered the appeal of the General Prosecutor's Office about the possible financing of terrorism Ukrainian politician Igor Kolomoisky, including through controlled companies, located in the peninsula. As a result, after the Crimean prosecutor's office carried out checks bailiffs seized on real estate fitness complex "Tavria", the owner of which is owned by Kolomoisky Privatbank. This "News" told the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Crimea. "Tavria" Kolomoisky bought back in 2004. Luxury resort is situated in one of the artsGOVERNMENTAL parts of the Crimea - in the "closed" Foros village, where there are private residences of representatives of the business elite, politicians and artists.

In addition, under arrest and may get elite complex Nautilus apartments on the Black Sea in Gurzuf. Prosecutors found that the construction of Nautilus funded Privatbank, which was the financial partner of the owner of Nautilus - "Edelweiss-2000" of private enterprise. The duties of the "Edelweiss" is about security in the territory of the Nautilus, the provision of services to owners of apartments on sanitation, provision of electricity, heating, maintenance and other monitoring payment of settlement amounts for these services. Cash for the relevant services are paid at the expense of the owner of the territory, open to all the same Privatbank. Wages of employees transferred to the Kiev office of the company at the bank's payroll cards Kolomoisky.

According to "Izvestia", Igor Kolomoisky and his partners in the group "Privat" Gennadiy Bogolyubov, Alexey Martynov through kiprskie structure and metropolitan of "Elite-holding" also control building in Moscow's Arbat District (Cook, 10). According to an extract from the Unified State Register, JSC "Elit Holding" owns a renovated mansion from the early XX century on the Chef on the right of property and leases it also housed the affiliates of the holding structure.

Officially, contact with the press-service, or the leadership of the hotel complex "Tavria", "Izvestiya" failed, and the only available on the website of the hotel contact forward calls to Ukrainian "Bukovel" ski resort booking service.

Staff call-center was told that the hotel is closed due to the difficult situation in Ukraine. On a question, and here Ukraine, if the complex is located in Russia, has been received the laconic reply:

- It is not in Russia and in the Crimea.

Note that in the Russian travel agency when you try to book a room at the hotel told us that it was closed for restoration, and this year's work will not be exact.

Contact has not turned out and with the Nautilus complex, which was postRoen company "Edelweiss-2000" in the financial partnership with the PJSC "CB" Privatbank ". In this case, the company clarified that "Edelweiss-2000" is being phased out its activities on the territory of Crimea.

According to counsel, the chairman of the Moscow Bar Association, the director of "Knyazev and partners," Andrei Knyazev, due to the fact that the company itself has for some time not working, the arrest will not create additional difficulties for ordinary workers.

- The arrest is usually applied to exclude the possibility of funding criminal activity if the offense is connected with the property, as well as the arrest may be imposed in connection with the claims of the victims - said the lawyer, adding that such a measure should be completely paralyze the activities of the enterprise.

According to experts, seizure and confiscation of two resorts in the Crimea Kolomoisky will deprive tens of millions of dollars.

- Each of the resorts ( "Tavria" and the Nautilus) costs about $ 20 million, but should bear in mind that these are two fundamentally different business.. "Tavria" representsie a property of the elite class, this price is formed due to its large area and elite numbers. Nautilus is - it's not so much the hotel rooms, how many apartments for sale - assessed value of the business tycoon General Director of "Center of the right decisions," Natalya Slovesnikova.

I agree with her and Mikhail Danilchenko, independent expert on real estate market of the Crimea.

- The price of the two resort complexes - at least $ 20 million each, - he said.

Note that the prosecutor's office of the Crimea is also carried out verification of the activities of individual members of the movement "Right Sector", which are placed on the Internet calling for a "war against the invaders" on the peninsula.

The reason for the test was a requirement Kolomoisky assets of members of the Communist Party Kolomoisky close of business in Russia. The first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Nationalities Valery Rashkin and deputy chairman of the committee for public associations and religious organizations Sergei Obukhov appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to identify all organizationstion, departments, branches and representative offices on the territory of our country, which are controlled by Igor Kolomoisky, and submit to the appropriate judicial authorities for an immediate declaration prohibiting their activities and subsequent elimination (text of the letter is at the disposal of "Izvestia").

According to deputies, under the control of an oligarch in Russia remain the company and its representation of the Ukrainian enterprises, bringing Igor Kolomoisky profit, which is used to finance the "Right Sector". Based on publicly available information, MPs claim that may relate to those beaches elite residential complex Nautilus in Gurzuf and hotel complexes in Foros belonging "Privat" group, which is co-owned by Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. Kolomoisky deputies also credited with the possession of the company, "Atan-Crimea" and "Ukrnafta" in Feodosia. All of these organizations have refused to comment on the initiative of the Communists. This relatively "Atan-Crimea" the investigators found that in November 2013till now banking finance companies, institutions, organizations, social movements, located on the territory of Ukraine, as well as political parties in Ukraine now is not carried out.

Recall that the March 2, 2014 decree of Acting Ukrainian President Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Oleksandr Turchynov Igor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. After the conflict in the south-east of Ukraine Kolomoisky formed militias that are punitive operations against the army and the civilian population of New Russia. Most of the tycoon army are representatives of nationalist organizations, including the "Right Sector". In Russia, in regard to a businessman and head of the Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky was a criminal case on the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare in eastern Ukraine. Russian Prosecutor General's Office has sent to Interpol documents necessary for the international investigation Ukrainian oligarch.