In Russia was stolen money for the flight to the moon

According to the investigators, only one contracting firm stole RSC Energia and RCS funds for more than 800 million rubles.
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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a case on large-scale embezzlement of funds allocated to the Center for Simulator Engineering and Personnel Training (TsTiPP), the developer and creator of most of the cosmonaut training equipment, assigned to RSC Energia. In particular, the center actively participates in the program on a possible manned flight to the Moon. The main investigator of the investigation is the capital firm "Mercury". Now its leadership is already judged for the theft of more than 300 million rubles of the funds of the holding "Russian Space Systems" (RKS, part of the Roskosmos state corporation). However, businessmen are counting on a suspended sentence.

As a source in law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, in the criminal case, which is in the manufacture of the IC of the RF, it is a question of the theft of more than 500 million rubles of budgetary funds allocated to the Don branch of the CTIP. These funds were intended for the development and production of innovative training complexes for cosmonauts, including for their extracurricular activities in near-earth orbit in open space and promising on-board work on the surfaces of the Moon, Mars and asteroids. In turn, TsTiPP as a subcontractor attracted CJSC "Mercury". The co-owner and the head of this company is Alexander Polyakov, who for many years served in the Ministry of Defense, where he was responsible for interaction with the RCC and RSC Energia. The leaders of the holding and the corporation knew him well and trusted him. However, as the investigators believe, after Mercury received the funds, ZAO for fictitious contracts transferred them to one-day firms, and then the cash was cashed. "Projectants" received 11% of the amount for their work, the rest settled in the pockets of participants in the fraudulent scheme. "Energia" and TsTiPP appear in the case materials by the injured party.

It is noteworthy that this is far from the first investigation concerning the leadership of Mercury. Now the Ostankino court of Moscow is considering the case against Polyakov and his deputy Diordians. They are accused of embezzling 367 million rubles of budget money allocated to the RCC for their enterprise - the Rocket and Space Instrumentation (RCP) plant. According to the investigation, the RKP transferred "Mercury" funds received from the RKS to the production of detailed assembly units for the Glonass-M spacecraft. According to the case materials, the management of Mercury initially did not intend to carry out any work, since it did not have production capacities for this. The company sent money for fictitious contracts to one-day firms, they were cashed through one of the underground "sites", and then they were taken away by Polyakov in "suitcases".

"The most interesting thing is that Polyakov, who is now at large, almost openly says that he will receive a suspended sentence. After which he will be able to lead a very good life. The investigation found that of the stolen from the RCC 367 million rubles Polyakov received 155.5 million. The remaining funds went to his accomplices from the RCP. In the investigation materials about the theft of "Energy" funds, the figure of "profit" of "Mercury" is even greater. At the moment, Polyakov's property has not been seized, he compensated damage only by 1.8 million rubles. If you subtract this amount from 155 million rubles, you will get a good "pension", - the agency's source said.

As Rosbalt has already reported, in the spring of 2016 a "platform" was discovered in Moscow, through which large funds were cashed. The GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow instituted proceedings under Article 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal banking activities). And, probably, this investigation would remain ordinary, do not turn operatives into one characteristic feature. Ways from "washed" and cashed funds led to firms that perform contracts and subcontracts on state contracts with the RCP. They, in particular, "on paper" were engaged in developments for the creation of new space technology.

The investigation was connected to the 4th department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which deals with the detection of crimes at special facilities, including - at enterprises related to space.

During the development of firms that used the services of shadow bankers, it was found that through them "laundered" and cashed funds received just under contracts with the RCC.

After that, the 4th department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs instituted a separate criminal case - the embezzlement of budget funds through fraud.

In the fall of 2016 large-scale searches and seizures were carried out in firms working under contracts with the RCC, as well as in the Russian Space Systems themselves. Having studied the received documents, the investigators conducted searches in the RCP in December 2016.

As a result, charges were brought against the leaders of Mercury Polyakova and Diorditse, as well as the director of the RCP Vitaly Tolmachev and his deputy Igor Krylov.