In search of eight billion

What is going on with the dividends of beneficiaries of Togliattiazot, Vladimir and Sergey Makhlaev.
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Investigation Committee reported to the prevention of illegal withdrawal of eight billion rubles in favor of the owners Togliattiazot Vladimir and Sergei Makhlaev. Apparently someone is serious about not only deprive the business of money, but also to force them to surrender to the minority shareholders of Uralkali. Family Makhlaev not going to give up. As they took the defensive, denying the fact of payment of dividends; however, this position has its own weaknesses.

Knights Sledkoma Basmanny Court

News Feed with Togliattiazot acquired a surreal character. At first it was reported that the Investigative Committee of Russia prevented the conclusion abroad about 8 billion rubles. In the statement to investigators, it was an attempt to pay dividends Makhlaev family - father and son. Makhlai Sr. - Vladimir - Soviet-era controls the company, which is a world leader in the production of ammonia (8% of world production).

But in 2011 he retired from, and formally Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Togliatti" (ToaAz) is currently his son - Sergey VladMirovich. Which is also away from the company. He and a group of managers are now in the international wanted list, where they "attach" the staff of the Investigative Committee. According Sledkoma, valorous employees of this institution, proznav the possible payment of huge dividends, in June this year, appealed to the Basmanny court to arrest ToAZ accounts, justifying his need to "ensure that the judgment in the civil suit, the fine penalty, as well as other property penalties ".

In fact, apparently, it is a criminal case, the institution at the end of 2012 the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation at the request of the corporation "Uralkhim", which owns 9.3% of shares Toaz. "Uralhimiki" accused ToAZ standard financial scheme - selling products at "dual prices" (export and real), to assess the damage ammonia to about $ 2 billion, and urea - to $ 600 ppm Sledkov this statement supported and initiated a criminal case on the most " lakomnym "articles - 159 (fraud on a large scale) and 201 (abuse of power).

Lawyers for the current administratsii Toaz predictably appealed against the decision of the Basmanny Court in Moscow City Court, but also predictably turned down. The whole story took several months, and point it set at the beginning of October. What, in fact, it became the basis for the triumphant of the Investigative Committee.

Voices from Togliatti and London

Toaz reaction was not long in coming. On the same day at the company site appeared a press release in which the above story was told very differently. According to the owners of a controlling stake in the company, no one any dividends not planned output. The argument the authors reminded the press release on the outcome of the annual meeting of shareholders held on June 12, 2016. More precisely of two meetings at the end of 2014 and 2015. Both meetings took place in one day, and they really made the decision not to pay dividends for the period. How these solutions coexist with the report of the Investigative Committee, it remained unclear. But judging by the fact that the publication of Toaz reaction appeared as an extended press release on only one of Belaruscom site, we can safely say - keep back both sides.

The real cause of the explosion of information on Togliatti was the publication of the other solutions. October 10 on the site of the Samara region published an extensive decision to deny the claim for recognition of the Arbitration Court invalidated the annual general meeting of shareholders of JSC "Togliatti", held June 12, 2016 on the results of the company in 2015. That same meeting, referred to by the press Toaz service. It is outstanding in all respects, the event was held at 8 am on Sunday - by all the canons of the 1990s. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that his conduct was challenged by "minority shareholder concerned."

This role in recent years has mastered Eugene Sedykin - well known in Tolyatti and around the businessman with the authority. Perhaps in the past years, this war would acquire other forms, but now other times. Eugene Sedykin prefers wall of the Arbitration Court. But until defeated. The connection between the publication of the judgment and the "sink" Sledkoma can be very different. Including attempt opRavdan for this defeat to the customer. But there may be more serious motives.

strange war

It is believed that in their battles with the current owners Toaz (and such action by Eugene Sedykina was served a lot), it acts as a "front" of the same chapter and owner of the company "Uralkhim" Dmitry Mazepin, which is simultaneously one of the minority shareholders Togliattiazot . But the reality may be far more complex. And yet it is unclear who generally acts whose front in this war, which (in the public field) is carried out from the beginning of the 2000s.

The current attack on Togliatti - just another episode in the conflict, which has already participated quite different forces. The previous peak of hostilities came in 2005, when Vladimir Makhlai was a criminal case, with the result that the Soviet director of the company, turning his own, was forced to move down to London, where he lives now. Then the interests of the minority shareholders represented by "Renova" - Viktor Vekselberg's holding company, which is controlled by the same stake that appeared todayin the hands of Mazepa Uralhima, but then I decided to get rid of it. Miraculously, at the same time it was closed and the case against Makhlai senior. For just one year to open up again, this time at the request of Uralhima. This sequence usually means that an agreement was reached between the parties to the conflict, and investigating authorities simply "saluted". But something, as usual, went wrong. And the war began again with another striker. And this time the prospects of an armistice is not yet visible.