In the case of former members of the Dagestani government arrested about a hundred real estate objects

About a hundred real estate objects were arrested in the case of the former members of the Dagestani government.
"Kommersant" became aware of the details of the seizure of property imposed by the court in the criminal case of former leaders of the government of Dagestan, who are accused of multi-million theft of budget funds. In particular, Rajudin Yusufov, the ex-minister of the economy of the republic, was arrested by the relatives of his relatives, including an apartment that was allocated to him in 2004 by the decision of the management of Dagenergo, and was subsequently donated by his daughter's official. In total, about a hundred apartments, houses, land plots and office buildings, as well as valuables, are on the list of property arrested by the defendants. The lawyers of the defendants consider the arrests of property illegal.

The other day the Basmanny District Court of Moscow extended for three months the arrest of property imposed as part of the investigation of the criminal case of those accused of embezzling large budget funds of former leaders of the government of Dagestan. Earlier, for the same period, the arrest of the defendants of the case was extended. In total, the list of property, which, according to the investigation, officials have made a criminal way, about a hundred apartments, houses, land and office buildings. Note that some of these facilities officials acquired long before they were appointed to high positions in the government.

As previously told Kommersant, at the moment the former head of the government of Dagestan Abdusamad Gamidov, his deputies Shamil Isayev and Rajudin Yusufov, as well as the ex-minister of education and science Shahabas Shahov are in the jail. All of them are charged under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud in a particularly large amount). The amount of damage caused by former high-ranking Dagestani officials, the Investigative Committee estimates in more than 100 million rubles. The money, according to investigators, was abducted from budget funds allocated for the construction and repair of social and infrastructure facilities.

"My client, ex-minister of the economy of the Republic, Rajudin Yusufov, among other things, was arrested an 80-meter apartment in Makhachkala, which in 2004 was assigned to him, then an ordinary official, by the decision of the government of Dagenergo," said Dagir Khasavov, . According to him, an official gave his apartment to his own daughter many years ago when she married and gave birth to children. Also under arrest were Makhachkala apartments and shares in private houses owned by other close relatives of Mr. Yusufov - his son, brother, sister and nephews. "It is completely unclear what the investigators were guided by, taking these decisions, but precisely what is not law," complained the lawyer. "After all, according to their logic, everything that my client possessed was acquired by criminal means." Mr. Khasavov believes that the arrest was also illegally imposed on the apartment, which belongs to the brother of his client. "This brother my client's brother bought equal shares for his family members - one fifth for parents and children," Mr. Khasavov specified. Moreover, the lawyer states, the contract of sale specifies that half the cost of the apartment is paid to the funds of the parent capital. "It turns out that the funds that were received from the state under the program to support the family were obtained by criminal means," Khasavov was indignant.

Recall that during the searches in the house of former Prime Minister Hamidov, in addition to other property, an entire arsenal was seized: gold TT, Beretta and PM pistols, two Kalashnikov assault rifles and ammunition. According to "Kommersant", the weapons are now under examination. Based on its results, a procedural decision will be made - to present Mr. Gamidov with an accusation of illegal possession of weapons or not.