In the center of Khrunichev rushed the lender

For the lands of the enterprise, the struggle unfolded, VEB became one of the main contenders.
The Moscow prosecutor's office was interested in the forthcoming sale of its assets by the Khrunichev center. Now it turns out that in addition to 110 hectares in the west of the capital, the enterprise is ready to realize the legendary DK Gorbunov. But the property is ready to be argued not only by the mayor's office, which intends to buy a part of the sites for building, but also the main creditor of the center - VEB, which offers an additional loan of 25 billion rubles. The money is needed for the enterprise that produces Proton rockets for financial recovery.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the government of the military-industrial complex, intends to hold a meeting on February 2 at the Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, a source close to Roskosmos said. The official should hear the report of the management of the center on the financial condition of the enterprise and the situation with the sale of land. In the apparatus of Dmitry Rogozin and GKNPTS did not comment on the situation.

The arrival of the vice-premier was preceded by a number of events. Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin after the statements of deputies on the possible bankruptcy of the SCNC commissioned to verify this information. And the Moscow prosecutor's office to supervise the execution of laws at specially-run facilities on the instructions of the capital's prosecutor's office resumed checking the future sale of the center's non-core assets, a source close to Roskosmos said, and the interlocutor who saw instructions to the leadership of the SCNPT to submit documents with a list of objects to be implemented. To receive comments in Office of Public Prosecutor it was not possible.

Inspections in the SCNPC began after the purchase of a part of the center's land on Novozavodskaya Street in the Filevsky Park area (where the company owns about 110 hectares) was interested in the Moscow City Hall. The city is ready to buy out the sites on the balance of the CP "Civil Construction Department" (KP UGS), which builds houses for immigrants from Khrushchev under a new renovation program.

Within the framework of the SCNPT, 25 billion rubles were promised. (see "Kommersant" on January 19). According to two Kommersant sources familiar with the discussion, in the event of a deal with KPA, the Khrunichev Center will have to vacate the plots until 2020. "Now it is being discussed that the SCNC can receive the promised 25 billion rubles. not at once, but in stages, "one of Kommersant's sources said." In addition, for every year of delay, the structure of the mayor's office can charge billions of dollars. " The mayor's office did not comment on this information.

According to the interlocutor of "Kommersant", in addition to selling the land of the State Oil and Gas Complex, the possibility of selling the name of Gorbunov, known as Gorbushka, located on the balance of the Khrunichev Palace of Culture center, is being considered. In this legendary building, built in 1938 in the style of constructivism, rock concerts were held in the 1990s, and the radio market was working here. The starting price for the sale of the DC is almost 660 million rubles, the source of Kommersant knows. He added that the facility is planned to be implemented before the end of 2018, but the mayor's office is not an interesting asset. To start selling its property, the SCNPC must obtain permission from Roskosmos, where, according to Kommersant's sources, there is as yet no final decision regarding the scheme for the sale of assets.

Meanwhile, VEB, one of the creditors of the SCNPC, sent its proposals to the Roskosmos. (The total amount of debt on loans is more than 60 billion rubles, the main creditors - VEB, Sberbank, Roskosmos, Rosselkhozbank, Fondervisbank.) VEB provided Khrunichev Center with 12.5 billion rubles. at 2.53% per annum with maturity on January 31, 2018 under the guarantee of the United Space Rocket Corporation - another "daughter" of Roskosmos. According to "Kommersant" on February 1, official data on the repayment of this loan was not received.

VEB promises to allocate an extra 25 billion rubles to the SCNC in its proposal, which Kommersant has acquainted with. on a pledge of 104 hectares on Novozavodskaya street. At the same time, "VEB Capital" is appointed as the managing pledge, the same company will develop the plots.

It is assumed that "VEB Capital" with the involvement of large developers and at their expense will prepare the land of the Khrunichev center for development: for the approval of documents, the design and demolition of old buildings will require approximately 20-30 billion rubles. As it is believed in the company, the opportunity to develop the site (where it is possible to build more than 2 million square meters of housing and other real estate before 2025) will allow it to increase its capitalization to 80 billion rubles. The first payments center Khrunichev, as written in the presentation of "VEB Capital", will begin to receive investment contracts at the stage of concluding with developers who will be obliged to make compensatory payments. VEB Capital declined to comment on the proposals until a final decision was made.