In the Czech Republic was arrested a Russian banker

The Prosecutor General's Office is preparing documents on the extradition of the former head of the Interkommerts Bank, Alexander Bugaevsky, whom the police detained in the Czech Republic. The banker is accused in absentia of embezzlement and theft of tens of billions of rubles.
Alexander Bugaevsky Czech policemen detained while checking documents. Having established that the former head of Interkommerz is wanted by the Interpol line, the guards of the order notified the police department in Lyon about his detention, and from there the information came to Russia. The Interior Ministry confirmed this information.

In the near future, the General Prosecutor's Office will prepare and translate into Czech language documents for the extradition of the ex-banker. The court must identify him at the time of consideration of the petition of the supervisory authority.

Alexander Bugaevsky in absentia is accused by the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (GSS RKR) of committing crimes under Art. 159 and art. 160 of the Criminal Code (fraud and embezzlement). Basmanny District Court of Moscow in absentia arrested him for international search. The defense several times appealed the relevant decision, but the Moscow City Court each time left it in force. In addition, at the request of the GSS of the TFR in Russia, the assets of a runaway banker, including real estate and money on accounts, were arrested.

The license of the bank Interkommerts was withdrawn by the Central Bank in 2016. The Deposit Insurance Agency found a hole in the bank of more than 50 billion rubles. The detained Bugaevsky was chairman of the bank's ruined bank, and in addition, owned his small stake.

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