In the Kurgan region, the cult of Putin was born

A deputy of the State Duma will deliver a monument to Vladimir Putin in the Kurgan region, despite the objections of the AP.
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The next week in the Kurgan region in the village of Ocho Ozerye will solemn opening of the monument to Vladimir Putin. He will appear on the initiative of State Duma deputy Alexander Iltyakov. According to, the idea caused a negative reaction in the presidential administration, where it was recommended to refrain from installing the monument to the president. But the State Duma deputy remains adamant, believing that he is just envious and does not understand the whole concept of the conceived sculptural ensemble.

The ceremonial opening of the sculptural ensemble "Service to the Fatherland", where the central figure will be a bronze sculpture of Vladimir Putin, in the village of Ochkoozerye of the Kurgan region is scheduled for Tuesday, May 29. As told by State Duma deputy Alexander Iltyakov, the grand opening will be held on the eve of the "exit meeting of the committee on civil society development, issues of public and religious associations of the State Duma of the Russian Federation", which will be held in Kurgan on May 30. "My personal initiative was only to inform the leadership of [the State Duma] about the forthcoming event. This is an officially approved schedule for our work, "said Iltyakov.

According to the State Duma deputy, invitations to the solemn event were sent to many high-ranking federal officials, as well as to the leadership of the Kurgan region, but Alexander Iltyakov has not yet received consent from the authorities of the region. "Of course, everything is invited, but it depends on what the circumstances are," the people's representative said.

The sculptural ensemble "Serving the Fatherland" consists of three elements. In the center of the composition - bronze sculpture of Vladimir Putin in height of 3,5 meters. The author of the monument, Olga Krasnosheina, according to Iltyakov, worked on its creation for six months, so she managed to achieve a complete portrait resemblance to the incumbent president of Russia. "There will be one in one", Ilyatkov is sure. Behind the figure of Vladimir Putin there is a map of the Russian Federation, whose height and width will reach six meters. And over the map will be fixed flags of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation.

"The central figure of [Vladimir Putin] will look at the sculptural composition of Nikolai Larevetsky" Russia "(they will be opposite each other in the central square of the Krai region - note Znak). The hand of [Vladimir] Putin will lie on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, he at this moment utters the oath, swears an oath to serve his Fatherland, and on his shoulders - Russia herself, and Russia has three flags: the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and Russian Federation. That is, all those flags that the territory of [Russia] has ever been under. Thus, we connect times, generations, traditions and put on the service of the Fatherland all political movements and opinions in the name of Russia alone! This is our deep design, "Alexander Iltyakov explained the concept of creating a sculptural work.

According to the State Duma deputy, the ensemble "Serving the Fatherland" on the opening day will be consecrated by a priest from the village of Ochoozero. At the same time, Il'tyakov explains that "the figure of the president [Vladimir Putin] will not be consecrated," but the sculptural ensemble as a whole. "There is such a thing" do not create for yourself an idol, no image of what is in the sky above, what is on the earth below and what's in the water below the earth. " This is given to us from the Bible. We will fully comply with this principle, "he added.

Iltyakov knows that the administration of the president is skeptical about his initiative, but believes that he is just envious. "[Initially, the presidential administration] had a misunderstanding and interpretation of what we are doing. We fully complied with the law. Yes, there is a separate group of people, including bloggers, who are against, who do not like it. They start insulting me, the very idea. And this results in discontent, heated debates and debates on the Internet, but nothing more. It seems to me that this is a usual feeling of envy, "says Iltyakov.

He also noted that his sculptural composition will be protected from the attack of vandals. Cameras are installed along the perimeter, "for which constant monitoring will be carried out." "[Desecration] will not exactly happen," the State Duma deputy said.

According to, in the presidential administration of Russia such an initiative by Alexander Iltyakov is negative. "He was persuaded to refuse to install the monument. He promised that there will not be figures of Putin himself, that there will be only a map of Russia and a music stand [on which the Constitution of the Russian Federation will be based], "says a source in the AP.

Note that the choice of the location for the sculptural ensemble "Serving of Russia" is not accidental. In the village of Ocho Ozeroje, Kurgan region, the Iltyakov family business is located - the meat factory Veles, which is run by Alexander Il'tyakov's brother Dmitry Iltyakov (deputy of the Kurgan Regional Duma). The brothers actively invest in the development of the settlement.