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ExxonMobil is suspected of misleading the investors.
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According to the site of the oil giant ExxonMobil, in 2015 CEO Rex Tillerson seven times publicly acted on topics related to climate change.

Tillerson said about the environment at a meeting of the Economic Club in Washington, DC, as part of the traditional week of CERA (the title of Cambridge Energy Research Associates, which provides consulting services to clients in the US on investment in the power sector), as well as at the World Conference on Gas, seminar OPEC a meeting of the National Association of manufacturers in the US, a gala dinner in honor of the best top-managers in the energy sector, and finally, at the 36th annual conference "Oil and money." It seems that environmental issues have become for the oil majors almost specialized, well, or at least to be included as a priority. It is not a demonstration of corporate social responsibility, and the money, and more and more.

All in smoke

Oil, as well as coal and other fossil fuels, according to many, is largely the cause of the harm caused by exhaust emissions and environment, and accompanying neblarable changes in climate on the planet. Some experts go so far as to compare oil and other mining companies with tobacco. They were in the 1990s in the United States most seriously affected by the laws and lawsuits imposed, so that tobacco companies had to pay for the medical expenses of patients, the disease had been found associated with smoking. In 2006, tobacco producers accused that they have for 50 years deceiving the public, and forced to pay tens of billions of dollars of fines.

Smoke from the burning of fossil fuels is not recognized as malicious. Anyway, still have never been proved in court is a direct link between the disease or even more sorrowful outcome and pollution as a result of, for example, burning oil. The problem is not only and not so much in the public mind, although it, too, as in the development of alternative energy, which can leak - and funneling - energy investments. This is clearly a threat to the industry perceives and actively resists her, lobbying its interests, recruiting supporters among politicians and attracting andinvestors. This work - in the future, because the fields exploration and development take time.

Statements Rex Tillerson - the quintessence of the position of "oil". ExxonMobil, he tells the audience, predicts by 2040, a doubling of the world's GDP and the growth of the world population, which will lead to an additional 2 billion energy consumers. So, for the period from 2010 to 2040 the demand for energy will increase by approximately 35%. Slightly lower number results in the oil cartel OPEC. Hence - Petroleum responsibility and, in particular, ExxonMobil for how to increase the supply, making it safe and secure, that is, minimizing environmental damage from the activities of the industry itself. With this approach, it is clear why the company has many years of studying climate change, publish their findings and maintains thematic section on its website dedicated to the climate. And here is a beautiful logical structure suddenly ran into a reality.

If you can not win - to lead

Today, ExxonMobil actually accused of that, not being able to cope with the environmental alarmism, she decidedand crush the mood for themselves. In respect of an investigation in the United States. Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman, said that the oil industry for several years deliberately represented the public false information about climate change. On the one hand, allowed to throw in the falsification of the information field of alternative data about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment and on the other - help introduce investors misled about the actual state and prospects of the business organization, which is the largest publicly traded oil company in the world.

According to the American business media, the investigation gained momentum and vplesnulos in public space, following an attack on the giant launched publications such as Inside Climate News, and The Los Angeles Times. In the materials published there it alleged that ExxonMobil knew and knows about the real risks of climate change, and even put their own data research based plans for development of the Arctic. But for the general public and investors was drawn a different picture, and funded by the research collectivewillow in the 1990s until the mid-2000s level of risk minimized. The differences grew, and eventually several dozen environmental and civic organizations demanded from the US Department of Justice to begin a federal investigation, which, according to The New York Times, will cover working with ExxonMobil in 1977

At ExxonMobil last week received a prosecutor's request for documents, including financial records of their scientific research and e-mails. Giant denies all the accusations, noting that the study in question, carried out in collaboration with the US Department of Energy.

In the US, such scandals rather quickly gaining momentum, and we already know that quite a large group of about two dozen scientists requires an expansion of the investigation to the entire industry. Especially in relation to the largest US coal company Peabody Energy investigation is already underway.

For withdrawals

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Charity Fund is also under pressure from the public, and his work is studied in just a magnifying glass - in connection with the investitsiyami it in fossil fuel. About 250 000 people have signed the appeal to the Facility to withdraw funds from this power segment. By the way, according to experts, it is the intention already expressed their investors, which accumulated in the hands of a total of $ 2.6 trillion. The appeal was heard Bill Gates, who recently spoke out against the double-O investment, that is, in fact, protection of ExxonMobil and others like it. Among other things, Bill Gates talked about is not so rosy, in his opinion, the prospects for "clean" energy. Further more. For example, the world famous investor Warren Buffett owns substantial assets in the segment of fossil fuels and at the same time is the largest donor to charitable foundation of Bill Gates - his contribution in excess of $ 31 billion not this makes his friend Bill Gates does not support the idea of ​​withdrawal of investment.? Besides, the Bill Gates is the chairman of the company TerraPower nuclear power. Is this what makes it not that the enemy, but clearly not a supporter of alternative energy?

On closer inspection, the situationIt does not look like a confrontation between white and fluffy with a not very white and fluffy. The same Bill Gates announced its intention to invest $ 2 billion in alternative energy power facilities, and Rex Tillerson, among other things - a supporter of tax on harmful emissions toplivodobyvayuschih for companies and projects for the reduction of harmful emissions. A jurisprudence, and have the more prosecutors in New York, not the first time involved in the processes related to the objective of competition.