In the Rostov regional court began the trial of the accused in the theft of a former judge

The head of the Pokrovsky agro-concern paid the judge 40 million rubles for re-registration of 13,000 hectares of land previously owned by the infamous Tsapkov family. However, the judge "threw" him.
In the Rostov regional court, the trial of former regional arbitration judge Svetlana Martynova, accused of embezzlement, began. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the concern "Pokrovsky" Andrei Korovayko said that in 2011 he met with a judge who for 52 million rubles. promised to re-register 13 thousand hectares of land previously owned by the Tsapkov family. The entrepreneur managed to hand over more than 40 million rubles to the judge. cash without receipts, when faced with the refusal of Ms. Martynova to fulfill the promised, and then decided to apply to law enforcement.

The meeting began with the fact that Ms. Martynova asked the court to hold the trial in a closed mode, referring to the disclosure of her personal data and diseases. After her request was denied, the defendant asked the judge to postpone the meeting because she had not had time to fully familiarize herself with the 30 volumes of the criminal case for two weeks that had passed after the preliminary hearing and she needed time for it. "Considering Martynova's past status, one must understand that she is not just a legally competent person, but a person who understands all the subtleties of lawsuits, I believe that the accused, with the help of this petition, tries to abuse the law," said Rostislav Kvasov, the victim's lawyer. The judge also rejected this request of the accused. The next one and a half hours of the proceedings was taken by the interrogation of the main victim in this case, Andrei Korovayko, chairman of the board of directors of the Pokrovsky concern.

Mr. Korovayko said that he met Svetlana Martynova in the summer of 2011 in the restaurant "La Strada", owned by the "Pokrovsky" restaurant. They dined at neighboring tables and decided to get acquainted. At the same time, Judge Martynova told the businessman that her father had previously headed the collective farm "Mayak of Communism" in the Kushchevsky district of the Krasnodar Territory. In the 2000s, the land of the collective farm was in the hands of the mother of the criminal authority of Nadezhda Tsapok, who, intimidating the shareholders, forced them to sell the right to lease land to her company Arteks-Agro for a pittance. Mrs. Martynova offered the Rostov businessman a deal: for 52 million rubles. it will help the shareholders through the court to regain the land, and then persuade them to lease to a new enterprise, in the leadership of which will be controlled by the judge. After that, she promised to transfer the shares of this company to Mr. Korovayko.

"Svetlana Ivanovna managed to convince us that people will not support an enterprise that did not work in the district, offering us to create a local legal entity, whose management will include people respected by shareholders, namely its relatives," the victim explained to the court. Further Andrey Korovayko said that, given the authority of Svetlana Martynova and her father in the Kushchevsky district, he agreed to this proposal. Already at the end of summer 2011, the businessman gave Ms. Martynova the first tranche of 1 million rubles. and asked for a receipt for the money. However, Ms. Martynova said that such a document would compromise her as a judge, and asked Mr. Korovayko to believe in her honesty. The businessman agreed. The first part of the plan, according to the victim Korovayko, worked. Svetlana Martynova, through the courts, was able to return some of the Tsapkov lands to the shareholders, and they sold the lease right to them shortly before that established by Mayak CJSC, whose shareholders were the relatives of the judge. Mr. Korovayko and his partner spent a year and a half transferring money to Judge Martynova. Most often it was held at the arbitration building in the black Land Cruiser 200 Mr. Korovayko.

Already in 2012, the businessman began to suspect something was amiss and began to shoot meetings with Judge Martynova on video to insure himself if he was deceived. Suspicions intensified when Ms. Martynova did not transfer a controlling stake in ZAO Mayak to a person controlled by the Pokrovsky concern at the agreed time. The situation became more complicated in February 2012. Then Andrei Korovayko became aware that Svetlana Martynova is negotiating the transfer of shares of ZAO Mayak land to the Vyselkovsky agro-complex. However, the businessman did not stop this. By March 2012, Andrei Korovayko in total handed judge Martynova more than 40 million rubles. But after another refusal of Svetlana Martynova to transfer ZAO under control to Pokrovsky concern, Mr. Korovayko nevertheless appealed to the law enforcement bodies.

While the victim was questioning, Ms. Martynova periodically smiled and laughed softly. Skeptical about his testimony and lawyer Vladislav Brazhnikov, who said he does not believe in the chance of a restaurant meeting.