In the TRC "Winter Cherry" disabled the alarm and blocked the doors of the cinema halls

The guards disconnected fire safety systems in the Kemerovo shopping center "Winter Cherry" 15 minutes before the fire, says Igor Polozinenko, head of the company that served fire extinguishing and alarm systems.
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The firefighting system and the fire alarm in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo were in good order, but were disarmed. This was stated by Igor Polozinenko, the head of the contractor company that serviced the fire safety systems, at the court session to extend the measure of restraint.

"The fire extinguishing system was in a technically sound condition. On March 25, 2017, at 15:55, the system was serviceable. As far as I know, the system was disconnected physically, as a security representative, "he said. According to Polozinenko, the equipment was shut down about 15 minutes before the fire. "As far as I know, the fire occurred around 16:18 on March 25. The system was physically disabled at 15:55, "he said.

He asserts that all documents confirming the system's working capacity have been transferred to the Investigative Committee. "The main reason for not triggering is the human factor. The man turned off the warning system, people could not be evacuated from the premises, "Polozinenko said. The contractor suggested that disabling the fire safety systems caused a panic. The last scheduled inspection of the fire safety systems, he said, occurred on March 20. Applications for malfunctioning of the systems were not received.

Polozinenko also told about the blocking of the doors in the cinema, where the dead could not get out during the fire. He said that his area of ​​responsibility did not include door maintenance, but recalled that for fire safety requirements, when alarms are triggered, the doors must be unlocked: "As far as I know, the doors in the cinema were closed with keys. There are certain requirements for distributors - so that they do not go for free without tickets. I understand that the person in charge who was supposed to open the doors in case of fire, too, was at a loss, perhaps escaped. "

Following the meeting, the court decided to extend the detention of Polozinenko for three days.

The fire in the shopping center "Winter Cherry" in Kemerovo occurred on March 25. According to preliminary data, 64 people, including more than 40 children, were victims of it. The Investigative Committee reported that he was aware of 67 applications for missing persons. Some of them have already been identified, but most of the bodies will be installed only with the help of genetic expertise. Because of the likelihood of an error, the publication of the exact list of the dead is not yet possible, concluded in the TFR.

After the fire it became known that the doors in the cinema, where a significant proportion of the dead were, were blocked. People inside were unable to leave the room. Information about the fact that with the help of locked doors the owners of the cinema fought stowaways, previously confirmed the head of the CIA Alexander Bastrykin.