Inga Yumasheva told the FBI about all Putin's secrets

The State Duma speaker called the interrogation of the deputy a cynical provocation.
An employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the USA, was interrogating State Duma deputy Inga Yumasheva, who arrived at the Fort Ross Dialogue forum, at the New York airport for an hour. The ambassador of Russia in Washington, Anatoly Antonov, told reporters this morning.

According to the embassy representative, Yumasheva was detained at the New York airport, asked to go to a separate room, where a person who introduced himself as an FBI officer interrogated her for an hour (RIA Novosti quotes Antonov). After that, the State Duma deputy was invited to meet with the FBI officer in an informal setting, the ambassador added.

The Russian Embassy has sent a note of protest to the US State Department. The Russian side considers the FBI’s actions unacceptable and outrageous, Antonov emphasized. According to him, Moscow hopes that Washington will explain, "what kind of sounding approaches to a deputy of the State Duma mean."

Yumasheva declined to comment on the interrogation. “I informed the Ambassador of Russia Anatoly Antonov about the situation, and now our diplomats are doing this,” she told RIA Novosti, refusing to disclose details of the conversation with the FBI officer.

State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin regarded the actions of US intelligence as a cynical provocation. “It is obvious that in the USA there are forces that want to aggravate bilateral relations,” his words are quoted on the website of the State Duma. Actions that create a negative atmosphere in relations between Russia and the United States are unacceptable and deserve to be condemned, Volodin added.

Yumasheva received an invitation to the Fort Ross Dialogue forum, the US embassy issued her a visa, the State Duma speaker continued. Volodin noted that Yumasheva is coordinating in the parliament a working group on relations with the US Congress.

The Russian Foreign Ministry saw in the interrogation of the deputy a hostile rally aimed at worsening relations between Moscow and Washington. The Russian side is deeply outraged and declares a strong protest in connection with the actions of the FBI in relation to Yumasheva, the agency said in a comment.

Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev called the situation with the interrogation of Yumasheva ugly (he expressed his opinion on the Facebook page). According to Kosachev, the American intelligence agencies are doing what they want, despite the diplomatic status and elementary decency in interstate relations. Senator Franz Klintsevich in Faceboök called the interrogation of Yumasheva an unprecedented case. In his opinion, such a thing did not reach even the years of the Cold War.