Inspectors have come for vegetables

Mass inspections of fruit and vegetable warehouses started in Moscow. 
Tenants closed recently Intercession of fruit and vegetable base in Biryulyovo rushed for another, as one of the largest bases in the Moscow region - Khlebnikov. As a result of the work of the enterprise, controlled as it is considered family structures Gutseriev, it was suspended. At the same time, the Federal Migration Service (FMS), the police and the Federal Service began mass checks of the main fruit and vegetable bases, five of the 15 inspectors have already visited. Most likely, the business whose turnover is only the official estimate is 7 billion rubles. per year, will cease to exist. Moscow City Hall promises to translate it in a civilized retail format, arguing that the problems with the supply of vegetables in the capital will not be.

Yesterday closed for a few hours one of the biggest vegetable bases in the Moscow region - Khlebnikov (located in the village of Khlebnikov). As explained by "Kommersant" deputy director general framework Lydia fish, it was a necessary measure. "It took time to redistribute the flow of trucks arriving from closed down Pokrovskaya vegetable base", - explained Mrs. Fish, noting that on the fourtherg morning based may still be difficulties associated with the fact that not everyone had come to Khlebnikovo due to restrictions on movement of trucks Moscow.

Khlebnikov vegetable base belongs to ZAO "Vegetta", which, according to the "SPARK-Interfax" belongs to the Cyprus offshore "Ripplvud Ltd.". Revenue for the last year - 511.5 million rubles. "Vegettu" headed Bagaudin Aushev, who worked in 2000-2004 in the structures of the group "bin" owner "RussNeft" Mikhail Gutseriev, his brother Sait-Salam Gutseriev and nephew Mikhail Shishkhanov.

In JSC "Corporation IDA", the control of real estate assets Gutseriev family-Shishkhanov worked in different years, Riedel and Denis Vadim Gorbenko, who are now part of the Board of Directors "Vegetty". Get prompt comments Corporation AEDs failed, but the source of "Kommersant", close to the company, and one of its partners was reported that neither Gutseriev gentlemen, neither Mr. Shishkhanov not engaged in business operational control "Vegetty".

Intercession vegetable base was closed on Monday due to the massive STRKRows in Biryulyovo. Against database management criminal case (see. On the strip 6). In an interview with "Kommersant", Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that problems such as those that arose in Biryulyovo may occur "in all markets and on all trading bases of this kind" (see. "Kommersant" dated October 16, 2013). Yesterday Mr Sobyanin said that within the framework of the modernization of the wholesale city is considering the issue of logistics centers and outlined three areas - on the Warsaw highway (MKAD), on the Kiev highway in the area of ​​Sheremetyevo. In place of the Intercession base Sergei Sobyanin wants to see the objects of leisure and sports. "We need to create alternative bases of the Soviet and post-Soviet format", - he stressed.

Police, Migration Service and the Federal Service have already begun testing. They walked on five fruit and vegetable bases (excluding Intercession and Khlebnikov): ZAO "Kuzminskoe", JSC UIC "Zelenograd", CJSC "Presnya", OAO "perovskite", JSC "Kuibyshev". JSC "Malino" waiting for inspection in the near future, representative of "Dmitrov vegetables," said,that as long as the situation is calm, but it will change in the next week. "Just comes a wave," - sighs trade manager "Dmitrov vegetables."

In Moscow's wholesale fruit and vegetable complex includes 18 bases (their list is at the disposal "b"). 85% of the total base rent all available storage capacity for Rent, 7%, in addition to rent, carry trade and procurement activities and in 8% of the main activity - food production and trade and procurement. At the end of 2012 total revenue of 18 fruit and vegetable bases, including an indoor facility in Biryulyovo exceeded 7 billion rubles. (Data "SPARK-Interfax"). But in reality the revenue ovoschebazah incomparably greater turnover only Intercession base sources, "b" is estimated at about $ 1 billion.

The largest revenue base was in Biryulyovo: the figure reached 1.06 billion rubles. On the second place of - "Krasnaya Presnya" (978 million rubles.), Through which the LLC "Fanreyt" owns some offshore "Damenior Holdings Ltd.". The three leaders over the past year in terms of revenue includes ZAO "Moskva" - 508 million rubles. At 33.2%, "Mosvoretskogo "own Kazbek Koko and Yuri Kryukov. These entrepreneurs are also the founders of aviation sports club" Ranvey. "For the aviation industry has to do, and Honorary President of JSC" Novye Cheryomushki "(the owner of the fruit and vegetable base in Biryulyovo) Magomed Tolboev. The closest relatives of the letchika- test Igor Isayev and Aliaskhab Hajiyev own "New Cheryomushki".

In the mayor's office argue that the test will not affect the stability of the food in the city. A fruit and vegetable base is just 15% of the volume of potatoes, eaten Muscovites for the year, and 20% of the basic kinds of vegetables. In addition, at a meeting with the participation of all the authorities involved in the inspections, it was specifically stated that the inspections should not lead to the collapse, says the head of the department of trade and services Alexey Nemeryuk.