"Inteko" Baturina went under the hammer

The full block of shares of the company was estimated at almost 30 billion rubles, the rights of claims of the Trust Bank against the company in the amount of 7.8 billion rubles were also put up for auction.
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The bank of non-core assets "Trust" put up for an open auction the company "Inteko", which was founded by one of the richest women in Russia and the widow of the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina. This was reported to RBC by the bank's press service. “The sale will take place in the form of an open electronic auction for price increases on the site of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

Applications for the auction are accepted from September 16 to November 10, ”the message says. The initial price of the asset is 37.4 billion rubles. This is a 100% stake in JSC Inteko worth 29.6 billion rubles. and the rights of claims of the Trust Bank against the company in the amount of RUB 7.8 billion. “All assets of the bank undergo a bidding procedure on open platforms, in which a wide range of investors can participate. Trust has been managing Inteko since 2018, during which time the bank has carried out a complete restructuring and rehabilitation of the asset, "the press service said. The bank noted that now the portfolio of Inteko includes landmark projects for the residential real estate market in Moscow in the business and premium segments, and last year the company was included in the list of backbone organizations in the construction industry. Inteko was founded by Baturina in 1991.

During its existence, the developer has built more than 5 million square meters. m. After Luzhkov left the post of mayor of the capital, Baturin sold Inteko to Mikail Shishkhanov's structures. But in 2017, he started having difficulties because of B&N Bank. As a result, in 2018, control over the company passed to Trust. Now the Inteko business is focused on the construction of business-class housing, premium and elite segments. At the end of August, Kommersant wrote that the Samolet group of companies had become one of the contenders for the purchase of Inteko, having begun negotiations with Trust. Strategist of Arikapital Management Company Sergei Suverov, in an interview with the publication, said that Inteko's business could cost 30-40 billion rubles. According to him, the assessment is based on the value of the company's current portfolio. Key Capital CEO Sergei Kamlyuk told the newspaper that Inteko's capitalization is the value of existing assets, future projects and brand valuation. “Today, Inteko does not have many new projects in its portfolio, so the developer's assessment is unlikely to be high,” he said.