Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service uncovered the fraudful scheme in the Russian Authors Society

Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a criminal case on fraud in the Russian Authors Society. The possible damage is more than 500 million rubles. On the morning of June 27, searches began in the office of the company and apartment of RAS head Sergey Fedotov.
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More than 500 million rubles

Searches in the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) held on charges of fraud, which brought on the fact of illegal alienation of the property, from the statement of the official representative of the Interior Ministry, Irina Volk, Received RBC. Operatives of the Main Directorate of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) Russian Interior Ministry in cooperation with the staff of the FSB of Russia revealed fraudulent scheme illegal alienation of the property of the third property of persons belonging to RAO caused the organization damage, according to preliminary estimates, more than 500 million rubles., Said in a statement.

Fact-Finding Investigation Department of Internal Affairs for the Central Administrative District of GU MVD of Russia opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed on a large scale), it follows from the statements Wolf. At the places of work and residence suspects carried out the searches, confiscated items and documents relevant to a criminal investigation. The purpose of the operational-search activities - the establishment of scheme participants and additionalADDITIONAL episodes of illegal activities, specified in the Interior Ministry. Irina Wolf did not answer the question of RBC, who is among the suspects in a criminal case.

Today, 27 June, became aware of the conduct of investigative activities in the office of the Russian Authors' Society on Bolshaya Bronnaya in Moscow and in the house in Nikolina Gora Fedotova. Around 13:30 MSK RBC sources reported that the head of RAO left the house and operational activities continue to another address. Around 15:00 in the car Fedotov MIA came to the house number 14 on Malaya Bronnaya, RBC correspondent reported from the scene. In this house there is an apartment Fedotov follows from Rosreestra statements. Next to the house until Fedotov carried with Nikolina Gora, duty vehicle GUEBiPK.

Interlocutor RBC in the central office of the Interior Ministry confirmed that the searches carried out by officers of his department. According to him, the operatives of GUEBiPK and the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Interior came June 27 RAO office and home to Fedotov In addition, near the office of the company, which took investigative steps, was a bus with a group of special purpose "Bison." - Subsectionof which, according to the presidential decree, became part of the National Guard, told RBC correspondent from the scene.

The fact of a criminal case on the fact of fraud RBC confirmed the lawyer Denis Fedotov ball. He said that the case was opened on 17 June. According to the lawyer, Fedotov is not detained, but such a decision can be made "in the coming hours." As of 18:30 MSK suspects has not yet been formed, said ball. The lawyer confirmed the fact of RBC searches dacha in Nikolina Gora Fedotova. The investigating authorities seized documents, no aggravating circumstances - in arms and drugs - is not found, the lawyer said during searches. In addition, the flat head of RAO law enforcers have taken a safe, RBC reports.

RAO representative refused to answer questions about the search of the house and apartment Fedotova and what they may be linked, and did not talk about the possible detention of the head of RAO. At RBC, please contact the representative of RAO Fedotov said that his phone is not available. RBC correspondent tried to call Fedotov:udki go, but no one answers the phone.

What else does the head of RAO

The property

In 2015 Fedotov bought a castle in the historic area of ​​the Highland in Scotland for £ 1 million (81 million rubles., Followed of the documents from the British on the property register. The castle is a four-story building surrounded by a garden and a private plot of land 35 acres (about 14 hectares ). The castle has four bedrooms, a ballroom, a library, a cinema, a guest wing with two bedrooms and, according to legend, its own ghost.

Fedotov also purchased several houses in Brighton (town on the south coast of England) and apartments in the center of London, followed from the statements of the British registry. The total value of the property at the price of transactions with them more than £ 8 million. The most expensive of its acquisition of the newspaper called apartment in the center of the British capital, on Mansfield street, the purchase of which cost him £ 5,7 million. Fedotov explained RBC, all purchases have been associated with development business, which he leads with a "very well-known and respected people in the business world"


According to Forbes reports, FeStarted as an investor participated in the release of the Russian version of the English weekly Billboard music industry and in the reform of the FSUE "Melody", which owns the rights to more than 50 thousand. different pieces of music.

property Issues

The fact that the beginning of the test GUEBiPK waste activities, RBC wrote in August 2015. Authorities checked "for embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent output through front companies of real estate", followed from the documents, which RBC has sent an anonymous source. Possible damage -. About 0.5 billion rubles, according to the material.

As evident from the documents in 2007-2011 RAO has acquired four properties, the total area of ​​more than 2 thousand sq. M. m. Then these objects were made to the charter capital of the SEC, which in 2012 established the radioactive waste. SEC, in turn, in 2013, became the founder of three companies (MC "M Media", "Musical Olympus", "Media Management") and contributed to the charter capital of each one real estate. Later these premises Venalis third party - the company "Siberia-Leasing" and "ROSAVTOTRANS" and Evelina Nikolaevna Oskina. Facts change of ownership of all properties RBC confirmed extracts from databases, in particular - and of Rosreestra USRLE.

RAO representative then confirmed the fact checking, but denied fraud. CEA was established in accordance with the decision of the Board of RAO author (the main governing body of the company consisting of more than 20 people) to manage real estate assets and commercial activities. With regard to this decision audited, we interviewed members of the author's advice, most of which confirmed the decision taken by the Council.

In connection with the economic crisis and the rising cost of maintenance of premises, control passed to the SEC, the decision was made "on the implementation and investing the proceeds in assets that will more effectively ensure the activity of RAO" UES representative then explained. In what assets he did not elaborate.

RBC A law enforcement source told RBTo that GUEBiPK actually resumed testing, which was conducted in 2015 and has been linked with a possible theft of funds in the organization through the SEC. Lawyer Baluev Fedotov confirmed that the investigation examines the activities of radioactive waste associated with the SEC. The investigation believes that the author's counsel was misled about the purposes for which the company SEC, he explained was established. He said that "absolutely legitimate action" to establish a subsidiary - SEC and subsequent transfer to him of properties are now classified as theft. When this ball argues that the creation of the SEC was necessary because the waste itself can not engage in commercial activities in the legal aspects.

Six RBC interlocutors Copyright Board of RAO said that, in recent months, law enforcement agencies did not have any questions to the organization or to Fedotov, nor by the members of the Board of RAO. They also stressed that they consider Fedotov decent man. Representatives of RAO Board of copyright could not answer the question, what has caused the aggravation of the situation around the company and personally Fedotov.
<br /> Balances

Property issues - not only the claim of law enforcement agencies to waste activities. In April, 2016 Capital Prosecutor's Office check the activities of waste handling Duma deputy Sergei Obukhov, he told RBC representative of the supervisory authority Elena Rossokhin. MP in its March request asked to achieve "transparency in spending of funds collected by the societies for collective management of copyright - RAO, the Russian Union of right holders (RSP) and the All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)," explained RBC Obukhov. This means that the company collected for the remuneration of owners of copyright and related rights.

In late April, the Moscow prosecutor's office Obukhov said that the reason for the prosecutor's intervention there, wrote RBC. "The lack of prosecutorial response does not mean that there are no violations of the law. To give this a violation of criminal and legal assessment, procedural audit was initiated, and the materials submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Office for the Central District of ArtOlitsa "- said Rossokhin. According to RBC's source in law enforcement, because of the large volume of test material was prolonged, and then the case was transferred to GUEBiPK. "Today's searches and case of fraud related to the outcome of the inspection," - the source said RBC.

RAO - a non-governmental non-profit organization that collects in favor of the authors (composers and songwriters) contributions from TV channels, radio stations, restaurants and all public institutions, where sound of music. In 2008, the company received an appropriate state accreditation, in 2013 it was extended to ten years. At the end of 2015 waste collected about 4.5 billion rubles., 3.6 billion rubles were transferred from their owners., Followed from the answer the prosecutor's office Obukhov. At the same time the FPR in 2015 in the form of remuneration transferred 1.5 billion rubles. from the received 2.2 billion rubles., and WIPO has paid about 0.8 billion rubles. collected from 1 billion rubles., said in a letter (a copy is in the RBC).

Copyright organizations

Who protects authors

Today in Russia there are four organizations whichs are accredited by the Ministry of Culture, which allows them to collect money from users and distribute the money among the owners. In particular, the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) donates money to the author of music and lyrics, All-Russian Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) distributes funds between performers and authors of phonograms, the Russian Union of right holders (CPR) has been collecting from producers and importers of household appliances 1% of the cost as a reward for performance and copying of phonograms and audiovisual works for private purposes, and the most a small organization - Partnership for the protection and rights management in the field of art (UPRAVIS) - allocates money to artists and sculptors.
Currently, the organization has not yet published a report on royalties for 2015.

Unite did not

In June 2015 the first it was reported that oversee deductions fees in favor of rights holders in the market is preparing a new structure: RW and two from accredited organizations - WIPO and CPR - announced a merger. According to Suminute, all three organizations and so controlled by a single command: CEO of RAO Sergei Fedotov held a similar position in the CPR until December 2015. Then CEO of the FPR was Andrey Krichevsky, also head of WIPO. Since September 8, RW has changed its name to "trade union of art workers" Russian Authors' Society ", said on radioactive waste site. However, accredited organizations are still not united. Two sources in the various copyright societies argued that the merger of the idea was abandoned.