Interior Ministry has proposed to limit the ability of Russians to travel internationally

The Human Rights Council calls the initiative unconstitutional.
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Guide Ministry of Internal Affairs, concerned about the participation of some Russian citizens to terrorist groups abroad, has proposed its own methods to counter this phenomenon. About them told on Thursday in the Federation Council deputy chief for counter extremism MIA management Vladimir Makarov.

In Office believe that the Russians long stay in a number of Middle East and South-East Asia can not but arouse suspicion, so it is reasonable to require them to explain where and why they are going. The Interior Ministry proposes to legislatively approve the list of troubled countries to visit which the citizens will have to provide justification.

Another initiative concerns of citizens convicted of extremism - they all want to ban travel abroad.

The deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, said Franz Klintsevich "News" that the whole idea is sound and should be discussed.

The head of the social committee of the Federation Council, Valery Ryazan, said "RIA Novosti" that advocates an individual approach: is leaving to lecture Prof.essora mathematics is not necessary to check, and to those involved in "other things, should be a different approach." Identify who to which approach to use, in his opinion, are designed to the competent authorities.

In December last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led evidence that the ranks of groups LIH banned in Russia are fighting about 2 thousand. Russian citizens. Some of them came back and got under prosecution, however, traces of how many former fighters were lost in Russia after their return.

Meanwhile, the director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President Aleksandr Brod told "Izvestia" that law enforcement and intelligence agencies must do a better job, and do not limit the rights of citizens. The proposal to ban convicted from traveling abroad it is contrary to the Constitution, and, no matter how bad it may be applied to the extremists, that is no reason for its violation.

- We have overcome the Iron Curtain. We do not have exit visas are not required to take exams in the political maturity as it was in Soviet times, it is not necessary to go to the variousmission to coordinate their exit. I think it's excessive vigilance, which has absolutely no legal basis. In each country there are radical forces. A reinsured before leaving the absurdity of people. The main thing is that the person complies with Russian legislation. To do this, we have the law enforcement agencies - to conduct preventive work, to prevent the possible manifestations of extremism - Brod said.

As for those convicted of extremism, he added, is serving his sentence under this article does not mean that the person is a stigma and it banned from traveling to other countries.

- Extremism need to work more carefully and not slide into absurdity, - concluded the human rights activist.

Former judge of the Moscow City Court, a member of the HRC, honored lawyer of Russia Sergey Pashin also believes that there are no regulations that would allow to introduce such restrictions in the legislation.

- It's a throwback to the Stalinist practice, and in this sense Vysotsky something right: "You are, how you got there by name, returned to the old days", - he told "Izvestia". - Require a citizen who commitsACTH trip, explanation, there is no reason. If we have a relationship with a country on the level of embassies, we do not abide with her in a state of war, it can not require any explanation. This is a private matter of the citizen. Especially since he is free to leave the country freely and to go back on the Constitution. Freely and without explaining every step.

But under certain conditions, according to the Flank, restrictions on leaving the country convicted of extremism can be imposed. Firstly, it needs to adopt a law, and secondly, the court must, in the framework of the law to take appropriate action. There is another condition: the measure can only be temporary.

- That is an element of a criminal record or additional punishment. All my life put the stamp can not be because of the fact and the punishment that it was redemption. No such offense, which drew to a lifelong stigma person. He served his sentence, settled with the company, and all is well, - said Pashin.