Investigation returns money from Cosmos

A criminal case was initiated on the theft of 11 billion rubles by the company from the Bank of Moscow.
As the "Kommersant", Moscow police opened a criminal case on the theft of credit totaling 11.5 billion rubles., Highlighted the Bank of Moscow NGO "Cosmos". The investigation revealed that the money intended including construction Halabyan-Baltic tunnel, were put into an account-by-night firms. Refund guarantee, including its property, the NGO president, "Cosmos" Andrew Chernyakov, which is already evident and will become the central figure in the investigation. A representative of Mr. Chernyakov denies any illegal actions on his part in relation to the lender.

Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of the Central District of Moscow has opened a criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code (fraudulent embezzlement on a large scale by an organized group by submitting the bank knowingly false and (or) false information, to ten years' imprisonment).

According to investigators, the unidentified persons from the NGO "Cosmos", "with the intent to steal money JSCB" Bank of Moscow "on a large scale" and acting "for profit," concludedor in April 2011, with the bank credit agreement. In accordance with the settlement account of the NGO "Cosmos" 11,550,500,000 rubles., Which should have been used by the company was listed on the replenishment of working capital in the framework of the investment program of the city.

However, the "unidentified persons" disposed means "at its discretion" by listing them on the account of OOO "Ural Spetsstroy Space" opened in the same bank, allegedly for construction and installation work under the contract. In the future, the same faces, misled the representatives of the Bank of Moscow, according to investigators, was transferred to loan money to the accounts "of various organizations that are not engaged in financial and economic activity."

The press service of VTB group "b" have confirmed that the Bank of Moscow is the applicant in the criminal case, noting that the loan was issued on exercise of the professional activity of NGOs "Cosmos".

According to "Kommersant", the main defendant in the investigation may soon become president of the NGO "Cosmos" Andrew Chernyakov, already announced by the police inozysk for embezzlement during the construction of the Academy of Judo in Zvenigorod near Moscow (see. "Kommersant" on 29 and 30 May).

Mr. Chernyakov personally acted as guarantor for this and the other two were not returned to the Bank of Moscow loans totaling 28 billion rubles., Leaving the bank as collateral their property. Among her turned out, for example, located on two acres of land in the Moscow region Malakhovka unfinished manor Mr. Chernyakov, in whose territory the fitness center and sauna complex area of ​​more than 1 sq. M. m. However, as a creditor, in its assessment of RUB 400 million. It is manifestly excessive. Apartments is in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which could qualify for the bank have been sold by Mr Chernyakov before he went abroad. Recently Meshchansky District Court upheld one of the Bank of Moscow claims to collect from Mr. Chernyakov both the guarantor 13.8 billion rubles. Source: "b", close to the Bank of Moscow, he said that currently he is seriously engaged in the solution of problems with the borrower, promising that will happen in the near future, "a lot of interesting events."

Lawyer Mr. Ruslan Chernyakova Koblev learna criminal complaint by "Kommersant". At the same time, he noted that at the initial stage of the investigation against "unidentified persons" is very convenient for the investigation. According to counsel, calling for interrogations employees "Cosmos", the investigation may invite them to testify at the head of the company or in the event of failure by them to become "established persons" in the criminal case.

Koblev lawyer said that his client loans to Bank of Moscow gave recommendations for the city authorities. The latter, he said, would then compensate for the cost of budgetary funds. "Andrew Chernyakov for two decades headed the largest construction companies in the country, which had billions of dollars in turnover and long-term state contracts to him made no sense to organize any theft, break your business." - Said the defender. According to him, Mr. Chernyakov himself deceived and actually forced to leave the country.

Municipality appealed to the Bank of Moscow with a request to consider lending NGO "Cosmos" only to the company was able to fulfill allwarriors contractual obligations to the city, including the completion of the Halabyan-Baltic tunnel, told "Kommersant" one of the officials of the city government. Meanwhile, according to the interlocutor, "Kommersant", the "Cosmos" is a debt on another major metropolitan contract - for the construction of multi-storey parking on Tverskaya Zastava Square near the Belorussky railway station. In this project the NGO "Cosmos" on the terms of the subcontract was to pave the utilities. The total project cost was estimated at 953 million rubles. NGO "Cosmos" by the general contractor - the Interregional Union of Builders (MCC) - has received 460 million rubles, but has performed works by 100 million rubles.. The court decided to collect more than 360 million rubles. with "Cosmos" in favor of the MCC, but then the Court of Cassation sent the claim for a new trial.