Investigative Committee fired at Piterlend

The Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg found falsified evidence in the arbitration dispute with the owners of TRK Piterlend .
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Companies dispute 600 million rubles, but the fight is for a much more solid assets. A key figure in this phenomenon - a reliable partner in the past, Sergey Matvienko Alexander Kozhin. As always, in this corporate war, flash billions Gibraltar offshore, the shadow of the presidential administration.

Chelyabinsk businessman Opposition Arthur Nikitin and one of the ultimate owners of the entertainment complex in St. Petersburg "Piterlend" Alexander Kozhin came to the criminal case. As the "Fontanka", the Investigative Committee for the Central District of St. Petersburg on October 29 opened a criminal case for falsification of evidence in the arbitration between companies of these entrepreneurs. According to our information, the decision on costs is extremely accurate time of the decision - "12 hours 00 minutes..."

According to our version, both billionaires should hear this casual gesture of Justice employee. It is a fight for the assets "Piterlenda", which is estimated in the range of 7 to 9 billion rubles. Only the monthly income from the rental of premises is around 60 million pBley.

If another 24 October, following the decision of the Federal Arbitration Court of the North-West District, which considered counter-appeals of the companies' Stroisviazural 1 "and" Strömberg "were the headlines," Strömberg "in the business of information feeds back" Piterlend ", then on October 29 under the gun shot with Peter and Paul fortress sense of business news staggered.

Recall "Piterlend" was opened in 2012, and immediately after that the court claims of "Stroisviazural 1" began to arrive, which is a co-owner of Arthur Nikitin. The company sued the owner of the dispenser - the company "Strömberg", one of the ultimate owners of which is the former head of the Committee on Transport and Transit Policy of St. Petersburg Alexander Kozhin. Chelyabinsk company participated in the construction of the SEC from 2006 to 2008, while the building has not been frozen, and has invested in the project and a half billion rubles.

As you know, the essence of the conflict lies in the distribution of the premises "Piterlenda" between the two companies. In 2008, the unfinished "Piterlend" belonged equally"Stroysvyazuralu 1" and "Strömberg". In 2011, the company agreed to withdraw the project from the Chelyabinsk firms for a fee of 2.7 billion. However, "Strömberg" paid only 824 million, resulting in a "Stroisviazural 1" tried to return his share owned. In July 2014 the Thirteenth Arbitration Court of Appeals acknowledged his ownership of 32.5% of premises "Piterlenda". October 24, the Federal Arbitration Court of the North-West District reversed the decision.

In the course of realization of the project sounded respectable names.

At least until 2008, the project was related Sergei Matvienko, the son of ex-governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko. According to the analytical system SPARK-Interfax, co-founder of CJSC "Strömberg" up to this time has been shipping company "Douglas", which Sergei Matvienko through ZAO "Empire" still holds 10% of the share capital, and Alexander Kozhin - 90%. He, Kozhin, in 2011, was an advisor to the governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko.

Perhaps that is why this corporate war around enough magic SLEs. For example, the previously mentioned often that Alexander Kozhin is almost a relative of Vladimir Kozhin, who until May of this year was managing the affairs of the president (by the way, he was born in the Chelyabinsk region). Perhaps that is why in the process of consideration of the cassation, there was talk about the alleged arbitration boards from the Presidential Administration to look positively towards "Strömberg".

Since 2008, "Strömberg" is wholly owned by a Gibraltar company "Lidzhorio Limited", which is considered to be controlled by Alexander Kozhin.

With this, the company is now connected and criminal proceedings.

In late 2013, she filed a lawsuit against the "Strömberg", in respect of which bankruptcy proceedings, to recover from it 587 million rubles. Firm "Lidzhorio" in support of their claims to put more ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS loan agreements. These agreements were dated 2009 and 2010 years. Notably, in May 2014, "the debtor is a requirement recognized by law and size," according to court records, though usually in such cases, the debtor seeks wayschallenge the debt.

Of course, the probability of withdrawal of money in another company did not like the creditors. After all, "Strömberg" introduced by observation and "Lidzhorio" is not the only company, which required him serious amounts. The total amount of the claims of all other creditors - 6.5 billion.

In court papers, expressed dissatisfaction with the representatives of the "Stroisviazural 1", claiming that "the creditor and the debtor are related parties", and additional agreement to the loan agreements "rigged, because ... in fact signed by the parties are not on the dates indicated, and directly in front of the direction of the requirements court, that is in 2013. "

To find out if it is or not, in May 2014 the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region appointed examination to establish the statute of limitations of the instruments. She served as an expert "of St. Petersburg Center for evaluation and consulting." The study was completed in June 2014, and in accordance with the conclusions of the expert ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS prescription is not more than 8 months. That is, the documents were created not earlier than October and November 2013, and not in 2009 - 2010 years.

There Investigative Committee saw the crime.

The criminal case is no suspects. As journalists "Fontanka" in the UK commented, "it is assumed that to the falsification of documents will soon be involved in a specific designated person".

President "Strömberg" company Alexander Kozhin said "Fontanka" that he first heard about the criminal case. For comments, he suggested that the company's CEO Alexei Ryzhkov. That, in turn, said that the company's management should develop an official position, and took a break and promised to contact later. And after some time he said he did not believe in the fact of the institution of proceedings.

"I spoke with the investigator of the Investigative Committee Stepanova, who on Ligovsky Avenue, and she said that any work not initiated. You check your sources ", - he said.

"Fontanka" rechecked: Stepanova name is not similar to the name of the investigator Baryshpolets, which, to our knowledge, received a criminal case under article 303 of the Criminal Code (halyardfication of evidence), referred to the production.

Co-owner "Stroisviazural 1" Arthur Nikitin evening of 29 October did not respond to calls. Judging by the text answering machine, it is not in Russia.