Investigative Committee found a werewolf colonel in the presidential administration

Colonel of the FSB Mikhail Gorbatov at work defended the constitutional rights of citizens, and in his spare time he "nightmare" businessmen.
The Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) is investigating an unprecedented criminal case of fraud, which accuses the incumbent FSB colonel Mikhail Gorbatov, six months ago, who headed the control and inspection department of the Presidential Directorate for ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens. At work, the officer oversaw the execution of presidential decrees relating to pardon and the granting of political asylum, and in his spare time, as the investigation believes, he helped his accomplices to “nightmare” merchants.

The victim of the actions of Colonel Gorbatov, as follows from the materials available to Kommersant, is the commercial director of a network of elite so-called watch pawnshops. In its advertising, clients are offered instant loans without a guarantor and certificates of $ 50–100 thousand on the security of watches taken off their hands. This, of course, is about products of branded Swiss brands.

In February last year, according to the GVSU TFR, searches were carried out in the capital offices of the Lombardist with the withdrawal of the cash register and all the collateral. Money and watches, which became material evidence in a criminal case, were not immediately returned, the entrepreneur panicked, therefore, to the proposal of one of his regular clients, a reputable merchant Arno Khojoyan, “to help sort out the situation” happily responded.

The businessman, according to the investigators, some time later invited the Lombard player to a restaurant, where he introduced him to his friend, also a merchant, Vladimir Korobkov, but presented him as a “high-ranking FSB officer”. Mr. Korobkov, who had some experience in the law enforcement system, brilliantly coped with the role. Within two weeks, he convinced the pawnshop that he would return the withdrawn, and in March he handed over to Mr. Khojoyan a reward for a false clerk in the amount of $ 100 thousand.

Hours and money were not returned to the usurer, although in the criminal case he still remained a witness, and in the meantime the assistants decided to re-induce him to “cooperate”. This time, for convincingness, the pawnshop was told that he should worry no longer for the property, but for his own freedom, since the investigator leading the case allegedly gave FSB operatives a command to carry out operational-search measures against him.

This time the entrepreneur became doubtful about the service opportunities of Mr. Korobkov, so he decided to connect his friend, already a real FSB colonel Mikhail Gorbatov, to the scam. The senior operative of the 11th Department of the Administration “K” of the Economic Security Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation was at that time seconded to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation and held the position of the head of the control and inspection department of the department for ensuring the constitutional rights of citizens. This department deals with issues of pardoning convicts, granting Russian citizenship and political asylum. Colonel Gorbatov managed to work in the administration for only a few months, while retaining communications in his native special service. In any case, at the request of his friend Korobkov, he, as suggested by the investigation, was able to “organize a request to a commercial organization with a request to provide copies of registration documents and other information about its business activities.”

Connecting to the scam of a real colonel of the FSB allowed Messrs. Khodzhoyan and Korobkov to request a completely unrealistic dollar amount from a pawnshop. At the same time, according to them, this time it was necessary to negotiate with the leadership of two law enforcement agencies at once - operational and investigative. Then Mr. Korobkov kindly agreed to reduce the ransom to $ 300 thousand, provided that the money will be paid within two weeks. However, this amount was too heavy for the moneylender.

At the next negotiations in the restaurant, the partners so intimidated the Lombard player that, in fact, forced him to appear in the unusual role of the client of the pawnshop. He, asking for another deferment of payment, provided them with a pledge of two copies of Harry Winston watches and one copy of De Witt and Bovet (the cost of each chronometer in the new version is more than $ 300 thousand). The victim himself went to write a statement to the GVSU TFR. Having conducted the pre-investigation check, the military investigators gave the merchant's appeal a move.

As a result, the FSB operatives of the FSB’s own security department first detained the masters Khojoyan and Korobkov who had come for the money, and then they took Colonel Gorbatov in their apartment. The investigation believes that the Chekist official was involved not only in an attempt to steal $ 300,000 from the usurer, but also in a real scam that took place last year, so all three persons involved in the criminal case were charged the same way - in especially large-scale fraud "by deception and abuse of trust" 5,882,240 rubles, as well as the attempted fraudulent theft of an additional 15,849,700 rubles. (part 4 of article 159, as well as article 30 and part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).