Investigators examine the aircrafts and finances of Kogalymavia

Last year, the airline's profit fell by 36 times, and the debts increased almost threefold.
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Russian investigators have begun to explore seized "Kogalymavia 'office of technical and financial documents. According to preliminary version, voiced by the Egyptian authorities, the cause of the crash - Technical fault airliner A-321. This is indirectly confirmed by eyewitness: as they say, shortly before the fall of the aircraft engine caught fire. Russian investigators are now checking the direct and indirect causes, which could lead to failure to confirm or rule out this version. One of them - the serious financial difficulties experienced by the company. This, according to experts, could affect the technical condition of the aircraft.

About unimportant financial situation of an air carrier by the following figures. According to SPARK data base, the "Kogalymavia" in 2014 the cost of flights has grown - from 5.9 billion to 7.2 billion, while net profit fell by 36 times - from 87 million to 2.4 million rubles.

Perhaps the company's own funds became insufficient and it resorted to borrowing. Thus, according to the financial statements, which have studied the "News", Debt "Kogalymavia" on loans in 2013 amounted to 354.9 million rubles, and in 2014 more than a billion.

The financial troubles of the carrier part could result in a complicated relationship with tour operators. In 2014-2015, activities of the company accompanied by protracted court with one of the largest travel agencies Ltd. "TT-Travel" (according to SPARK, operates under the brand TUI), who bought at "Kogalymavia 'charter flights in 2012 and, according to the airlines, not paid for them. This information is contained in the statement of claim airlines' Kogalymavia "to the company" TT-Travel ", submitted to the Speaker of Moscow, where the airline asked to recover damages caused by it in the amount of almost 1.4 billion rubles, and as security for the claim requests to arrest accounts "TT-Travel".

There is another indirect factor indicating the financial problems "Kogalymavia": airline owes the Pension Fund of Russian insurance contributions for employees in the amount of 32.5 million rubles. Enforcement proceedings started Basmanny District Court Divisionebnyh bailiffs.

Data from public sources - from the website FIU and the Federal Bailiff Service - do not give specifics for how long debts, however, according to the date published on the FSSP website, check the Pension Fund was held at the company's May 21, 2015. At that time, the debt on insurance payments by the RPF was 32.5 million rubles with all the default interest and penalties.

According Lifenews Airlines Employees' Kogalymavia "- pilots and flight attendants - for months did not receive wages.

- All flight attendants are insured only 100 thousand. And yet. They all, including pilots and flight attendants, three-month delay in salary. They went all the nerves, because in debt, - said one of the company's employees.

The pilots of the crashed plane "Kogalymavia" pay attention to technicians and company management on the disruptions of engines, including the complexities involved in their launch. However, the plane is not retiring.

Chief editor of industry portal Roman Gusarov Network believes that nekotRoy extent monetary problems of the carrier could really affect the technical condition "Kogalymavia" aircraft

- I think we should be approached comprehensively to safety. Undoubtedly, the company's financial condition may affect the efficiency of aircraft maintenance. But to judge the technical condition only in terms of debt and the amount of revenue, incidentally, is also wrong, - said the expert. - The debts of the company to creditors does not mean that it has no operating revenues and that it is in financial difficulty. All airlines have debts. Moreover, the Federal Air Transport Agency periodically monitors the financial condition of the company. And if the economic problems are beginning to threaten the safety of the carrier, Federal Air Transport Agency may suspend Air Operator Certificate, or cancel altogether.

According to experts, such a financial picture has recently become a characteristic of the entire aviation industry. A lack of free money saving leads to dangerous, they say.

- Financial airline n affectsthe state of the fleet and safety, - told "Izvestiya" former expert of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Sergey Krutous. - Airlines are beginning to draw in spending on all items.

This Krutous noted that such an approach is most pronounced with respect to the private aircraft airlines, rather than leasing.

- Take the example of "Transaero" - leasing cars can not change engines, "transplanted" them from one side to the other, because the engines are different owners, and it was done - Krutous said. - It's called "cannibalization" - when the aircraft is removed from the idle nodes and to rearrange working. The problem is that it should not be: if the equipment failure occurred on the same plane, and the need to promptly carry out the transportation of people, you need to replace a broken plane reserve. And we have instead engaged in cannibalization.

This Krutous notes that many airlines, particularly small regional, are closely watching the main planes.

- They have on-breadwinner plane, his groom, and try not toomit any violations - said Krutous. - If in the course of the investigation it turns out that there have already gone violations here on such aircraft that have breadwinners, it will indicate a very serious problem in the company.

However, as reported by news agencies, the pilots' Kogalymavia "crashed aircraft technicians and pay attention to the management of the airline disruptions engines, including the complexities involved in their launch. But the plane was not shot with the operation, making the day a few flights from Russia to Egypt and back. However, there was nothing to replace the board - in the airline's fleet only a few planes.

Age of the aircraft Airbus A321 airline "KogalymAvia" crashed in Egypt - 18.5 years. According to the industry portal, «KogalymAvia" exploited the aircraft from March 2012. Since 1997, it used the national airline of the Republic of Lebanon Middle East Airlines, then turn Turkish Onur Air, the flagship airline of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Syrian Cham Wings Airlines and 2003 aircraft.
<br /> Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a case on the fact of the disaster. This was announced by the official representative of IC Vladimir Markin. A criminal case under article "Violation of safety rules or preparations for them."