Investigators returned the collection of paintings to Evgenia Vasilyeva

Ex-head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense has been given back 36 paintings by artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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The former head of the Defense Ministry of Property Relations Department Yevgeniya Vasilyeva Thursday investigators received from his collection of 36 paintings seized from her home three years ago. Fabrics painters XIX-XX centuries were kept in the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) TFR in the center of Moscow. All other assets Vasilyeva - real estate in Moscow and St. Petersburg, including the famous apartment in Dairy Lane jewelry to 100 million rubles and more than 300 million rubles in bank accounts - remain in custody in the main criminal case of theft in Ministry of Defense 16 billion rubles, which is also referred to Vasilyev.

As he told "Izvestia" a source in law enforcement bodies, on Thursday investigators performed GVSU decision Presnensky district court judge Tatyana Vasyuchenko that September 29 had agreed to return Vassilieva 36 paintings, which took place in the case of "Oboronservis" as material evidence. The court decided that the web may not be material evidence, because by themselves did not reveal the crimes committed. In this collection were the paintings of Ivan Tvorozhnikova Sergey Fromudeykina, Julius Klever, and other painters of the XIX-XX centuries. According to experts, the cost of these paintings is estimated at $ 7 thousand. To $ 40 thousand.

The paintings were handed over to representatives of Eugenia Vasilyeva GVSU building in the alley Holzunova, where they were kept since November 2012. They promised to show the picture to the experts so that they have checked for damage.

The lawyer refused to tell Yevgenia Vasilyeva "News" for details.

- No comment - said Hassan Ali Bohrok.
Paintings - it is the only property that Evgenia Vasilyeva managed to return. All of its remaining assets remain in custody in the new criminal case. Lawyers Vasileva tried several times to return the property in court, but it is losing.

In March of 2013 to the investigation request, the court arrested all the property Vasilyeva, including the famous house in Dairy Lane. This five-room apartments of 192 square meters. m. According to realtors, the market value of similar apartments in the area is estimated at 300 million rubles. Earlier, the former owner of the apartment at the Alex Garetovskyverzhdal that he sold a house in 2010 Vasileva 45 million rubles.

Among the material evidence in the case Vasilyeva appear 1173 different units of gold jewelry with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, expensive watches, and simple jewelry with semiprecious stones. Experts rate this decoration of 127 million rubles. Meanwhile, earlier itself Vasiliev repeatedly claimed that it is just a low-value jewelry.

Under arrest were also owned Vasilyeva non-residential premises in the Arbat area of ​​600 square meters. m house in the Leningrad region and two apartments in St. Petersburg. In one of them, at number 4 on the Robespierre, it was registered before moved to Moscow.

In July 2013 Vasilyev comprehend new troubles. At the request of the investigation Khamovniki court of the capital seized its bank accounts, but then was not informed about what kind of amount involved. According to "Izvestia", under arrest were the contributions of 25 million rubles and the funds in the bank accounts of different companies worth more than 300 million rubles.

All the property was arrested in a criminal case of embezzlements by holding "Oboronservis" state assets by 16 billion rubles. the investigation period on it extended to March 8, 2016. There is no suspects and defendants. However, recently, because of the case it was allocated to the case against Evgenia Vasilyeva Larisa Egorina Yuri Grekhneva, Zakutaylo Maxim and Irina Egorova, which ended in a conviction.

If Evgenia Vasilyeva will be accused in this case, at the expense of these assets can be covered damage caused to the state. Lawyers for the ex-head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense believes that the arrest of the property illegally on the grounds, in the new criminal case she has no procedural status, not to mention the charges.

Yevgenia Vasilyeva itself since the early release of Sudogodsky women's prison in Vladimir region carefully avoids publicity. She no longer holds art exhibitions, all of its once popular accounts in social networks is not updated. It is not known where she was. Her father had said earlier that after the liberation of the colonies to send her daughter to rest and treatment. Betweenthe obligations imposed on Vasilyev parole (parole), which monitors the performance of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow.