Investor de luxe: why Suleiman Kerimov has invested in an online boutique

Investment Company Bonum Capital, whose main customer is the Russian billionaire, owns 41% of
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November 2012, Stoleshnikov lane. Not the best time for walking - is in full swing replacement tiles plus rain. But Jennifer Lopez heels easily overcomes obstacles and comes in a boutique Aizel accompanied by bodyguards and then-boyfriend Casper Smart. The hostess, Aysel Trudel, she helps with the selection of star stuff. "She led us for more than four hours, - says Trudel. - I'm a fan of her, and then she comes to Moscow with a concert. I called Christian (Christian Louboutin, shoe designer Christian Louboutin - Forbes), they are friends, and said that the dream to meet with J. Lo. Three hours later phoned her assistant, was invited to the concert, but I was the day before. Then we agreed that vstremimsya in my boutique. "

Aysel Trudel, he studied journalism and PR at MGIMO, in the fashion business since 2003. His first boutique Aizel's Secret opened in Crocus City - they are friends since childhood with Emin Agalarov.

Now off-line shop one, the majority of the company's revenues, which amounted to $ 5 million in 2014, accounted for the Internet.

May 28, 2015 announced a new concept - April slave storeotaet on the principle marketplace, presenting on its site selection and other online stores in Russia and the CIS, as well as engaging in January this year by Bonum Capital investment company.

Investment group Bonum Capital created Murat Aliyev, until 2013 headed the Treasury Department and the trade group "Nafta-Moscow". According to Aliyev, before the group invested only in the stock market, private equity decided to start in the autumn of 2014, is primarily aimed at industrial assets. The main, but not the only client in the direction of private investment is a billionaire Suleiman Kerimov.

The Bonum Capital team is now 26 people, some of them have moved from other funds. Managing Director of private investment destinations Dmitry Tishchenko, for example, previously oversaw projects Rutech Project holding in the real sector.

What are the criteria for selecting projects? The first fund interested in the acting business. "The industry does not matter. We look at the potential of the team and return. Cost-effectiveness should be more than 25% IRR. And in the business entry point should be totrukturirovan, he must be ready to take the money, "- explains Tishchenko. - the first project in the field of e-commerce, has received investments from Bonum Capital. Since January, the group belongs to him 41% of the shares. "We are ready to invest in it € 25 million, to date invested € 2.5 million investment horizon -. 3 years", - said Tishchenko.
Both he and Aliyev recognized that at first reacted to the draft in electronic trading skeptical, but Aysel and her team were convincing. Oskar Hartmann, founder KupiVip, confirmed that the sale of luxury through the Internet - a promising business: "We need a good purchase."

Emin Agalarov, who has repeatedly discussed with Aysel business matters, confirmed that the sale of luxury on the Internet in the trend, "if done correctly." He noted that Aysel "have a deep understanding of the fashion-business, she is well versed in this." But when asked whether he had not considered the possibility of buying a stake in its product meets categorical: "Never, I prefer to create a business from scratch, it is more effective than buying."

Luxury home

Online shop Icel Trudel opened in 2011 together with Miroslava Duma (journalist, founder of the Internet project Buro 247) and a serial entrepreneur Alexander Smbatyan, who after working in the "Inter" and study in Cambridge launched in Russia several online services, including the "Pediatrics 24 / 7 "," », Buro247 and others (including in the framework of Genome Ventures). Before the advent of Bonum Capital online store developed by their own means and Trudel Smbatyan (Duma shortly after launch withdrew from the project). It began as a project of the online showcase of an offline store from 2013, revolves independently.

A year ago, Trudel and Smbatyan realized that it is time to look for an investor - you need to develop the infrastructure and logistics, to begin to seriously pursue marketing. "We have been negotiating with three invectorami. You know the situation on the market, to get money is very difficult. With Bonum Capital us comfortable, "- says Aysel. Smbatyan added that the project is different from other online stores and other web projects it dramatically: "All the formulas do not work here. This chemistry is very personalized business.Renda in fashion are changing very quickly, it feels Aysel. And she knows how to negotiate with the brands that matter. "

What is today? In 2014, online sales grew by 123% in comparison with 2013 year, the average check for the year - 18 000 rubles. According to April 2015, it has grown to 23 000 rubles. In two years, the share of orders from the regions - if in 2012 in Moscow and the region accounted for 58% of purchases, then only 38% at the end of 2014. Recently signed an exclusive contract with Gucci on-line sales in Russia through can leave and pre-orders for the collection of the next season. A similar service from Burberry will be available from spring-summer 2016.

Showcase for rent

In 2015, according to CEO Juliana Gordon previously served as director of marketing at PayPal Russia, the company plans to send 23,000 orders in 80 cities of Russia and in the CIS and achieve turnover of 480 million rubles. The increase should provide a new model - the work on the principle marketplace allows you to expand the range, without increasing its own wastewater, and reduce delivery time. are underwayNegotiations with 30 boutiques in the regions, a pilot project with one of them, located in the Southern Federal District, will start in two weeks (in the ten regions to provide more sales include Krasnodar region, North Ossetia, Dagestan and Stavropol Territory) .

In Moscow the negotiations with the "Department Store Color", Central Department Store and Bosco. Petr Isaev, CEO of "Department Color", confirms potential interest to cooperate: "This is an opportunity to further position the department store on the Internet, it is important for us that positioned as a concept online store. But the final decision yet, negotiations are going. "

"We do not compete with off-boutiques - Aysel explains. - Our main competitor - Western online shopping, where the Russians leave for the year of about $ 450 million. " But her online boutique has a powerful competitive advantage. Firstly, even dress OSCAR DE LA RENTA, which is worth 552,000 rubles, you can pay by cash, transferring money to the courier. Second, the time of delivery in any region of Russia - three to five days.

"I know Aysel before, toto the owner of the boutique, - says Murad Aliyev of Bonum Capital. - But we have invested in this project is in a promising online business. "