Iskander Makhmudov's life without rules

The oligarch sets up the rules for himself, instead of the law. 
Co-owner of the publishing house Rodionova Iskander Makhmudov has decided to give free its stake in the company. Attempts to sell it so successful and failed.

Such generosity surprised market experts. It is usually free of oligarch nothing does!

"Offshore scheme" Iskander Makhmudov?

The head of the Russian metallurgical company UGMK, Iskander Makhmudov returned once derived 10% of the shares of the offshore company. Structure "Kuzbassrazrezuglja» EasternStevedoringCorp. It increased its stake in Port East from 75 to 86.81%. Its shares sold Bordave Select Inc. (5.87%) and Pelham Global Inc. (5.87%).

Recall, Bordave Select Inc., Pelham Global Inc. and Barkwood Alliance Ltd. bought a 19.9% ​​stake in the port of "Tansi" in 2012, it follows from the port materials. "Tansi" acquired the shares of the port at a privatization auction in 2011 for 912 million rubles.

According to SPARC, the 100% owner of "Tansi" - Astghik Harutyunyan. After the sale of stake in East LLC was liquidated. The ultimate beneficiary of acquiring companies also Harutyunyan.

But Mr. Harutyunyan - a figure likely to dummy. According to independent ExperimentComrade, "Vostochny Port" controlled company "KRU" through offshore "IsternStividoringHoldingz Limited", and that two years ago launched in other assets offshore.

The new shareholders of JSC "Vostochny Port" were four offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands: BarkwoodAllianceLtd, PelhamGlobalInc, SlingerInvestmentsLtd... and BordaveSelectInc. All they got for 5.87% of the voting shares.

Port of "East"

Note East port - one of the largest stevedoring companies in the Far East specializing in coal transshipment. In January-September the volume of transshipment port has grown in comparison with the previous year by 22% to 16.3 million tonnes By 2017, the capacity of the port of Vostochny will grow to 27 million tons of coal per year, and by 2019 -. To 35 million tonnes , according to company materials.

Shadow business?

In spite of his vast fortune, Mahmudov tries not to advertise their business practices. Presumably, the oriental origin of the merchant and his innate propensity for intrigue.

Businessman for a long time did not disclose the fact that the namesit owns about 25% of the largest carrier of passengers of the Moscow aviation hub - "Aeroexpress". This company was established back in 2005. Then it became known that a portion of the shares of the company "Delta-Trans-Invest" (DTI), belonging to some of the Estonian company TransgroupInvest AS.

We emphasize the main shipper of Vostochny port belongs to Iskander Makhmudov and Board Chairman Andrey Bokarev. But Makhmudov Bokarev and had no time to shine in the big raider scandals, and the Raiders have been known to people cautious and this special publicity is different.

One of the largest raids in the organization which, according to the media, and participated Makhmudov Bokarev, is an attempt to take away land in Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, where the residence of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin as prime minister.

It is about 197.57 hectares of "prime minister" of land located near the village of Petrovo Far. In July 2008, several individuals filed in Krasnogorsk City Court of Moscow region claim, which attempted to appeal the transfer of federal agentTwomey management disputed land federal property to state institutions "Recreation Complex" Tetkovo "the Russian President Administration.

Raiding as the norm?

Raider seizure Makhmudov and his company are not limited to only land, but also focus on the large industrial enterprises.

In particular, "TransGroup AS" established Makhmudov jointly with the Estonian company WorldWideInvest, is a very effective weapon Raiders.

That "TransGroup AS" created "Transmashholding". And this structure is, in turn, has made every effort to capture the Bryansk Engineering Plant, which produced locomotives. Then the raiders bought BMZ part of the debt, initiated the procedure of external management and external control destination have the right person. The rest of it was a matter of technique: bankrotyaschegosya enterprise assets brought into a new company, a friendly structures Makhmudov.

Third-party structure Mahmudov on this scheme have acquired control of 62% of Murom Switchof the plant, half payable Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (assigned "Transmashholding" Company "Rinako") and a blocking stake in the Tver Carriage Works.

Creating UGKM, Makhmudov, according to rumors, he was not averse to raiding. In particular, it is called the initiator of the capture Serov Metallurgical Plant and Kachkanar GOK "Vanadium".

The attack on environmentalists

Recall that the unrest in the Voronezh region began immediately after the competition to develop the latest in Europe nickel deposits of "Mednogorsky copper and sulfur plant" owned by JSC "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company", won in May last year, winning companies, representing MMC "Norilsk nickel".

The gentlemen Potanin and Deripaska, of course, were not happy. Under conducted "Rosnedra" winner is obliged within 14.5 years to build in the Voronezh region the power to enrich the ore. Since the adoption of the Russian government decision to sell deposits in the Voronezh regiondid not stop the protest action. But relations between the governor and the Makhmudov Gordeeva - a separate conversation, even family (Makhmudov helps business head area). With environmentalists and local residents has its own history.

Note that in late 2013 ekoaktivisty prevented the start of mining operations at the Elan field in Novokhopersk area. On the field was set ekolager, whose members declared the inadmissibility of the start of the structure belonging to UMMC license for further exploration and development of Elan and Elkinskogo copper-cobalt-nickel deposits.


Some experts believe that any price UMMC has decided to eliminate its opponents - environmentalists. This month, by law enforcement authorities of the Voronezh region have been charged in the final version ecologist Michael Bezmenskomu and Cossack Ataman Igor Zhiteneva.

Previously, ecologists charged with extortion of more than 24 million rubles. the representatives of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) for the lifting of the blockade to the copper-nickel deposits in Woronezhskoy area, then the new version of the investigation, the alleged figures of the case, taking advantage of the difficult situation in the field, made a very big fraud!

Business Mr. Makhmudov permeated offshore structures and a strong lobby, both in the Voronezh region. But the purchase of shares of East Port from "unknown offshore" can lead to the consequence of the machinations of Iskander Kahramonovicha. Perhaps soon the tax authorities will check the purchase of shares from offshore BordaveSelectInc. (5.87%) and PelhamGlobalInc. (5.87%).