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Ukraine is trying to create modern tactical missiles.
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Ukrainian media increasingly report on successful tests of new weapons - the latest example was the statement to create a new high-precision missile capable allegedly fly to Moscow. However, experts doubt the Ukrainian defense industry capabilities to create such weapons systems, seeing in such statements raising notes. "Our Version" has decided to find out whether the state today, the defense complex of Ukraine to create new types of weapons.

As stated in the Ukraine, during the test of a new missile four successful start was made. It is reported that the tactical guided missile has demonstrated a very high accuracy, allegedly hitting the target right in the center of the radius of 50 meters. No other details are given. Is that due to the roller posted on the Internet, you can see that the start was made with the help of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) 9K58 "Smerch".

Later it was reported that a new model rockets made in the framework of "Alder" program, in co-operation for its creation including leading defense companies of Ukraine and head of the development process Kyiv Design Bureau "Luch". Also, official sources emphasized with special pride that all missile components have Ukrainian origin, including new control system (correction of the missile flight due to the impulse engines), the new propellant and a new warhead.

propaganda flight

However, at least the information submitted immediately generated a lot of doubts. Noteworthy is the fact that the video has not been demonstrated key moments - no precise hitting the target, nor confirm the fact of flight at maximum range. Because some experts have even stated that the presented munition is not a cruise missile tactical purpose and has no signs of the corrected precision weapons, and "Smerch" instead likely improved analogue of the 300-millimeter projectiles for rocket systems of volley fire was introduced.

Moreover, it has been suggested that we talk about purely Ukrainian development is also not worth it. Recently, it was announced that in Belarus at the Chinese support has been established multiple launch rocket system "Polonaise", having as MLRS "Smerch", the caliber of 300 millimeters. According to some reports, the representatives of Ukrainian Design Bureau "Luch" is also involved in participating in the Sino-Belarusian project - will agree, rather suspicious coincidence.

One way or another, but it is obvious that the transmission of forces in a missile is not ready yet - not by chance still not announced even approximate timeframe for it to adopt. At a minimum Ukrainian specialists have yet to establish a system for the correction of the projectile in flight at long range, and also to develop two or three variants of a new warhead. All this requires a long and painstaking work with different profiles of scientific and industrial structures in the uninterrupted and substantial funding that the current weak Ukrainian economy will be quite problematic.

Ukraine does not have enough shells

It should be noted that the Ukrainian defense industry for more than 20 years trying to create analogues Soviet ammunition for rocket artillery and tactical. Recall that immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ukrainian army had problems with the provision of these types of ammunition, as in Ukraine there was no defense industry enterprises of the corresponding profile. This led to the artillery degradation - in the spring of 2014 as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine remained only one missile brigade armed with tactical missile systems (PTRC) "Tochka-U", as well as two reactive artillery regiment with MLRS caliber 220-mm " Hurricane "and 300-mm" Smerch ".

This equipment and ammunition of these parts is hopelessly outdated. The warranty period and even periods of storage of missiles for multiple rocket launchers, Ukraine inherited from the Soviet army, has long expired, and the war in the east of Ukraine, even exhausted stocks of expired ammunition. Because today the Ukrainian military to urgently solve the problem on prolongation of terms of technical suitability of rockets, re-equipping of their propulsion systems, and at the same time modifying them in order to improve the accuracy of hitting.

Because in the background of the fact that the Ukrainian defense industry is not able to create even a shell for MRL, the development of high-precision missiles would look like a miracle. Although, as already mentioned, on the problem Ukrainian engineers are fighting for decades. Complex research and development work on the creation of rocket and missile weapons was launched back in 1992. Within its framework it was discovered half a dozen experimental development on creation of tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, as well as numerous support systems - navigation, geodetic reference, the satellite radio navigation system, etc. But all the projects have remained unfinished because of the catastrophic under-funding. Because in 2013, the allocation of funds for the continuation of development due to their ineffectiveness has been completely suspended. In this regard, the present application for the creation of new missiles are seen as an attempt to Kiev authorities by the military power of propaganda to earn political points.

"Thunder" and "Sapsan"

However, to say that the Ukrainian defense industry is not in a position today to make anything harder-line-rifles, and not worth it. Noteworthy project "Sapsan", which is suspended and then resumed again several times. It is an interesting solution for the creation of a universal rocket. The developers originally decided to proceed from the original concept that one missile will be used to engage different types of targets - land, air and sea.

But the most important thing is that this project was assigned to the former flagship of Soviet defense - CB "South", which specialized in the creation of intercontinental ballistic missiles. It was there that intercontinental ballistic missile "Voivod" was developed ( "Satan"), from which the Russian Strategic Missile Forces refuse today. Even though the engineers have put CB not peculiar to them the task of designing the tactical and operational-tactical cruise missiles, the scientific potential of the company allows to solve them. If the project is implemented, the Ukrainian military by creating a single missile and equipping its various warheads and guidance systems, at the same time get a new means of air defense, coastal protection and long-range operational-tactical complex.

Today in Ukraine already has operational-tactical missile system "Thunder", which is "Sapsan" option to destroy ground targets. According to its characteristics, this Ukrainian PTRC is an analogue of the Russian complex "Iskander-M" - it is also a mobile launcher with two missiles such as "land - land". According to official data, this complex take out enemy missiles at a distance of up to 300 kilometers. At the same time in August, it was reported about the readiness of the defense industry of Ukraine put the army for five ballistic missile complex "Thunder". Rockets must be made on the project Pavlograd Chemical Plant Design Bureau "South".

Viktor Esin, a former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General:

- Ukraine is really develops a missile similar to Russian "Iskander-M", with a range of up to 500 kilometers or less - this is the fact that the missile tested on multiple launch rocket system. I think that the creation of intermediate and long-range we can not go, because the actions of Ukraine are limited Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. To create a tactical missile Kiev has scientific potential, although a number of technologies have been lost, but they can be fast enough to recover. Such a development is capable to carry out "Pivdenmash". At the same time it is difficult to say when this missile will be adopted, as there is insufficient information on the status of Ukrainian military-industrial enterprises.